Marttiini Folding Handy ($30) Knife Review, Value From Finland

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Folding Handy:
Handy Fixed Blade:
Condor Bowie:
Witch’s Tooth:
Owl Bowie:
Wood Grouse:

Blade Length: 3.25 inches
Steel: 420 Stainless
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Handle Scales: Aluminum
Weight: 4.13 ounces
Made In: Finland
Price: $30 (

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cyclist01222 says:

Which do you like better, this or the Finn Wolf… why? Thanks for showing!

DamionJR4923 says:

What do you use to sharpen your Scandi knives? I can’t believe we have 2 folding Scandi knives for under $40.

Scott Yi says:

i was wondering if you ever did a review on the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk and if not are going to make a future video on one?

marshalllaw123 says:

Bummer it has no pocket clip.

scott santanni says:

pretty good I think the lock is the best part

Pedro Marcos says:

More than €60 in Europe (Finland) vs €27.33 in the US. Absurd prices.

Stoney Lonsome says:

Wow- I missed this one somehow- very nice. I love scandi folders every since you introduced me to the enzo Birk- and that looks like a quality knife. I had been considering the fin-wolf but to be honest I think I like this better. I am definitely going to re-buy the Birk as mine got stolen recently- and it was my second as I gave the first to my dad. But this time I’m getting the birch scales instead of the CF. I just want something a bit different this time. But I would like to get a scandi folder that’s a pure user and leave my Birk in my collection this time.

dseed norway says:

looks like a good knife for the buck, great test video btw 🙂

Marc Baker says:


Tactical X-Rays says:

great 30$ blade, bad 60€ blade
it’s from f***ing finland.
why is it double the price inside europe, whereas in the us it needs to be imported via plane or ship.
doesn’t make sense.
nevertheless, thanks for the show and tell, as always
good day sir

Wade Willson says:

I know you have a lot of knowledge on knives but have you heard of Havalon it’s supposed too have a edge sharp enough as a razor blade or scalpel do you mind checking it out

Aaron Tooley says:

Looks like the cold steel finn wolf

RedStone872 says:

I have it. Love it! 🙂

Raymond Williams says:

I love the way the way the blade sits flush in the handle like a Kwaiken.

Smalltown Prep says:

Looks great. Would you say it’s a better value than the Finn Wolf

BladeObsession says:

Nice but needs a pocket clip but like the 60’s hippie music.

z ga says:

on BLADEHQ this knife costs 54 $ 🙁

muffemod says:

Aluminum > Titanium scales

RealBushMonkey says:

That’s a sweet budget blade, stay tuned next year for Mora to try n compete I bet. That tune sounded like Dream Warriors from Nightmare on Elm St.

Justin Claude Van Dude says:

It looks like I would have to dremel out a bit of the lockbar if I were to switch the thumb stud to the other side for left hand use. Is that correct?

Ed Rodriguez says:

What’s up wealljuggle I’ve been a subscriber for a while and all ways love your reviews. You pay a lot of attention to detail, rather it be flashlights or knives. I would like to see you do more reviews on other gear like jackets, battery packs, back packs, etc. I know others would like it also. I value your truthful opinion and your knowledge on your reviews. Please consider.. Thanks -Ed

Dan 101 says:

Ok I went for it and it came today,, This is beauty by design simplicity. Clean lines and functionality, it just feels like Scandinavian quality in your hand, Solid as a tank and built to last. Cant touch the quality in anything bear or well over it’s price range.

SpinBadBros inc says:

I like the way u do your reviews…I by shanks cuz u recommend them…Nutn’ too,but ur more of a blue colar type,not scared of the budget or SOME replicas,cool.

Malcolm Coderre says:

does it have a 0 scandi grind ?

Jason Von Mizener says:

Good review man.  Marttiini makes good knives.  I like this one.

Ben Romney says:

It has a nice clean look to it. I like that.

sicilianeye says:

420 ss? For $30, I think the low end of any of the Oregon knives (Kershaw, Gerber, CRKT, etc.) are a better value with better steel. Still, I like their fillet knives.

Silverado_Denmark says:

Wow, i´m impressed! Beautiful knife…. cheap too. Sadly i cant own it here in Denmark, as we are only allowed to own or carry one hand opening knives. hunters can get one that locks, but still has to be two hand opening. Needless to say, not very proud of our laws here.

99lade says:

Suomi Finland perkele!


Gotta love that tune 😉

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I had never seen this knife reviewed before, I think I found a hidden gem, excellent quality and performance for a $30 folding knife.

Bob Tinsley says:

Does that have a true Scandi edge? Didn’t look like it, which is surprising given that it is a Finnish knife.

Colson Customs says:

Oooooo I’ll have to get that for sure.

Seventh Seal says:

So Finn wolf or Martiini? Which is better?

Michael Wallis says:

Thanks. !!

Algiz says:

Hmm, I think there are those models in a nearby hardware store for around 18 euros here in Finland. Might pick one up to have as a beater folder, seemed to bite into that wood very nicely. Though as you said, I don’t use a folder for that work either but it’s good to know it’s solid enough. Marttiini has some nice Sami-style fixed blades, if you happen to find one anywhere I highly recommend picking it up!

Sakke337 says:


Raymond Williams says:

Why have I never seen this knife before. It’s gorgeous.

TheIrcbully says:

Thumbs up

doug bulldog says:

sweet sounds bro



DShiflet01 says:

It looked like a nice alternative option to the Finn Wolf, but that lack of pocket clip really brings it down for me.

tetsubo57 says:

My favorite budget folder is the Kershaw Injection 3.5. It is just such a nice blade and so affordable. It is my current EDC.

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