Kizer Sheepdog Folding Knife Review

Kizer Tangram DP:
Kizer Tangram DP, Brown:
Kizer Tangram Clip Point:
Kizer Tangram Button Lock DP:
Kizer Recurve Tanto:
Kizer Tangram Wharncliffe:
Kizer Tangram Dirk Pinkerton Progression:
Kizer Begleiter:
Kizer V4423A1 Skinner :
Kizer V4484A2:
Kizer Sheepdog, Blue/Satin:
Kizer Sheepdog, Gray/Stonewash:
Kizer Sheepdog, Gray/Stonewash:
Kizer Task I Folder:
Kizer Gunhammer Bowie:
Kizer Gunhammer Recurve:
Kizer Gemini:
Kizer KI3404A3:
Kizer Ti Framelock Roach:
Kizer Roach, Orange/Black:
Kizer Splinter, Spectrum Handle:
Kizer Splinter:
Kizer Rogue:
Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi:
Kizer 401:
Kizer Hunter:
Kizer Wharncliffe 4473:
Kizer Folding Cleaver 4439:
Kizer Uprising:
Kizer SLT:
Kizer Christensen Criticial:
Kizer Envoy:
Kizer Megatherium:
Kizer Sealion:

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Seventh Seal says:

Check out the Kizer Klecker model. 100 bucks for a bigger blade but just as smoothe.

Tim says:

Would love to buy this beast, bought the ckrt Pilar cuz I’m broke

SlingshotWarrrior says:

It’s a chopper!

dandandatreeman says:

Very cool! I have to buy tree stuff though. If you have some free time check out my channel to see what mean. I totally agree with your advice….Put in the work! Thanks for the awesome content sir! Have an awesome evening!

Phillip Gatelein says:

Great review …

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Showing the Kizer Knives Chris Conaway Sheepdog Folding Knife. Featuring CPM-S35VN, this knife is one of their more pricey models, however they also have their Tangram budget folder line beginning at $30. See text description box for all the Kizer knives, enjoy! 😀

CptainCrunch says:

5:29 – Just roughly 8,320 hours. No biggy really.


PowerMadHeadBanger says:

One thing I like about this knife is that it is also good for two hand opening techniques by grabbing the blade in the closed position.

Dale Carpenter says:

I’m a user . I have a few user knives that could be called a collection . But I collect clones of over priced for no real reason so call high end knives . When I say over priced don’t get me wrong I will pay a little more for American knife company knife ! Butt I m not bending over with no lube for these companies that do production knives for way way some times way way way over priced like the other one of these .
I don’t review so I’m not in the same boat with youtube reviewers .
Us consumers need to use the other side of the capitalist equation ( the boycott )
But we have been so communized these last 50 or 60 years that we forgot how to use the power of the buyer . And we don’t stick together !
I really like vids when reviewers knock things on the clones that are the same on the real one . Then don’t knock the dame things on the real one . It makes me wonder if they can see the bias in their on vids !Sometimes the clones are even the same materials to ?

Rick Temmen says:

Good video … Must be the year of the clever …

PBRstreetgang says:

Well it’s like you said….You could baton with a bowling ball if you use a skyscraper.

magic says:

Pass; this will freak people out in the public.

Pepere Corbey says:

Thanks I am glad you are back at it great video .

cyclist01222 says:

As this steel laughed its way through cardboard my wife laughed at my suggestion to purchase it.

alittleolder says:

Hi old friend. You’ve been away a few days it feels like. Oh and I do use most of my knives to cut up cardboard, no matter the price. If I am not gonna use it for that what can I use them for? I am not collecting safequeens. Glad you’re back! I really like the Ki4488 also known as the “Sheepdog”. I really like when you cover knives that are a bit more expensive.

uniform1313 says:

This is my EDC. For life. Done. It will grow on you…believe me.

Emna Daoud says:

wow very nice

OcOmega Shadow says:

Very good blade ^^


Great review brother and you can’t go wrong with that steel, great steel. Sweet blade but I’m with ya on that blade shape though.

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