Old Timer Buzzsaw Trapper Folding Knife Review

The Old Timer Buzzsaw Trapper folding knife from Schrade is a classic design knife that features a clip point blade, a really useful saw blade, a field pick, tweezers and a leather belt sheath.

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T.W. Milburn says:

‘morning, Bryan; Great review of an ‘ole classic from Old Timer,’likin the saw blade.
can’t fault the $. Thanks 4 sharing this with us. Stay Safe & Well there, Brother.
Happy Trails From The Maritimes In Canada                                         ATB  Terry
”  GOD  BLESS  “

csh 62 says:

One thing about Schrade is that they make every pattern of folding knife. I carry a Case trapper and would love to have a saw blade on it. With that sheath, $25 is a great bargain. I am surprised it wouldn’t strike a fero rod any better than it did, but that is OK.

Logan Cryan says:

i like that one a lot too but i like this one too and i am going to get it soon http://www.amazon.com/Schrade-44OT-Workmate-Folding-Delrin/dp/B002EPS5HE/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdt_img_top?ie=UTF8

Allen White says:

thanks for another great video, I always wonder about that knife, saw some bad reviews on amazon, but again, tend not to believe some of the bad reviews because some folks have no clue  lol  

woodcraft camper says:

Sorry for the rant, lol

RDLaw88 says:

Really into the traditional knives lately. Great job Bryan.

tony sal says:

congrats pn going over 70k

Jared Wetherbee says:

Where are schrade made today?

Stanley Sprow says:

I like that knife, there you go getting me to spend money again. LoL good video and review. My wife always reminds me I have champagne taste and a beer pocket book. Cheers Brian.

Julian Frede says:

Actually I have to revise my impression of you. I had the impression you were a Schrade fanboy somehow, but after ordering a 97OT and receiving it I have to say you are perfectly right in all aspects.
This is a great pocket knife and supreme build quality.
Thanks for the good reviews. I am sorry for my misjudging you.

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

Also  I love the knife brother.. I wish that 90 degree would scrape that ferro.

389Lee says:

I wish the blade locked.

James Ritchie says:

I’m glad you like it, but it’s the worst piece of complete junk I’ve ever wasted money on.   These are NOT Old Timer knives.  The real company went out of business a few years ago, and this one bought the brand name and moved production to China.

The fit and finish on the one I have is horrible, and the saw won’t cut anything thicker than my little finger without binding.  This is sad because a good saw would have been a great selling point.  This is the worst saw I’ve ever used.  The edge on the blade is not very sharp because the bevel is wrong.  I thought I just got a lemon, but the company replaced it with one that’s even worse. 

It really isn’t a trapper, either.  To be a trapper, a knife needs a skinning blade. 

Some extremely fine knives are made in China, and this should have been one of them, but the company went after piddling profit, rather than after the gold mine they were sitting on. 

If you want a good pocket knife with a very good saw, get a swiss army knife.  It has both, and still doesn’t cost very much.

Lt Survival says:

nice little pocket knife. I do agree pocket knife are not design for fero rod strike, but they still are great and very usefull. in a pinch you could of use the cutting edge (yes i know but still) or the tooth of the saw (Maybe). Keep it up your almost half way through your video maraton. Atb – Louis

Ben Sheen says:

the tool that allows me to not care about this product is the leatherman wave.

2010chingonoutdoorsman says:

Another great video Brian thanks. All my Schrades are U.S.A. made with the exception of my SCHF38. I may just pic this one up as well. – Marco

woodcraft camper says:

The links are not working for me.

Diebulfrog79 says:

I think the blade are low carbon, less to no sparks. My high carbon ones works fine on the fire- making rod.

Chas says:

Great review! Blade is meh? Not a fan. Great review though keep going

Turtle Bushcraft says:

great pocket knife for making primitive traps atb John

Multi-Tool School says:

Bryan, nice video and nice knife. Keep up the good work, my friend.

Robert Brunston says:

Thanks for sharing.

woodcraft camper says:

Description, they ended up working later on . Internet glitch

cyclist01222 says:

Love Schrade’s legacy knives. I hope they improve quality consistency and charge a few extra bucks. I still receive some that are faulty… bad edge, lock, centering, blade play etc. Still nice to have though. Nice job Brian.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Brian, Not Bad, 7Cr17 is equivalent to 440a. I think I over paid for my Puma, The Warden with Saw, But mine is in stag, But I paid almost $70.00 actually I like this a bit better, But both blades are Lockback.

The Archtops Band says:

Real nice Brian… The Eric Clapton of survival…

Michael Simons says:

Taylor making them much better than they did 5 years matter if fact they are about Equal to the ones made in the USA before they closed in 2004. IMO

Smalltown Prep says:

I’m an old-timer. I want one. When closed this knife reminds me of one I had as a farm boy too many hears ago. Great video

(My wife doesn’t want me to watch your videos any longer because I see things that make me want to spend money on both useful and sentimental items.)

woodcraft camper says:

Description, they ended up working later on . Internet glitch

Ethan Allen says:

I got one this last Christmas and it sharpens like a razor. It started sharp but a couple strokes on a strop finished it up very nicely. The saw is super aggressive and very handy for trap triggers etc. I like it a lot.

LedZeppelin13k7 says:

Not impressed with this knife personally. The blades edge on mine smacks the back spring when. You close it causing a dull spot. Unsure if it’s just mine but quality control on the Chinese old timers is not that impressive to me. The original US made knife is probably a much better blade.

woodcraft camper says:

I just learned that schrade is made in China now. Getting sick of all our products being produced there.

MatoNupai says:

I like it. When did Old Timer stop using high carbon steel for their knifes?

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

Great Vid Brian. I am trying to catch up with ur vids lol..

40belowful says:

cool knife:)

Richard Edgecomb says:

Sorry the match trick never worked for you. I guess Georgia ticks are tougher than Massachusetts ticks. LOL
Thank you for the update on the latest thinking on this matter.

Richard Edgecomb says:

Based upon this review I purchased one of these knives. I found the blade and saw do their jobs very well. I like the tweezers; however, as a child I was advised not to remove a tick by pulling on it as you risk leaving the head in your body and causing an infection. I was told it is better to light a match and place the extinguished, but still hot, match head on the tick’s body causing the tick to back it’s head out of your body. I’ve not found a use for the metal pick but that is probably due my lack of imagination.
I have found this tool to be an excellent value. Brian, thank you for introducing me to this knife.

KennethKramm says:

Nice blade, Bryan.  Thanks for the review!

23madskilz23 says:

nice knife, don’t know if i would pick it over a victorinox, but nice none the less

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