Kershaw Blur Folding Knife Review

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The Kershaw Blur has quickly become one of my favorite medium-large knives for every day carry. I was very impressed with it’s edge holding capability as I put it through my battery of simple cutting tests. It has great aesthetics and good ergonomics and a wide variety of versions available for any taste or preference.

The Ken Onion designed Blur definitely hits a sweet spot for me, and I expect it will be in regular use for a while.



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Sheepdog Chappy says:

I don’t know if you have noticed that the lock on the blur isn’t very sturdy.  Mine would come unlocked at the slightest tap on the back of the blade and it cut me.  Plus the blade gets loose over time and the bolts loosen up too.   

ten22crew says:

what shotgun are those prints in the back ground for

KodeKraft RC says:

The Blur is a great knife series. I own the purple one with the stonewashed tanto blade made out of BDZ1 steel. It’s my new favorite EDC.

Deathguy56 says:

I love this knife to death. I have a serrated, blackwashed tanto version with Sandvic 13c26 blade. I haven’t seen any others like it, and I like mine quite a bit. Though to be fair, although I haven’t checked, it’s probably still being sold at Walmart. I’ve had it for about half a year, and although it isn’t hair-shaving sharp, or paper-cutting sharp, it held it’s edge well and it works for me.

Bill Friggle says:

Get one of each.

dano727 says:

I too love my Blur (S30V).  I needed to fine tune the liner lock to lock up harder for more confidence.  Something I think Kershaw should address.

Bill Friggle says:

I would say the Blur Rescue model. Or Victorinox makes some for first responders that are excellent. I carry one with me always in the car as it has a seat belt cutter with one hand opening.

bwfreel says:

With that recurve , it looks like it would be a nice light hunting knife. Has anyone used it for that purpose?

IdealKnives Channel says:

I really don’t understand how I could watch so many awesome videos about this knife and be so impressed with it and I buy two of them and be so utterly disappointed with it!!! I review blades… the Kershaw 1670blkst may not be the best steel out of all the models. But I like I said I bought two of them. And they chip out cutting a household zip-tie… really? I spent over $100 on two of these butter knives… and Kershaw wants me to pay them to replace my blade that I’ve had for less than a month!!! That the blade got chipped in several places on a zip tie!!!!!!!!! Backyardknives &shyt I have a video covering it!

MoreAmerican says:

cutting those hairs off your arm was cool right up until you put it all up in the cam lol. thanks for the video

Dano DeMano says:

I’ve been thinking about getting one, but it has the same pocket clip as the Leek and IDK if I want that because I’ve never really liked it. I do have a few Kershaw knives with better clips and wish they would use them more!

Robbie Bircher says:

I have EDC my blur tanto for over 6 years. I still love it and plan on carrying it for many more. best folding knife I have ever bought.

Powerpickle68 says:

I love this knife! I’ve been using a Blur at work for almost a year now,it has been fantastic.

Bill Friggle says:

They did in limited numbers. If they can be found, they are getting insane prices for them. I wish they would do another blue one also. They look great.

My03Tundra says:

My Dad was gifted one of these years ago, and used it a few times only. He had a stroke and lost hand dexterity to a point he stopped using it. I want to get my own, now, to remind me a bit of my Dad. Even though I don’t like thick or heavy knives, unless fixed bladed ones, but this knife is an exception.

ministickman01 says:

can you get this knife without the spring assist?

raphael beinhauer says:

My Blur did not handle medium duty wood carving (bamboo).
Took a good part of the blade out. Kershaw will replace the blades on standard versions for $10. Mine is tigerstriped and they don’t replace limited editions. That was 14C28N in case you’re wondering.
Loved that knife, until it broke.

Jared Bush says:

+The Late Boy Scout ……bro I’ve been lookin for that knife forever. Its my dream knife in that color configuration. I’ll trade u a desert tan Hammond desert crusier and $20 boot for it!!

KnifeLover ! says:

how is the blur handle ?i think will get this but i have questions.Handle is good ?i mean its handle feel is good ?Thank u.

TheGhost IsNear says:

Why would anyone carry tip-up? Honestly.

Bill Friggle says:

Great review of a great knife. I have 6 of them, and am always looking for new versions to get. Great to EDC. The one gentleman mentioned the liner lock failing on him. Can’t imagine that happening if properly used. But who am I to say. I am sure I am wrong there. Keep the great reviews coming. Two thumbs up.

SanFranciscoBay says:

Is there a reason why knife companies don’t make all knives with Flipper Tabs so you can open them Flipper method? Then add thumb studs, thumb disc, thumb hole. Flipper opening seems so much easier to get the blade open.

ColRizz99 says:

Wats the best assisted knife under $100???

sierraharvester says:

I carry the knife in my back pocket, tip down, for the exact reason you said.  Works well with jeans, works even better with tactical pants like the 5.11 taclite because the rear pocket come all the way to your hip bone.

If I carried the knife in my front pocket I might carry tip up; you just have to reach all the way into your pocket when you grab the knife, in order to not have to rearrange your grip on the knife.

Steve Smith says:

I’d like to see a mini Blur. One with less than a 3inch blade. That way I could legally carry it anywhere, even to school (collage). I currently carry the Spyderco Delica 4, and like it. But I love the way the Blur looks, and love the fast opening and closing.

conghelach says:

I wonder if the people who have had failures with this knife possibly bought from amazon or eBay and got a Chinese built version. I’ve heard discussion of how the Chinese made have weaker liners and torsion bars.

Righttobeararms 32 says:

This would be the perfect knife with a flipper option like the ZT 0350..

Dan Peña says:

The cryo II blows it away.

Tyler says:

It’s from Jan, 06

Logan Harbo says:

just got the s30v blur for 60 $

WILCOX182 says:

What would you suggest as a good sharpener?

Bill Friggle says:

I have several and never had a problem. My thoughts are, if you use this knife properly, like you should with all knives, it will not fail you. But people get use to locks and then get sloppy, not using common sense, and do things with knives that never should be done, with a lock or not. Proper knife usage. It has a strong lock. If it breaks, the user failed, not the lock. They failed to use a knife properly. Just my $.02. Let the flaming begin. LOL

Chris Poy says:

Tip up only makes sense to me if the knife has an Emerson Wave

CyberKlown28 says:

Tip down carry all the way. Tip Up doesn’t make sense for me.

Bowen Creer says:

Thank you from talking about tip down carry like that. Some people judge and hate on people for carrying tip down and its rediculous. Lol

Das Boot says:

i found out that they do make new versions.. 🙁 I had a green one w/ the tanto blade.. it was an amazing knife. I gave it to my brother who helped me w/ some auto mechanic work. I bought a new one, all black. I keep trying but my brother wont trade me back lol he loves my old knife so much. I hate the black blade.. but oh well it works amazing still.

G3garton says:

0:11 that’s why I carry all my folders in tip down except for one.

Troy Cummings says:

Excellent review. Seems like you missed review of clip – I think the clip is terrible. I replaced it with aftermarket clip for deep pocket carry and am very pleased. Didn’t know about rescue Blur – awesome!

Steve Brule says:

can you review the spyderco tasman?

likota123 says:

I have the S30V version and it’s awesome.

Chris says:

I want to buy my first Kershaw and high end knife. What are some more of your favorites from Kershaw. I’m looking for a tactical EDC much like the blur. Thanks! Great video.

Tyler says:

My dad found one in the street while we were at work; i traded him one of my knives for it

matt bridges says:

Bought the blackwash tanto version from walmart. I love it!

srg914 says:

My first knife is the rat 1 which I’ve been very happy with. I just ordered the kershaw Ken Onion blur in all black as my next step up. For me, tip up is more natural as I draw the knife from my pocket. Guns and knives are so addicting!

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