Opinel No. 8 “Full Review” by TheGearTester

This is an indoor cooking review of my Opinel #8 carbon steel folding knife. Costing around $12 this little knife is very affordable. I’t a great tool to have in the kitchen or out in the forest on a backpacking trip.
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Bas van der Meij says:

I got the Sandvik 12c27 version of this knife and I got a luxury edition on the way, stainless as well and the handle is from bubinga wood.

I use the stainless variants just simply because I don’t always care to clean it on the same day… sometimes I leave it wet and forget about it so basically, the stainless version can survive my kind of abuse but the carbon ones can’t really.

Anyway, great review and yeah, it ended up as a kitchen knife for me as well. 🙂

Ced Looney says:

Nice to see our ultra light farmer traditional knife 😉 n°8 is indeed the main used size here for more than a century, opinel is always tight at the begining, traditionaly we knock the bottom of the knife on the table to open it, we also choose carbon blades, the blade rusty patine with the time is the way the opinel needs to look, the cost here between 7 to 9€, very cheap, all the boys scout are equipped with opinel knives, we also have another traditional knife called “laguiole” but its more expensive, less “expandable” cheers, and yes its o pee nel 😉 “i” is pronouced “ee”.

DudeZillus says:

Good review. I ordered one and look forward to using it.

Rick James says:

That’s a shit ton of work for a garnish, props to you.

wojtekimbier says:

For cooking you could get a $5 Victorinox cooking knife that is stainless, razor thin, doesn’t soak water or get dirty like a wooden folder does. I have two Opinels, carbon 9 and inox 7, but they’re not kitchen knives imo

L DT says:

I bought this for my trip to mammoth in a few weeks. It was an easy impulse because 1. the price and 2. location (within arms-reach from the checkout line). I had never heard of it at that point and was skeptical because I figured it would be as good as a $14 (REI price) knife would be. When I finally got a chance to take it out of the package and get a feel for it, I fell in love with it. Gliding through some aged cheddar right now and plan to buy another one next weekend to keep in my tackle box.

David Milligan says:

Shuts up about food at around 1.58

Roger Olivier says:

I have a #8 inox and I absolutely love it ! Like you said, it’s a beautiful knife, the shape is very special. Very sharp and effective, light weight too. Thanks for the video,
Cheers from Belgium.

Gofy1983 says:

Omg, are you using it on a glass plate? Isn’t that a quick way to kill the blade?

mattbod says:

i’d have gone for stainless for food prep but nice knife.

Frazier Douglass says:

I agree completely! This is one of the best kitchen knives I have ever used and it only cost $15. I will be reposting this video on my channel – MODERN TENT CAMPING.

Gianna Filicia says:

Ugh! I could rip my effin hair out!! Goodbye!!

Bryan Reyelts says:

Is this a cooking show, or a knife review?

Sergio Valladares says:

Good review. Personally, I prefer inox over carbon steel when using this as a pairing knife, as it’s more hygienic . . . . and it’s just as easy to sharpen. The only advantage, as I see it, of having a carbon steel Opinel is when an outdoorsman uses the knife with a flint to make sparks and thus start an outdoor fire. But, regardless which steel the buyer chooses, this knife is a great slicer for the money, and it’s also ultra cool to have in your pocket for all around use. Try slicing paper thin tomatoes wedges with only one hand – I can’t think of another pocket knife that you can do this with!

Davethenewyorker says:

Is the carbon steel thinner or thicker? Is that the implication for being harder?

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