Kershaw Showtime Folding Knife Review

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Steve Gareau says:

I’m just not a big fan of kershaw I’ve had to many fail on me but like you said what do you expect for the price

SmokyMountainOutdoorsman says:

Good review man. I really wish Kershaw would expand their larger fixed blade selection of knives. I’m a big fan of their knives.

Wavester64 says:

Nice review. I reviewed this one as well on my channel. For the most part I liked it.

Steve Gareau says:

good video sir

David Mm says:

All of these”designed by _____” knives are a personal gripe of mine. I don’t know these people, and in most cases, don’t care who designed it. If it looks good and its functional, that’s all that matters.
Now that is off my chest, good video.

Peach Jackson says:

Love the review, hope I love the knife when it arrives. So glad I found you channel!

Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft says:

very nice set of blades you showed.

Chris King says:

I like that

John Harmon says:

Thanks for doing this review.I saw it right when it came out and there was no reviews on it so i didnt make a move to buy the double coated blade

Dinner-fork tongue says:

I don’t get the whole deal with the centering on framelocks that some people raise a fuss over. If the blade is solid with no play and is easy to deploy, what else do you want?

Unless it’s a “jewelry” knife, and I don’t much care for those.

Kevin Rosales says:

Love the coating, great design and size.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

Good to see the cheap and cheerful blades getting some nice show-and-shine features

Do Nothing says:

Where are you it’s been a week

- A - says:

Nice knife and great style of reviewing, thank you!

lee Radio says:

happy 4th. stay armed and dangerous…

Learn.Explore.Create says:

Nice designs but I wish kershaw would do more manual flippers for their budget lines, and also work on getting the centering/fit and finish on par. It’s amazing how sanrenmu, Ganzo , etc can get their QC correct yet I can get a benchmade mini grip with off centering no matter what I do. USA and USA companies out sourcing need to step it up with the QC.

84neilbone says:


Turtle Bushcraft says:

Very nice blade

Lego Man says:

My showtime keeps rusting on the pivot and the uncoated area of the blade. Any tips?

Trent9 says:

here in canada its averaged at $60-$70. why cant the dollar be dollar for dollar. money is money

Fangsinurface says:

great little blade. well built. great price. pretty sharp too. great review bruddah.

Erik22552 says:

Those are the type of knifes that you can really hone your sharpening skills on. If I can drop the blade on an apple or tomato with the blade being just 2 inches above the target and in sinks in and does not bounce off it’s pretty sharp. Try it, lay the heal of the knife on a cutting board and let it drop on an apple. Watch your fingers! LOL

B Ko says:

I totally agree with you. The most expensive folding knife I own is a Buck 110 in S30V for hunting ($110 Canadian). Most expensive EDC is a Kershaw Link Aluminium that I got for $70 Canadian. I won’t carry anything expensive because it gets used as a tool, not pocket jewelry

Hungry By Nature says:

Wow that’s nice. Might have to pick one up

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Ben.

Wheels gone Wild says:

I love this blade.


A bit too fast opening
To be legal here but I like it !

ShakerHP says:

Nice review Ben….

J Smitty says:

Kershaw is a great knife company.  The Knives don’t lack in any areas in my opinion, solid, functional and quality.  Owned a few.  I feel like Kershaw is the reason you see so many flipper knives out there.  Good review, but got no room for it, currently have 2 Benchmade and a Leatheramn.

Elite Survival Reviews says:

Pretty cool, ill have to review this one on my channel.

Michael Daury says:

love Kershaws knives.Good useable and affordable

Virginia Survival says:

That’s a sweet knife! Great video!

imsuckingwind says:

that Kershaw looks like one step up from my Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Pocket Knife

Brandon Meyer says:

When I click the Amazon link it doesn’t show the showtime?

Tactical Patriot2000 says:

I like the design, but I personally won’t buy anymore assisted opening knives ever again, I bought my grandpa a kershaw oso sweet and it opened in his pocket and badly stabbed him.

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