NEW Ontario RAT 2 Folding Knife Review

The new smaller RAT II Ontario folding knife is out. Perfect for lightweight EDC. Budget friendly and overall great pocket knife. I believe this is one of the highest, sturdiest constructions for the lowest price. This unboxing video will compare the original Model I to the new small version.

Ontario RAT II Folder


m silentkilla says:

please help I just want to keep my hard earned money. thank you.

B- Dang says:

no way is that retail price right lol over a hundred bucks? i paid 20 bucks for mine LOLz

ElJefe45acp says:

I saw the rat2 and was thinking bigger but no thanks I. Keep my rat1….. Buy crkt cryo if you want smaller

DIYtutz says:

you mean in nyc, you need to be worried about a pocket knife? geez move out of that state! lol just giving you a hard time man. not really sure bro. i live in florida but i think you have to keep it in your pocket and the blade has to be under 4inches. thanks for watching.


Cool vid man, I subbed to your channel. Peace!

dyljus156 says:

Is it legal in nyc?

m silentkilla says:

I work at place were people get robbed and get hurt sometimes. I want a knife that is small enough to carry but I can also use for self-defense.

Metrowhite says:

If you squeeze the knife very hard and your index finger is in the
hallow doesnt it press the liner lock mechanism and unlocks the blade?

paul greenwood says:

Thanks for posting. I got into knives a couple of years ago and didn’t know much. It was then that I purchased the RAT1. Still delighted with it but I have noticed that from new the liner-lock-up was what I now know to be ‘late’. Can you tell me, is this normal and is it also the same in the RAT2 (before I buy one!)..???

Dave Biddle says:

Your thumb was in the way – I couldn’t see your credit card number. Would you mind reposting the video?

Unlimited1Ups says:

Looks like a very cool blade. I was gonna pick up a second Spyderco persistence soon since I absolutely love that knife but I may give this one a try. I like the 2.7 oz that this RAT model 2 has. Awesome price too.

iwluisr77 says:

I owned ones

van hill says:

nice review watched this few wreks ago and bought were spot on its a great knife and yes i have the rat 1 i carry as my EDC and one as a spare. like this knife make a great EDC as well for most task

Jacob Klaffke says:

I mean if you lay it on a table and measure how much it sticks off the table. I want to know how thick it feels when carried in a pants pocket. I feel like it’ll be in the ballpark of 10mm.

segaprophet says:

I like my RAT 1 more than my Benchmades which cost 3-4 times more! It’s an EXCELLENT knife.

B- Dang says:

i love sniffing lines off my rat 2 also whoop whoop

Ziggnord says:

Why do you do review with unwashed hands? it is disrespectful to your audience!

John Koeberlein says:

I have the Rat 1 and love it. It’s my work EDC, but I feels it’s a little big for home/around town carry. The Rat 2 is the answer! I still can’t believe you can buy such great knives for so little money. Next knife is the Rat 2. Thanks for the review, keep up the good work.

sae1095hc says:

I was impressed by the quality of the little details of my RAT 1. The blade retention is as close to perfect as any I’ve seen and when I took it apart to thin the handle scales, I found that all of the screws had blue Loctite on the threads.

Jacob Klaffke says:

What is the handle thickness?

astrangeone says:

I might pick up this knife.  I need something smaller to edc and this definitely fits the bill.  Best part is when I go fishing, I can toss it into the tackle box.

Currently my edc is my swiss army knife classic sd.  But I want to carry a dedicated knife so that I don’t have to deal with the dinky one on my sak.

The pink one is much cheaper on Amazon, but I might wait to get a “warehouse deal” one – just cosmetic dings and pings.

In a survival situation? I would probably go with my mora, but I want a folder for everyday use.

JRambo1982 says:

Just ordered it. Can’t wait

kg4zyz says:

Great review Bro!

FearedHorizon says:

i like the bigger knife :L

maritimespook says:

sweet great vid bro! subbed!

Shoge Kimura says:

the msrp is $119??? seriously? wow had no idea

CSharp says:

I’d take anything Jeff Randall says about these knives with a grain of salt. 😉
What Ontario’s done is make their own Griptilian/Mini-Grip or Endura/Delica. Mine just arrived today and I’ve looked at it alongside my Mini Grip and Delica and they’re all pretty close in size. The specs on the larger versions are also very similar. BTW, to me, the thumbstuds on this knife look like the hats DEVO wore way back. LOL

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