Opinel No. 9 | Folding Bushcraft Knife | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the #9 folding knife from Opinel. A classic folder with a beech wood handle and locking ring for safety.

Opinel No. 9 – http://amzn.to/1MvanUj


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JP Stone says:

Jason Mraz?> I am a big fan of your music. I didn’t know you were into knives too. Who knew!

Timothy Zelensky says:

Put in your pocket

Bushcraft Angrygerman says:

I think you should do like a sheath and have it sideways instead of like up and down so that way when you pull it out it’s already across your hand you don’t have to mess with it that way you can open the blade and lock it instead of pulling it up word pulling the blade unlocking it it’s already in that like motion

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

I EDC a No.6 high carbon and it is like caring a razor blade in my pocket. I also love having the piece of history in my pocket. I also have a little pouch neck sheath for it for when I am hiking in shorts without pockets. Great video! thanks for the share!

Bushcraft Survival says:

Mine came with a leather pouch and I attached some cord to it and it hangs around my neck

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

3:00 that’s because the grind doesn’t go from the spine to cutting edge. Opinel uses a convex micro bevel.

AandB1998 says:

I have yet to get one of these but I will be ordering one probably within the next few days. Those this may be a little late. I found a No. 8 with a leather pouch online for $11 + shipping of course on Amazon. I think what I am going to do is put 2 holes in the pouch and then add a leather cord through the holes, tie the ends of the cord into a knot and then put it under my belt loop and feed the pouch through it. It may dangle a little but it’ll let me know it’s still there. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope this idea helps someone. Great video! I subbed.

Veronica Beers says:

Korean war era us military wool shirt jacket buttoned breast pocket. that is where mine lives. also nice cheap wool jacket. I use a no. 8.

TexasRigged says:

I carry mine in an Opinel Alpine sheath

NatureIntoAction says:

why put the choil in? thx.

Bill Randall says:

I always add a bowie point to my knifes, so that i can use the false edge for rough stuff. The last 1/2″ the false edge really IS sharpened, so if I slash back with it, after stabbing, there’s going to be serious damage done.

Travis Tackett says:

I carry my NO 8 EVERY DAY. I have done everything shy of batoning this knife. In the three years I’ve carried it, it has become as synonymous with me as my personality. For an edc folder it can’t be beat.

I also know what’s coming.

“It requires two hands to open”

No. It does not. If you’re a knife guy, the you probably like to fidget with your blade. After about 3 days I could efficiently unlock, deploy, lock, unlock, close and then relock this tool. In fact I’m fairly certain that I have not touched my opinel with my left hand in months.

It’s tactically not tactical and an awesome piece of kit IMHO.

Mad Jack Tramper says:

I bought my Opinel No8 back in 1976. It’s still going strong with regular use.
Over the years I have done a few things to it, including; filing the notch on the blade that acts as a stop when it’s open. This reduces the drop of the blade in relation to grip and brings the spine in line with the back of the handle. it only needs a very small amount of stock removed to do this and does not affect the locking mechanism. Also, as it didn’t have the lock closed feature, I removed the collar with cir-clip pliers and made a notch to allow it to lock closed as well as open. The handle has been sanded a few times and I keep it treated with linseed oil to protect it. The blade has kept it’s original dimensions over the years as I don’t abuse it and therefore it only visits the strop not the stone.
Look after yours and it will last you a lifetime. I think my No8 will outlive me.
An Opinel is for life not just for Christmas 😉

Mark Webb says:

Yup, love my carbon 9 as well!

Back East says:

Just ordered a No. (9) myself early ’16 and thinking a slip-fit leather pouch might just do the trick.  As Kirk mentioned, without a heads up proper sizing might require a local purchase, or alternately the manufacturer may offer an item also.          )))) If our gracious host allows, ask about our yet un-named, consumer friendly barrier coating that resists rust/abrasion on all our valued Opinels, and in fact most cutlery items and materials new, old, or restored.  Your questions, comments, opinions, and suggestions can help deliver the best products, pricing and service that you/we, the retail knife buyer hopes for.  Thanks for your best input.  RLH  (rlhtriad@yahoo.com).  ((((

Backcountry Mentor says:

RE: A sheath. Personally, the No 8 is more than small enough for a pocket in my day-to-day use. With the locking collar, I don’t know that I would find a sheath useful…it would possibly be more of a hindrance. Otherwise, good overview. I’ve done a review myself, as this is my EDC knife as well as my “go-to” for light tasks at camp.

Randall Flagg says:

It’s a pocket knife put it there!

Gina G says:

which forest is this? it’s absolutely stunning

robert childers says:

Amazon sells sheaths for Opinel knives. I don’t know about the sizing of them. I love Opinels. They are simple and they work. I’ve had one for at least 5 years, or more. It serves as my back up knife and vegetable cutter.

Weo510 says:

I thought Opinel’s came with a convex grind, not a flat grind. Is that incorrect?

EcchiSpud says:

The VERY FIRST knife that I bought when I got interested in knives (almost a year ago, back in February): an Opinel No. 9 (went with the Inox, though). GREAT!! Well worth it.

Sergio Valladares says:

Great review. You really are a “hands on” type person. One learns a lot from your presentations.

1978ajax says:

I could never consider this a ‘bushcraft’ knife; it was designed for gardeners and as an ordinary pocket knife for general _light_ occasional use. This is the only ‘locking’ folder that has ever failed on me, and you can never trust that ‘lock’. Beautiful knife, and fit for its purpose – but that _is not_ long periods of continuous use or heavy use.

cmi1172 says:


Matthew Jeffres says:

Good honest review. a pouch style sheath under the shirt works well.

Simon Feeney says:

I have the 9 & 7 in the kitchen, my wife likes them too, I just keep them sharp for her, I use a little Opinel stone with a glass of water , perfect and pleasant to use.

agylub says:

The Beauty of this knife is it has the highest sharp/cost ratio. And when you lose it there are no tears because they are so inexpensive. I use it as a box opener/ tie rope cutter/casual lunch knife. For every thing else a Buck 112 which I have had for 40 years.

Bill Randall says:

i carry a 5″ variant in an ankle sheath, along with a small, cheap folder in a pocket. I can’t carry a fixed blade in this state, but I can carry any size folder that I wish. I dont like the bulk, weight and price of the “tactical” folders. If I see trouble coming, I open the Opinel and slip it into my waistband, under my hung out shirt tail. It’s cheap, lw, compact, and very sharp.

David B Lowe says:

Onto my 3rd No8 (lost the first 2) paid more for the 2nd because it came with a belt pouch – well worth the extra $, the blade may need very little work to finish it up but considering they can be made super sharp very easily they are well worth the cost, I have paid 3-4x for knives of big name brands that aren’t worthy to be called knives when compared to Opinel when it comes to sharpness.
Everyone who does outdoor’s adventure type stuff need at least 1 of these.

Jim Morrison says:

Since I wear size 2X gloves I think the No 9 would be a good fit in my hand.

Howard Pearcey says:

I have been carrying a #10 for about 10 years now. On my second one. Its lightweight. Carry it in your pocket. Any size Opinel is a great EDC folder. Mine open fine one handed. There is a traditional bang on surface to partially open then flick with wrist.

Alejandro Martinez says:

Those kind of rustic knives here in Europe appart than allrounders are used mainly for food occassions. Cheese, salami, serrano ham, delicatesen stuff….

nudge2626 says:

would be curious about your opinion on other types of classic design style folder. like the case trapper.

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