Klein Tools (Hawkbill) Folding Knife Review

Hawkbill, Al. Handle: http://goo.gl/jZB73L
Hawkbilll, Nylon Handle: http://goo.gl/gh9Chr
Hawkbill, Liner Lock: http://goo.gl/iKiZTn
Slitting Blade: http://goo.gl/ZBNnxq
Coping Blade: http://goo.gl/vh9zE0
Drop Point: http://goo.gl/BV6m9o
Drop Point, Black: http://goo.gl/z0BKZ8
Drop Point, Nylon Handle: http://goo.gl/o2aF1M
Tanto: http://goo.gl/lfxDpq
3-Blade Pocket Knife: http://goo.gl/zrvLEB
Utility Knife W/Storage: http://goo.gl/aHIlUL
Traditional Lockback: http://goo.gl/dA4RWJ

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KnifeTex says:

Nice upgrade to their classic electrician’s knife, but too bad they dropped the screwdriver from it. I have a bucket full of Klein tools from when I was a field service tech. Good brand. Great vid, cheers!

zürihegel says:

There is a traditional weapon the Gypsies used in fights that was made from a specially prepared spur of a cock (I’m talking about the male chicken). Don’t know wether it still exists, maybe in remote parts of Eastern Europe it could, but I didn’t found anything online. I read this in a book but, shame on me, I forgot where exactly. Anyway I mention this as the description of this weapon, which also included some mystic components in how it is to be obtained in the right fashion, would have the spur in the shape of this here blade and the bone of the chickens leg it is attached to by nature would serve as a grip, basically you end up with a push dagger having this wicked draw cutting instrument for a blade. It sure can be used with deadly effects to a human throat but its main idea and threatening effect was the result this thing could have on someones face, considering the fact of its use in fights between women mainly, at a time when reconstructive surgery would not have been an available option. And it’s not the type of scars you will want to brag about.
You would not want to mess with that Gypsy girl if you can avoid it, right? And that’s 99% of selfdefence already being covered in my experience.
I hope Grandpa didn’t bored you too much with his little story!
PS I so much more like metal sideplates on a knife than plastic, I wish all Swiss Army Knife types would be available with this option.

Ken Gray says:

boy, I disagree. for $50 American, that thing should come in shaving sharp. Aus and aluminum scales aren’t that expensive.

Schroeder_2000 says:

nice box opener or pruning knife.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Checking out a folding knife made by Klein Tools from Japan. Reading the Amazon reviews, I see this company is well known by electricians, but I’ve never seen any of their folding knives shown on Youtube, until now.

Zpwslayer says:

Klein Tools makes great stuff, I would buy one of these.

CHOSEN7X7 says:

Wow, thanks for the heads up! Very interesting blade.

Player Review says:

‘Sheep’s foot’… Nice; If I wrote the copy, I’d list it as a ‘modified wharncliffe’ just to give knife people a good laugh.

tokr72 says:

I like this knife. I dig the hawk bill geometry, ultimate utility and brutal defense blade. I have an old, rusty, fixed blade ,wood handled hawk bill out in a barn… Still in good shape except for the rust. Been meaning to clean the old girl back up and sharpen a working edge back onto her. Just a cheap old carbon steel tool, but still completely useful if I salvage her. She’s pry been sitting there lonely for decades, just waiting to be picked up, appreciated, and used again.;)

Tactical X-Rays says:

i might even go as far as arguing that the byrd crossbill is so far the best folding carry execution of a workable hawkbill in that pricce range

NotWellKnown says:

While that seems to be a decent knife, and I’ve had several hawkbills (including ones with the ever useful spyderedge), I don’t believe I’ll be picking this one up. To be honest, I just don’t see any benefits to aus 8 outside of serrations and wouldn’t spend $50 on a knife that used it for the blade.

Irunmen says:

Klein means small in dutch

JackDa Rippa says:

klein tools make the best quality electrician tools. if it aint klein it aint mine.

exit 1Ø1 says:

my first ‘full size folder’ was a hawkbil, by ‘imperial of ireland’
every ‘farmer’ in ireland carried one back in the day.
kind of like you guys had the 110. (i’m not comparing it to the 110 obviously)

50 Stitches Steel says:

I used a hook knife sinilar to this laying carpet..I would dull the edge because we just used the spine to tuck in carpet under baseboards

bangalorebobbel says:

very cool thing, never saw that before – thanks for showing it!

DShiflet01 says:

I think I might get the version of this knife with the plastic handle. $15 cheaper and tbh I’m not a big fan of metal handles anyway,

JW's BulletsNBlades says:


Jack Hadaki says:

I have a hawkbill from the 60’s made by them. Made of good carbon steel

bigmanbowie says:

Big knife

Brandon Cole says:

this isnt meant to be sharp the tip is only meant to be sharp enough to pierce the jacket on romex.the flat part is sharper because that is what will be used for cutting the jacket on big wires for terminations.

david sandlin says:

I thought Klein Tools knives were made in the U.S. in Chicago. You can got to the website and buy these much less than 50$

TalonTSI95 says:

You don’t want a razor edge on an electrician’s knife. Most cables have several layers and you don’t want to accidentally cut anything beneath the layer you are currently skinning. In my professional experience, a medium stone sharpness is the way to go. Keep it toothy sharp.

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