My Top 10 Favorite Spyderco Folding Knives

A look at my 10 favorite Spyderco knives. It was really hard to pick 10. I kept feeling like I was leaving some really good knives off the list, but if I added one I would have had to take one off the list. If you like different ones please put your list in the comments.

10. Yojimbo
9. Superleaf
8. PPT
7. Military
6. Chokwe
5. Sage 2
4. Sage 1
3. Domino
2. Southard
1. Paramilitary 1

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YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

Awesome Spyderco collection!! Thanks for sharing!

Matthew Gonsalves says:

How do you get it to open so easy ?

William Claypoole says:

No Valotton? beat…..

James Franco says:

You chose the most disproportioned blade of them all! I don’t understand why people like this ugly knife so much

be it says:

what’s edc

Philip Brennan says:

I can’t believe you don’t have a single lock back model in that list of TEN…

hiccup45 says:

You sound like Chumley from Pawn Stars. Dude, these knives are all over 150 bucks. How many do you need?

Robert Mata says:

what No Tatanka I must be the only one in the world that bought one for the Spyderco collection

Douchebag Studios says:

rip getting these in UK

Preston Yates says:

Surprised, no Delica?

Justin Grant says:

Damn I wish I could flip my knives open that quick and smooth

Jesse James says:

top 5 – paramilitary 2, manix 2, delica 4, persistence and soon to be paramilitary 3.

Preston Yates says:

I hate to be that guy

but 1000th like.

M. Strongsole says:

Manix 2?

maitrehg says:

Para2 and Manix2 are so good.

Mike Y says:

excellent collection mate

UltraViolet says:

at 0:02 who thought that the knife was the table

EveryDay Knife Guy says:

Awesome video, quite a few here on my to-do list. Subscribed 🙂

Lukedp 97 says:

Man I just can’t like southard knives. So hideous to my eye.

Jeff Liss says:

Agree on the PM2. Just got a “burple” one with S110v steel. Great knife.

Titan9mm says:

Manix 2 should be #1 on your list….

Robert Teng says:

Does a tenacious suck, and thats why its not on here

PFK LOL says:

How much do they cost +BT Blades?

Glocked 17 says:

Nice. someone recommended this brand. I need to decide model. any suggestions edc. I subscribed.

Family Shop says:

best video!
LooK my channel frieands !I have great clips about knives on the channel!

Bushcraft & Banjos says:

Enjoyed your Spyderco lineup! Really like watching these fancy, yet durable knives open and close. The quality is so apparent. I’ve never even seen many of these models. It’s like a whole other class of knives. Good stuff my friend.

T-72k1 says:

Over 1000$ in pocket knives on that table.

pratirop pratoomtip says:

Nice collection! I love spyderco.

Richard Burns says:

My crazy life . . .

Ju's Outdoors says:

Hey! The Paramilitary 2 is my fav also! Good vid

RevealReview says:

Great review. Great knives! Just beware of poor steel, Spyderco has a few cheaper model in their line up. Make sure you save for a bump in quality if you can.

Matthew Gonzales says:

Love your collection! PM2 is my favorite also.

moodyjeep says:

Nice collection bud, Thanks for sharing.
Regards Barry…….(uk)

Steven Arthur says:

How are you doing

Ken Fagan says:

totally agree with this list, would have liked to seen the super leaf higher up but other than that its a solid list. Never forget butter knife is always handy when you need to make a sandwichwell done my shanking buddy

Internet Hermit says:

this guy really likes the pocket clips…

Maks Szmyd says:

Why no: delica, endura, dragonfly or Manix 2?

Red Bulger says:

What is “EDC”?

Jaba Gawba says:

you must not have a manix 2. too bad, so sad.

Immortalized1 says:

I think that the Rubicon can take the #2 spot for fit & finish coming out of Taiwan now 😉

Blane Biondolillo says:

WHAT,no gayle bradley 1),buy the way nice collection.

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