Haus Knife Folding Flipper Fail – Colossus, Recon, & Kodiak Review

This one was viewer requested. I guess the good new is that I was as disappointed by the product as the viewer was.


Zach Myers says:

My father has a Buck knife that you need t wrist flick but that might be due to the shortness of the flipper.

Robert Dale says:

i bought a Haus before seeing this and you could not move the blade by using the flipper.Took two hands to pry the blade out…horrible knife..i am just throwing it away,not worth the hassle to send it back..

superwatt says:

They even sound kinda rough when you try to open them. Or is that just me?

Colin Osborne-Cripps says:

That’s disturbingly bad at flipping open

Almost Smart says:

Not all flippers flip. I have plenty of xm18s that don’t really flip without a little wrist flick.

MONA says:

im asking this again lmao, but whats the best bang for your buck knife that you would recommend?

Money Man says:


Matt Szymanski says:

Haus Mull!

Bill Matthews says:

It’s disappointing that their quality control is lacking so poorly. I will mention that some knives require a break-in period to function properly, although you can and should adjust the axis screw to allow a little more play in the blade as it seems to be pinching it a little too tight.

WavyFN says:

How do you enter the giveaway

Eric Stephenson says:

Well I’ll admit I fell for the Haus knives when I saw a review which said they were pretty good and the Colossus(the tan) looked beast. The flipping, or lack there of, is simple awful. My blade came pretty dull. They spent a couple days on my person then put them aside and moved to a Kubey. Kubey’s are the same price but far superior.

James Roark says:

the issue with that haus is eather the spring is disconnected or missing have found that in a few low priced knifes yep all of them are not spring assist the springs are removed

Bulba JT says:

Hey I would like a review on cheap target knives vs a very expensive knife

Noah silver-sky says:

Hey Mike, that brown knife looks like the camillus seize 2 imo. What are your feeling about it? The camilus actually is a decent low cost knife company. You should check them out. Available at Walmart.

Jared Tyra says:

Man haus knives were what DFS preeched! Just a heads up vipon is back at it with 50-75% off kizer knives

Steve Vorrath says:

Feel like docP might be stringing people along with this “giveaway”, any ways…. What are some decent reliable usa made knifes/blades? Also why are so many chinies items frowned upon?

Woodland Tactical says:

My girl gave me a knife that had this issue. I took it apart, sanded it down to a mirror finish, and oiled the hell out of the pivot and the problem went away. I think sometimes the coating can screw with the deployment

61spike61 says:

Hey doc I wanted to replace the washers on my low end knifes. Most if not all have some sort of plastic. Would you recommend leaving them alone or what kind of washers do you think I should use?

Wolf Wolf says:

Number 14

David Morbitzer says:

I really like the look of the green one. Hope you get it working properly. I might get one and tinker with it myself.

Cynthia Daukantas says:

Doc do a best knife for each type

Matt Szymanski says:

Modify brass washers to fit the knife. Salvage the clips to fit another knife.

Robert Shadbolt says:

Doc, do you get Anglo arms blades out there?

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