Gerber Gator Folding Knife Review

I have been using this Gerber Gator Folding Knife for about 16-17 years. It has never failed me. You can still pick one up for around $30.

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Spencer Hill says:

I just bought the Gerber Gator with half serrated edge. I took it on a hike today and tested it out. Great knife and inexpensive. However, when I try to flip out the blade with one hand it never seems to work. I’m not sure if this is because your is an older model or if mine just needs some more action. 
 -Thank You

H.N says:

Nice man. I own one aswell. The serrations are a must for this knife. I carry mine everyday day, it sits very well in the pocket. I call mine “the Pocket Survival Knife”, because the lock is so strong. You cant go wrong with a classic lockback. Good video.

Guus de Jong says:

I looked real close at Steve Irwin’s knife in the Crocodile hunter episode: super croc.

This was his blade of choice if I determined it right. Kinda cool.

Robert Winkler says:

Yep, I have a Gerber Stud Gator. Plain blade and a thumb stud. It takes and keeps a dang sharp edge. I put paracord on my sheath and carry it as a neck knife.

Mark Amsberg says:

Jus hit the gun show today finally got mine my father used to have one been looking. for years for a serrated one all I could find was the smooth edge ones I’m super stoked about it thanks for the review

NTycingProductions says:

I purchased the Gerber Magnum LST, and liked it so much, I bought the Gater-Clip Point fine edge later on. Mine, like yours are very old and still in use to date. They are great knives for the price, no doubt about it.

mark burress says:

Love to get one of the USA made plain edge models and rig up a stud for it. I’ve got a USA MADE GERBER 600…I think it is…carried that thing or a BUCK 110 in high school in Agriculture class for 4 years…BITD when schools and the kids that attended them had sense! GOOD KNIFE BRYAN! Great vid.

Mr Pinpoint says:

great video.think you would like my channel if you want to check it out.if you subscribe then i will sub back 🙂

Eyewanders Foto says:

Nice – Had mine since summer 1994! I just pulled it out this afternoon and gave it a clean and thought I’d look for a video or two on it and here you are. 🙂 Bought mine new (and with non-serrated, black-out blade no longer made) the first year I spent on an FS timber crew. It went through HEAVY heavy use. Don’t carry it much these days as I’ve usually a smaller one on me or my Charge Ti, but after cleaning and giving it a slight lube and quick hone… Good as new or better. Thick but sharp and super lightweight for as beefy and comfortable of a handle it has. Probably never get rid of this one. I use plain old clipper oil.

Bayas M says:

Great knife. I used it while I was in the Marine Corps. Always came in handy. Great Knife. Thanks for the video.

Craig Sundaram says:

That knife looks reeeely hard to sharpen, especially because of the handle.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Brian, Yeah, I have a Gerber Gator I have for year’s, Infact I also have sone Skeleton Gerber Back Lock’s in various sizes. But I also got a 154 CM Gator in a Plain Edge. I’m sure I’ll have this one for year’s unless I decide to baton a well seasoned Oak < |~_^|>

세나쨩사랑해 says:


Mathew Starr says:

I’ve got the same one without the serrated edge. I have been carrying it in Vietnam the last 5 years and i just noticed the rubber is crumbling on the edges. The only thing i can figure is i used some oil on it that you put in 2 cycle engines. Be careful what oil you use.

Rawrzors TheCapitalistGamer says:

the 154cm version is 56$. GET THAT, until you have real blade steel worth a damn, you dont understand, but when you do and you dont have to sharpen it for your entire month long hunting trip and its still shaving sharp at the end, youll get it. 

EZRyderX47 says:

I bought this Gerber Gator 650 in 1998 and it’s the best under 50$ folding knife. Thank you for the video.

Mike Ormsby says:

Excellent video, thanks. I bought my first Gerber Gator in 1996 in a US Army PX in Bosnia, and it has lasted well ever since, until very recently, when one of the locking pins fell from the handle and is lost, which means the knife is no longer useable. I contacted Gerber USA, asking if they could repair the knife. Guess what? They replied after a week or so, told me to choose a new knife from their website, and offered to send it to me free, if I would cover postage. How’s that for warranty? I accepted the offer. One more anecdote – I live in the mountains of Transylvania (in central Romania), where an old shepherd recently offered to sharpen my beloved old knife. This was before it broke. He duly returned it, but minus the serrated teeth on the blade, and told me he had spent an hour grinding them away! He had never seen such a knife before. Still, he had done a good job. Although toothless (like himself) the blade was super sharp. Anyway, great video, thanks again, good to find a kindred spirit across the pond.

Austin B. says:

Bryan you should pick up the new gator premium, looks like a solid upgrade and it has s30v steel.

magnus andersson says:

That gerber gator is my favorite folder to. Fantastic grip on it and like you say a good steel. When friends says to me, i need a knife magnus! i say buy a gerber gator with or without serrations.

Dave's Aventuras says:

Great knife…I have owned mine since 1997. Keep these awesome videos going!!!

anorris1212 says:

Had mine since the nineties. Still use it sometimes. Good simple, solid knife. Subbed your channel.

Noah Koenig says:

my dad got the serrated model and a gerber one hand multitool. i wish it was a fine edge. thinking about getting a Kwik Stud for it

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