Ganzo G7452 Ebony Wood Handled Pocket Knife Review. One of the Best Under $20.

Looking for one of the best pocket knives under $20? Check out the badass Ganzo G745, which is a big folding knife with an axis lock and 3.6 inch blade. The knife features a wood handle, a 440c stainless steel stonewashed blade, and a axis lock. It would make a great EDC blade for people who prefer a slightly larger knife. Anyway, hope you like this knife review.

You can buy it at Gear Best for a great price from this link if you want:

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The Ganzo G7451:

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WayBeyondGone says:

How did you know I was drinking a beer? 😀

MegaXcal says:

Thanks for the video man… What was the knife sharpener you were talking about?

Player Review says:

Deja vu usually means there is a glitch in the matrix. Are you sure it was the same Ganzo? If so, that means they must have changed something in the code.

david sandlin says:

Ganzo is stepping up their game again. Time to order a new one I guess.

millwrightman99 says:

great channel with well thought out information , one of my go-to places for quality low cost knives information .You know even after owning quite a number of both Spyderco knives and Benchmade , a few Kershaw and the odd SOG ,I can truly say that I go to these Ganzo more often as my daily carry because unless your in the bush and plan to cut I I don’t know what , my Ganzo do the job very well indeed .And if I misplace one or lend it to a buddy to open boxes it will not give me nightmares if he fucks it up .
I recently lost one of my Spyderco & a SOG knife & it burns my butt .I still have cold sweats at night trying to figure out what the fuck happened .
But with Ganzo , I would just order a couple more .
Now my expensive knives have become safe queens , & what is the good of that ?
Fuck I’m still pissed .
Later dude keep up the quality work .

Ranziel1 says:

Ganzo made a couple of knives with anodized blue hardware and milled liners. Also cost under 20$. But they’re chinese knives, so they’re bad. Better go get that 50$ knife from a local brand… that’s made in China. And has worse steel.

It’s time to stop, Spyderco.

b dc says:

you sound just like David Spade

Michael Hanna says:

U make good vids and have a cool sense of humor, keepem comin man!.

Wavester64 says:

That is my beef with Ganzo that I have mentioned in some of my videos that a lot of their models looks too much the same. However there are some new ones just out that are different – so Ganzo must be listening. 🙂 Excellent video!

dylancast says:


Swatter says:

Hello Knife Bro . I really like your videos. It’ much appreciated. I am hesitating to purchase this knife or the ganzo g727m-w1. Which one would you suggest me ?

Gabriel Martins says:

is the stop pin solid or a hollow screwed design? I remember the early ganzos having screwed hollow stop pins and they would crack with opening fast


I have the wood scaled Ganzo 727. The only problem I see with the wood scales is that they lose their finish and fuzz up in a hot and humid climate.I lightly sanded them and applied linseed oil. I have not had any problems so far and am very happy with the knife!

Michael Daury says:


Gregory Weis says:

AKB, thanks for your videos. Re the Ganzo 7452 (wood) and 7451 (cf), which did you fine to be less slippery in the hand? I have the 7452P in the heavily textured fiberglass G10 handles (which is very grippy indeed), but would like to get another 754 in a different handle, just ’cause I like the knife.

alxra says:

AKB, another smart, entertaining vid. If you did ONE EXPENSIVE, JUST RELEASED, HIGH DEMAND knife, you’d probably septuple or octuple your subscribers.

Levi Bjornson says:

the wood one looks gross

Chinese knives says:

It is strange than the wooden version has lower weight than the fiber version. It is a beauty knife and i like the size, it is hard for ganzo go to the 9 cm blade and a lot more hard reach the 9.5 cm.


Jeff Alfresco says:

God dammit and I just ordered the CF version. Always nice to pop a hand in my pants and feel a nice bit of wood…. Especially if the hand isn’t my own, lol.

S0N1Cx4z6y says:

OUT12OFF code makes it 13.99

lowwkey91 says:

Thanks Knife Bro

Gilgilius says:

Why do you sound so sad? 🙁

Chris Hutchins says:

I wonder if you can put the ebony scales on an actual Benchmade H&K

Jimmy SawFinger says:

There is no truth in soap.

PoopiePants Mcgee says:

Nice. My brother would do some wierd custom shit with the wood scales. Should get him 2 just incase he fucks up

Raychristofer says:

Lovin the low camera angles in the beginning, cinematic man. ganzo is takin no prisoners.

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