Old Timer 51OT Big Timer Lockback Folding Knife Review

The Schrade Old Timer 51OT “Big Timer” is a lockback folding knife with old school cool. I call this one ‘The Feathermaker” because the flat grind edge just glides through wood like butter. I like this one.

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RDLaw88 says:

That is a cool knife. I like cool, old looking knives. Great feathers or curls Bryan. Thanks.

Roger Simmons says:

It’s called Walk ( opening ) and Talk ( closing )

40belowful says:

Bryan, I have this in the old usa version and the Chinese version.. both excellent. highly recommended.


Hi Sir.
Again thank you for the schrade 510t review. I’ve found a supplier in the UK but it’s going to be delivered in around 4 weeks. I hope that I can give you some feedback from an old timer about the old timer. We here in the UK, as you can imagine, don’t get too many reviews on decent cutting tools so please keep them coming Sir.
David Reeder

T.W. Milburn says:

IMO  It’s very budget friendly & Hubba-Bubba Won’t stick !       ATB Terry    God Bless

Paul Ruston says:

please make a video about using punk wood or cotton wrapped in tinfoil to make char material for fire starting. All the Boy Scouts could get tinfoil to make char cotton balls or charred punk wood.

Todd Gibson says:

did you try the tip for boring a divet??

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

great knife… one of my favorites

Bill K. says:

Under twenty bucks? I’ll be ordering one of these. Thanks Bryan for a nice look at that knife.

Dale James says:

Im going to have to get one of those. First thoughts when you showed that……Processing game animals/Fish.

ken Kissane says:

A great looking old school folder but I’ve reached a point where if I buy one more knife …..
Thank you Brian

magnus andersson says:

Like that one. First i love big folding knives and that one with a clip point would have been fantastic. Bowie style like on the Gator.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Brian, Just like me, You can throw a little age on us, But we still are sharp, heh heh heh

Charles Larson says:

I’m in love!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me in size and weight and in lock up of my USA made Buck “Duke” folder. Vintage mid 1980’s and is still locking up solid as a rock. I own a Old Timer Stockman which is now bout 15 years old….all three blades still going strong. Old School Cool always wins hands down in my book! Thanks for this review Bryan!! 😉 Big thumbs up!!

Pocket Change Journal says:

It was worth the wait! I am grateful they sent you one to review. Thanks again for all you do.

Ken Hanecak says:

I believe this knife is under our Xmas tree with my name on it. Fingers crossed!!!


looks like a nother great knife to hide from Mrs gunz.

csh 62 says:

I like that drop point on the folding hunter.  Most folding hunter’s have a clip point blade which isn’t as strong at the tip. Also, I seem to stick the sharper tip into my hand too often. LOL With a nice leather sheath, less than $20 is a real bargain. The steel is also very adequate for most everyone.

Louis Becke says:

Hey Brian, I know this is off topic but since a good smart phone has GPS (American Satellite Navigation System) and GLONASS (Russian Satellite navigation System) I would like to see a head to head between a smart phone and a dedicated hand held GPS and Glonass like the Garmin 650t or others in basic navigation on a hike.

True Blade says:

Nice utility knife, looks like that lock is quite strong, I love the spear point (like) design and the thick spine!

Aman Chase says:

Oh and it hads a second knife at the end and it’s small and sharp.


I’ve been looking at getting this knife but in the UK it’s nearly impossible to find. It looks like a great thing to have.
David. U.K.

mister smith says:

I usually don’t watch most of your Schrade reviews, but I always loved the Old Timer 51OT Big Timer. Thanks for the review!

Rodger Pitts says:

I Really like the looks of this knife.  They did a great job of capturing the “Old school” essence for this big pocketknife.  The only problem I have with it is the blade.  While it’s nice they have the knife come in at under $20, I’d rather have it come in at $30 or so with a better steel choice.  I know that S35VN, CTS-XHP, or even plain old 1095 are going to be out of the question, but for the Mo/MoV Series, I think 8Cr13MoV is pretty much the bottom of the “Moderately acceptable” end of quality.  Too bad, it looks nice.

mark burress says:

Good old saw cut Delrin…I think they make bowling balls outa that..or used to anyway…who knows? Only thing missing is a nail nick!

ken Kissane says:

I picked one up and have been EDCing it a couple of days . A solid no nonsense folder 🙂

slick goes says:

is this a good whittling knife

The Survival Channel - Survival Gear Reviews says:

Great video my friend. Keep up the good work!

Tom Allen says:

like an elephant toenail that locks. Bought one. like the wide blade.

L Roz says:

made in china ??? :^(

Jake Riethmeier says:

I dig it blade shaped like a Gerber Gator but in brass and delrin. Pretty.

Brady Brown says:

you should do a review on your knife collection

kylerott says:

Great knife for the price. Wish it had a notch in the blade so you could open it with a thumb nail.

Gary Weaver says:

You need to be able to knock a skunk off the fence


Use big Card bord Box for Balance test . It dose not damage a knife .

Southern Survival says:

I would my this knife

Isaac Garcia says:

what is it with the skunk ?

John Grytbakk says:

wow. ….so nice. ….my kind of knife. …sure want one.

Todd Gibson says:

like a folding Kephart design with that drop point and flat grind…..should have a lot stronger tip than a clip style blade….nice design IMO….!!! Would love one in 1095….!!

Matthew Jeffres says:

Sweet looking knife. Schrade is keeping a good thing going. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Ralph says:

Nice classic Knives!! Look like it would be a great all around useful knife. Thanks For showing this!!!

True Blade says:

I just got my 51OT today and I love it! This knife puts me in mind to do some whittling, I think it will be a great carving knife.

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