Maxpedition Ferox Folding Knife Review

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Maxpedition’s first foray into the world of folding knives is interesting, and shows some promise. Although this knife is not joining my list of favorites, it does have some great features and a good design that makes it pretty nice for the money.



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TheApostleP says:

Looks like a decent $25 knife, but I agree BoyScout, with what you didn’t say… I’d rather have a really good knife for $40-50. My hope is that Maxpedition is sort of gaging interest with this series, and if it’s significant, they’ll step up the quality of materials and processes. Great review, my friend!

YetiZap says:

What would you recommend as a first knife? I’m looking for something under $30.

Steel Shooter says:

I guess you could take the knife apart and bend the liner lock over to provide more resistance,that way the flipper would work better. I had to do the opposite to my Rat1, it was practically stuck closed when I got it. Nice review.

muddieddesire says:

awesome review! i am not a fan of serrations but you are right about these. i think they look way better flat, almost looks like a zipper. probably easier to sharpen.

Kupo969 says:

How are you sharpening your knives?

Pcmurph84 says:

Tip down kills it for me.

FrostBlade says:

0 views and comments? Awesome vid! First.

TigercraftHD says:

as goes flipping e knife ?

Patrik Johnson says:

you dangled this knife in front of the camera for how many minutes and did all that talking and in all that time did not show a glimpse of the spine of the knife blade.

Arkaydenn Garuda says:

broke one already

todd wilkinson says:

just ordered a rat one in od green,these maxpedition knifes look nice just to have around,thanks

Lellobeetle says:

No thanks. My Kershaw Blur is a keeper. Mora, Spyderco, BK2 are my go-tos. Good review.

Leo Corredor says:

Don’t worry getting one, i bought once and after 1month of very light use it broke down, i contacted maxpedition and they never answer back.

ArmyStinger150 says:

Damn fine review man. Great job. I’m thinking the Maxpedition serrated knife would be great for strap & rope cutting, perhaps it is mission or task specific. I can see it being used more by climbers. They definitely need to step up their game though if they truly want to compete with the big boys.

dying says:

That’s unfortunate that its a lower grade knife because I thought it looked very slick.

903lew says:

Mxp should stick with overbuilt (heavy) bags and pouches for people who don’t have to use them for duty use, this was a huge “meh”.

chuckv5150 says:

Your reviews sir are outstanding!

UnknownWarrior1985 says:

I wouldn’t mind it as free addition to their bags.

Weizenale silver says:

they need to use 8cr13mov atleast

Glock Brothers says:

Good Overview Scout!

Jörgen Eriksson says:

Seams to be one god knife , have i god day sir !

Einarr Bel says:

Thanks for the review. For the price this looks like an alright utility folder, although it certainly doesn’t seem to be anything special.

50TNCSA says:

sorry i will never buy from maxpedition there customer service is shit and i wont even go into their business practices …….

Ultimate Survivalist says:

Can you do a review on the Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife ?

The Biønic Beard says:

BTW cool mat in the background….

Evoluztion says:

reminds me of 5.11, i love there gear and clothing, but i got a few of there knives, and they are so so at best. compared to other knives in the same price range.

The Biønic Beard says:

Will lets hope they are better than the Glock knives……

Gazoontite KaPow says:

I have a deep, deep hatred for knives that have those liner locks.

Fat Buddha says:

Bought a Maxpedition fat boy bag recently and there my new favorite company. don’t know about the folders but there D2 fixed blade knives are fantastic also. They have good stuff I’m going to try these folders next ,they look good and you can get them for around 27 bucks.

Dano DeMano says:

Haven’t handled any of their knives yet, but from the looks and reviews (yours & others), I wouldn’t buy any of them. Their fixed blades look even worse. I love my PM-2, my Rat M-1 and my Kershaw Leek. I sold my Tenacious to a friend when my PM-2 came in though, but it was an awesome knife too!

TacticoolNinja says:

They look pretty cool, thanks for the review. Watch out for that liner lock!

thelaststraw says:

I think in the price range…RAT-1 ftw!…Good review.

b Dub says:

I bought the OD Green Serrated version after watching your video, I have much better knives but I just like the look of it. Thanks for your awesome review.

Gabe Logan says:

that is one nice box. lol thanks for the video im feeling the spyder co more

wufwufwufwuf says:

great honest reviews as always thx buddy

2-1 BrAvO says:

The Maxpedition Knives are a lot like Coast Knives. I am not a fan. The Rat Model 1 is better by far. I feel the Rat Model 1 is better than the overrated Tenacious, and I have both. IMO the Rat model 1 is one of the best knives under $100.00. The Kershaw Blur has QC/ lockup/assist mech. issues, but they are decent if you get a good one. The Paramilitary 2 is one of my favorites in any price range. I just found one with digicam and black on Amazon the other day for $130.00 from a Spyderco dealer and it’s on it’s way. Beware of a dealer who only sells the Paramilitary 2 because it’s probably a fake. They are probably sold out again though.

Harry Ulrich says:

Good review as always

HavocMaverick says:

Expensive ass bags… Cheap ass knives.

Ted DeGraff says:

Kershaw Piston, baby. My knife search has ended.

CampfireTalk says:

I think what I dig most about these knives is how they’re packaged : )

Un7ucky says:

still love the blur after the finger thing?

Traci Williams says:

Great review. All very good information to know. Thank you.

mysciencenow says:

looks off center balance

Keylitho says:

You should have show the Color Combo’s with some of Maxpeditions Bags… Like the Khaki knife on a Khaki bag.. Great Review…

Adam Light says:

It looks like a cool knife, but the flipper action and round jimping are deal breakers for me. Great review!

suburban sentinel says:

Excellent review! I love MaxP bags, but there are too many high quality American made knives to send more money to China.

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