Kizer Gunhammer Folding Knife Review, Darrel Ralph Design, S35VN

Kizer Gunhammer Recurve:
Kizer Gemini:
Kizer KI3404A3:
Kizer Ti Framelock Roach:
Kizer Roach:
Kizer Splinter:
Kizer Rogue:
Kizer Sheepdog:
Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi:
Kizer 401:
Kizer Hunter:
Kizer Matthew Christensen:
Kizer 4473:
Kizer 4439:
Kizer Uprising:
Kizer SLT:
Kizer Task II Fixed Blade, Black:
Kizer Task II Fixed blade, Green:

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VQMAN says:

That smooth blank spot for tip down is ugly. They didn’t have to do that. I love the Gunhammer but that turned me away. As far as prices they started with prices very cheap and for the materials, it couldn’t be beat. Now since they made their mark in the knife world, their raising the prices but still a little cheaper then other knife brands. Also Kizer will be producing bargain blades using 440C and G10m

tacticalstuff 101 says:

nice knife dude

Tom Garcia says:

one of the reasons watch you because we’re both lefties but i never understood how you could own a knife you cant carry left handed

Lefty Hook says:

That blade shape appears to have a recurve in it also… Is that the intended shape or did someone go a little crazy on the grinder?

douglassteltenkamp says:

I understand you have a large knife collection do you ever worry about the alleged weaknesses in frame lock knives ala cold steel testing . Do you have an opinion on their testing protocols.

SW21 Sharky says:

i just got a guru but im going to exchange it for this with the crazier edge hahahah


Beautiful blade bro

Mojalistic says:

good job !! thanks <3

God :-O says:

Point for *CHINA.*

shatteredcortex says:

Sweet looking blade. Wondered when the Gunhammer design would resurface. Glad to see it’s with a company using good materials.

El Duderino says:

You didn’t write a thesis on cardboard cutting?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

It’s hammer time with Kizer. Showing the Darrel Ralph Gunhammer Bowie Ti framelock. See the text box to check out Kizer Knives on Amazon, enjoy :]

Ocean NCS says:

Very good! If you need any free music for your content, come glance through the playlist’s i have, i think they would really imrpove your videos!

Dad Daughter And Daggers says:

WAJK – I wasn’t going to buy this amazing design………..But then I saw You Cut the cardboard …….Aw man ….WOW Now I have to have this Knife

Scott G says:

I waited until Kizer started to use hardened steel lock inserts before buying any. They seem to heat treat S35VN very well. I see Kizer smoothed the areas under the pocket clip, which should help with jeans pockets.

Rl Badger says:

multi tool Monday?

FloorGuys01 says:

i just wish they wouldve done something different with the pocket clip .. maybe mill negative space in the clip itself rather than that flat spot the handle..


I don’t dig it… I hate recurced blades and don’t really care for the weird absence of the handle texturing for the pocket clip. I get it’s functional but think there are better ways to execute it.

Ramon Rodriguez says:

You have to review that task 2 fixed blade you got there on the table, you’ll be the first one. There’s not one review out there on YouTube about it, I should know, I looked. I have one, just received it two days ago.


very nice brother thank you for the video

Geo Wolf says:

Kizer is still an amazing buy. Htm gunhammer is 639,99 Cdn. Kizer=Great Deal.

Joseph Ellis says:

That’s a nice blade

Tmankiller72 says:

How’s the detent? Strong/firm?

I like the detent on my ZT 0450cf …kind of snappy I suppose

The joys of Anal Penetration says:

Oh yeah cut that cardboard. Oh god daddy you cut it up so good, look at you workin up a sweat gimme that sweet practical use. Ahhh yeah… I’ll be coming back to this video a few more times 😉

Barry Hemmy says:

I love the look of the knife and blade shape…and great review!I just wish the blade was longer( 4 inches would be great).

schlooonginator says:

Cut that card board beyatch.Lol. Im kiddin.
Good looking knife. Not a fan of sharpening choils for the very reason yu ran into,things get caught up in them.
I just don’t get it, the argument for a choil is that you can sharpen the whole blade but you are losing some blade in order to have the choil which makes the point moot. At least an unsharpened blade won’t catch whatever you are cutting.

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