Kizer Theta Folding Knife Review

Kizer Theta Folding Knife:
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Kizer Tangram Rumble Folding Knife (Brown):
Kizer Tangram Rumble Folding Knife (Black):
Kizer Tangram Orion DP ,Wharncliffe:
Kizer Tangram Vector Button Lock :
Kizer Tangram DP Sante Fe :
Kizer Tangram DP Sante Fe, Brown:
Kizer Tangram Clip Point:
Kizer Recurve Tanto:
Kizer Tangram Dirk Pinkerton Progression:
Kizer Begleiter:
Kizer V4423A1 Skinner :
Kizer V4484A2:
Kizer Sheepdog, Blue/Satin:
Kizer Sheepdog, Gray/Stonewash:
Kizer Sheepdog, Gray/Stonewash:
Kizer Task I Folder:
Kizer Gunhammer Bowie:
Kizer Gunhammer Recurve:
Kizer Gemini:
Kizer KI3404A3:
Kizer Ti Framelock Roach:
Kizer Roach, Orange/Black:
Kizer Splinter, Spectrum Handle:
Kizer Splinter:
Kizer Rogue:
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Kizer Hunter:
Kizer Wharncliffe 4473:
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DShiflet01 says:

Not a huge fan of framelocks, the large opening hole or w/e in the blade, knives with metal handles, even the blade shape doesn’t interest me. Price isn’t bad for the materials, but the design itself, I wouldn’t even give $50 for that.

Capt Dave's Sport Fishing says:

Is it from the future?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Merry Christmas, here’s my review of the Kizer Theta by Elijah Isham. See the text box for sharp goodies.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I can even see the gentleman peeling an orange in his office while his secretary print his e-mail to be read later in the comfort of the air conditioning with all the sorts of taste beverages.

Fredrik says:

Should have cut up a juicy duck…

SlingshotWarrrior says:

A fine folder, would consider reviewing the S-TEC folding cleaver?

SlingshotWarrrior says:

Arthritis at your age bro?

Tim Gannon says:

Nice looking design..kind of wimpy on the deployment, but I guess if you don’t mind putting some wrist action, then it’s ok. I really like the looks of the CF version.

vagabond88817 says:

Keep it like a Kizer.

just maintaining says:

Merry Christmas to everyone and may God bless you and your families and keep up the great work we all juggle knives

Bob Wampler says:

Really a beautiful blade!

OcOmega Shadow says:

Really good looking knife!!!
And Merry Christmas!!!

The Ace says:

Kizer makes good knives. I’d like to see some larger ones. I had a dirk Pinkerton Rogue that I loved, but could only get a 3-finger grip on the handle. Had to sell it. An XL version of that knife would find its way to my pocket quite often.

traderjoes says:

150 is not bad for what it is.

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