Live Unboxing: The Snap-On Folding Knife

Today, we check out a very unique knife.


Bad Larry says:

being British i cant tell if you are being sarcastic here cos i remember you quite liked that zombie knife, you really confuse me.

Death.Becomes.Her.07 Death.Becomes.Her.07 says:

I showed my dad my 940 and he showed me his Snap-On knife. lol. He has also ordered knives off the home shopping network. face palm.

MrCander000 says:

That knife sort of looks like a knock off of a knock off of a griptilian.

Rudolph Drasler says:

Nick, Snap On has an “exclusive” Ken Onion designed Wrinkle as well as a Kershaw variant as well on their site… you happened upon the worst one they offer and I couldn’t be more proud to see this on your channel!

Squab27 says:

Thats not Snapon. That was made by a merchandising company and sold at TractorSupply/ Pepboys.

Real snapon tools will have a snapon part number and come off a snap on truck, or website.

redkuth says:

are you sure you didnt pinch the washer on the chris reeve

anthony miller says:

i got one at a flea market for $3. the liner lock gets stuck if you flip it real hard. i have to jam a screwdriver in there to release the liner lock. if you wipe it open it seems to work better.

dano727 says:

Embarrassing for a great American brand…

pickle Rick says:

That was right hand carry you must carry differnt

Average Joe says:

Back in the late 80’s Snap On tools were very expensive. They were darn worth it too. This…looks like they lost some ground. Did China buy the brand?

Ian Woodland says:

That steel is a Chinese grade. Nothing wrong with that in itself. 8cr etc and 9cr are harder (more carbon). Typically, don’t bother with 7cr or 6cr, although they may be easier to sharpen. I have unnamed stainless knife at home made by Marksman. It is probably 420 or similar grade. Not so great steel, but I have sharpened the buns of it, and can put an edge back in it very quickly. So maybe 7cr will suit people who like to sharpen their knives with sandpaper, automotive paint cutting compound and a kitchen steel…

juraj anđal says:

Z HUNTER is “best knife ever” omg

VGC says:

What a piece of shit

Ched Leicester says:

I cant tell if you are being sarcastic.

Doug west says:

Do not use this knife as a cutting tool!!! LOL.  Ill bet the person who designed that knife is really pissed about the poor manufacturing quality.

Landrew0 says:

“Carved-in” logo? Are you sure it’s not molded?

J Polar says:

Hay Nick, Snap On ain’t what it used to be. Beleave me. I have the tools to prove it. Enjoy the paperweight or the fishing sinker whatever you want to call it. Have a good and safe day. Thank you.

markalexander774 says:

Considering it is about the same price as the Z Hunter, it isn’t that bad. But yeah, I would not buy that despite how cheap it is.

Josh Warren says:

what a great piece! 🙂

ksstg581 says:

My head hurts…

dragoussr says:

Well it’s a 10 dollar “knife” what do expect for that price?
Just buy one Benchmade that will last you a lifetime or you can buy 20 Snap On folding knives. Lol

Zocvi Fqs says:

I think the real solution is the trash can

Hayden ffhg says:

7CR17MoV, it’s 440A modified which contains more elements vanadium, the benefits of Vanadium (V) • Increases strength, wear resistance, and increases toughness the recommended hardness about 55/57 HRC

Thomas Raymond says:

Dearest Nick my Apologies can I somehow get a Post office box or Mailing address for a Knife I would like you to do a review of I don’t want the knife back I would rather You Enjoy it but I need a address !!!!! Thank You Sincerely Thomas Raymond of Fresno California!!!!!

Michael Cavanaugh says:

Accidental face reveal in the reflection

James Santos says:

That knife is hideous

Mad Dog says:

You claim to be a knife guy and don’t know any of the Chinese steel variants so popular in inexpensive to mid grade knives? 7 chromium 17 molybdenum 1 vanadium. Similar to 440 American and Aus Japanese. You damn yanks aren’t as smart as you think you are.

abstar57 says:

Its a snap on knife what do you expect lol

At the right time says:

Very deeply murdery right here. The sub button will be pressed after hearing a few more of those gems.

Jacob the Gentleman Potato says:

I’ll talk 20!

Geno Burgess says:

Did you realy call that incredible lol I don’t like it but I somehow do because it reminds me of coca cola

Thomas Raymond says:

Dearest Nick I Remember back in the 1970s and 1980s My Grandparents owned an Union 76 Gas Station Across the street from the Circus Circus Reno and Regularly a Snap on Truck would Pay the Gas Station a Visit but I Remember the 1980s Availability of Kershaw Japan Knives on Display !!!!!! Those Kershaw’s were Beautiful and well made with Subpar quality materials !!!!! But Snap on Really Helped Kershaw get it’s Exposure in the 1980s and 1990s !!!!! Knives were always my Passion and feddish well Quality Made Folding Knives!!!!! It is a shame that Communist China Took over the Low end Pocket Knife Market not to mention Paskitan!!!!This knife You are Reviewing Probably cost Snap on $ 2.37 each from Communist China with the Lifetime replacement warranty of 36% or Less return rate !!!!!I sure miss Kershaw Knives in the 1980s sold off those Snap on Tool Truck!!!! Great Video Review of a Subpar Chinese Folding Knife Stamped Snap On!!!!! God Bless You and Your Folding Knife Endeavors!!!!! Sincerely Thomas Raymond of Fresno California!!!!!

bubu mic says:

There are poor people in the world too you know ?

Jake Lee says:

7cr is shit steel

ehkruse1 says:

They spend several times more making those G10 scales than they spent on the entirety of the rest of the knife. I cringed when I saw that 7cr17mov on the box. yikes. That’s a 10 dollar knife for ya

M. S. says:

The tool companies, Klein, Milwaukee, etc, sell these knives at supply houses knowing we’ll pick one up to have a box cutter basically. These aren’t supposed to be great. They are expendable. I carry a Klein folder at work (electrician) that I feel no regrets for if I have to do something awful to. Even has wire strippers integrated into the spine. Nobody watching this video would mistake it for anything but a working knife for an electrician. They are handy, and if I lose it in an attic or drop it somewhere, no shits given. Except for the rest of that day I don’t have a knife being the only consideration. Working guys don’t treat things well when there’s work to be done. So this knife and others like it are very popular on job sites. The intention is to destroy or lose them. The companies benefit from keeping us in the fold and using their shit because we can easily get new ones at supply houses. Some of the time, the employers will even allow us to buy tools on their accounts at discounted prices or completely covered. Make no mistake, these companies are not producing knives for snobs to review. They’re just another tool to be lost, stolen, beat on, broken, or sacrificed. Same as a beater screw driver, which costs much more actually.

Spinnaker says:

Are you really the masochist in this story??? what about us watching those cheap knives reviews??

Robert Rodriguez says:

Mister nick where bit thas knife snap on please toll me tanks

Eric Buchanan says:

Go home snap-on your drunk

Erik Va dee-Vee chee says:

Snap on is overpriced junk. Nothing they make is worth its cost.

Donovan Mcclurg says:

you said $10.00.. you can’t buy G10grips for that. Lol plus the blade. little love and grease and it’ll work

Oneofdazzz says:

Does it have the unlimited snap-on no questions asked warranty? If so I’ll be getting one.

Richard Saunders says:

I think it is China steel

Andy's Video Log says:

I purchased one at Home Depot a few years back to use for roofing my cabana. What a waste of money, didn’t cut crap, sharpened it, and wouldn’t hold a edge. Every three feet heavy roofing material I cut, I had to sharpen. Ended up using a folding razor blade

Julian Castillo says:

Oi vey!!

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