Knife Review: Kershaw Brawler

The Kershaw Brawler features a 3.25 inch long blade of 8Cr13Mov stainless steel, partial flat grind, American tanto tip, rounded sub-tip, black finish. It has a liner lock mechanism, FRN handle scales, index flipper, and Speedsafe assisted opening. Price around $25.


Emilio Alvarez says:

And I found mine!!

Larry Stanner says:

Great video. This was my first knife so it was nice to watch this video


much like the rji as far as looks go, which is a good thing. if it’s teflon or ‘a’ coating the tini + g10 rji is a better choice. Interesting you bring up the nerve as its an bland looking creature on my monitor. I must check it out better.

thanks Israel, I wonder when you’ve not no more space left on your walls for the hobby….:)

Asmodean Black says:

I’ve been collecting for awhile i bought this when i realized i don’t always want to carry my 130 dollar plus knives

Evan Malone says:


Mr War chicken says:

Should I go with the Kuro or brawler

One kilobyte of ram says:

the one I bought from walmart does not say “8cr13mov” on it? do you think they went with a cheaper steel? the box just says ” stainless steel” ….

xc5647321 xc5647321 says:

Thank you for sharing…

Henry Chavez says:

would this one be illegal in california?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I’ve got a Kershaw collection and company review vid coming up in the future!

FunkySpunky91 says:

HAHAHA i was just at bass pro. Their prices for knives are OUTRAGOUS! Was thinking about buying one but the prices scared me back to the internet lol

Emilio Alvarez says:

That was a fast reply. Lol

DaiReborn says:

She’s definitely awesome, today has been a fantastic day thanks to her.

war wolve says:

i got mine for a few bucks more as a present from a fmaily meber from scheels overall nice lil blade and good simple edc normaly i prefer serations but this knife is good i like the handel

John W Rouse III says:

Love my Brawler watch Big 5 goes on sale for $19.99 plus sign up for their email letter and each week u get a 10% off sale item coupon so itll be $18 bought 5 as gifts love this knife people always jump like its a switchblade from the quickness and sound solid feel

DaiReborn says:

I bought this knife tonight when I went to Wal-Mart, it was $20 even, and it came with an aluminum tactical pen and a cheapo 8 LED flashlight. I bought it mostly because it was cheap and I needed to quell my blade lust. When I got home my wife had a light blue box in her hands. She had bought me the Cold Steel Kobun! Two inexpensive tantos in one day! Can life get any sweeter? The answer is yes, my wife could have sprung for Zero Tolerance or Spyderco, but that would only be a little better!

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I am sorry for your loss :[

Rafael den boogert says:

Should I get the brawler or the blur I want one that lasts a long time and is very durable

Doug Perry says:

Beautiful knife.

Super Dude Guy says:

Do you have a budget tanto folder you recommend more than the brawler?

Roberto Ruiz says:

Great video. Thanks.


Nice clip options like a mofo

Joseph Nicoletti says:

great knife for the value, quick as hell too. lock up like a safe. buy two be for they sell out or end Production, Makes a Great Quality Gift as well.

KeyboardWrecker says:

+WeAllJuggleKnives Thanks for taking the time to review these for us. 🙂

Tactical Gear Head says:

stonewash ftw

Richard Baxter says:

thanks for the review.  I agree that I don’t prefer black blade or Tanto point, BUT I’m lefthanded & I like the reversible clip AND double thumb stud of the Brawler but maybe just speed safe & reversible clip is enough, which would make the Burst the one 4 me.  I know, I’m overthinkin’ a $25 knife – sorry.

One kilobyte of ram says:

Got mine yesterday, not to bad but a little small for my edc, I like 4″ for edc.

cwrowe says:

I’ll stick to ZTs

William Joseph says:

In your opinion is the brawlers thumb stud deployment abysmal and not worth bothering with?

SanFranciscoBay says:

All three of them are inexpensive quality knives that will last you decades if you take care of them.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Wives that buy you knives are awesome!

MrBulletpoints says:

Great review, I’m just kind of getting interested in knives, definitely not a collector, but trying to learn a little about them. New sub, I like your review style. Thanks.

John W Rouse III says:

in fact i get all my Kershaws @ Big 5 each week a new one goes on sale for $19.99 sign up for the email coupons here

Philip says:

took a rode trip to bass pro shops a couple weeks ago out of boredom and needed some sharpening kits for my full-size kabar knife that’s my survival knife…I decided I should have a pocket knife for EDC and was short on time and just picked the brawler out. got home unpackaged it and looked it up on YouTube and found everyone paid 20-25 bucks for it, I paid 50 at bass pro shops..more like greedy Jew shops.

Evil Mike says:

Thanks for the review. I got this at Basspro shop for $44 came with a flashlight. I regret buying it but I ripped the plastic package it came with the assists open is really tight wonder if I can loosen it.

Cool Guy says:

I have this knife and I fucking hate it. The nub (sorry I don’t know the technical name) on the blade constantly becomes loose which causes the blade to rock and feel unsteady when it’s open. reliability is the #1 thing I want in an EDC and this does not give me that feeling of confidence.

MrJoder90 says:

I’m looking for a new knife That is Ca. legal. Are Speedsafe assisted opening Ca. legal? Any Suggestions? I have a Kershaw Skyline and its great!

Remington597man says:

You got a keeper there…;)

mikeiswhite3 says:

I have one i really like it….But i got mine for 50 at bass pro shop….Man i got ripped off.

Devil Dog says:

Nice blade.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Kershaw was smart putting they deal together!

Ulph Wahlbom says:

Love that bladeshape! Works great for me. Good vid, thanks. 🙂

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