Paragon Warlock Folding Knife Overview

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Paragon Knives’ Warlock knife diverges from traditional folding knives with its radical opening mechanism. Your first hint for deploying the blade is the oversized, textured pivot. By pushing both sides of the pivot at the same time, the handle splits apart to reveal the blade. With gravity and a flick of the wrist, the Warlock’s blade emerges and locks in place. It’s an entertaining and novel opening mechanism that also has solid lockup.

This Warlock knife has a black coated S30V steel, double-edge dagger blade and black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle with a tip-up, reversible pocket clip.


Tyler Whitley says:

I was hoping you could help, I am looking at the cross blade and plain bade but cannot find anything that distinguishes them

Steve Brule says:

Ive seen one of these knives in someone’s youtube video and thought it was a cheap gas station knife lol

James Mackintosh says:

alright that’s freaking cool. Looks like it would be fun to play with. Just curious, is it sharpened on both sides? I’d much prefer something that has a spine not a real dagger shape but I know doing the cutout in the handle would take some work. I actually laughed out loud when he opened it cause i was like “well how the hell does this work then”

punisher x says:

Davis you need to get this

Sean P. Gribbons Realtor says:

$300 though ouch….

Albert Tran says:


in fant says:

out of stock :((((

AngryKhan says:

wish they would have made the handle asymmetric so you immediately know where the blade is releasing from

Phern Phx2 says:

If only it wasn’t a dagger.

Generic Username says:

fuck I want this so bad but it’s $250…

mighty white says:

damn you have some hairy arms. Not that there’s anything wrong with arm hair. Just saying thats like a wool sweater isnt it? It must suck to rub up against sticky surfaces by accident. I personally don’t have hairy arms so I dont know the perils of having long arm locks such as yours. Oh well, good luck with that.

Jeremian Lastly says:

Dude… @ :40 I’m actually really disappointed that you only picked up on it only being Right/Left Tip Up carry. @ :47 look at those screw holes and their orientation. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m 99.5% sure that those are facilities to carry this knife in Right/Left Tip Down carry as well. Certainly an _odd_ choice to me to put an option to install the pocket clip directly onto the pivot/deployment button (especially considering the fact that I carry Tip Up Right Side almost exclusively), however I would have been excited to see you install The clip in that configuration and examine its functionality. In my opinion it could either be an awkward fail where the clip causes unnecessary strain on the pivot/deployment button and also hinders its function due to the added spring pressure of the clip, but it could also turn out to be a well thought out design feature where the clip essentially acts as an extended “trigger bar”, allowing for a much greater surface area to deploy the blade in a hurry!

Abdul Feroz says:

how to purchases

Nice Guy Eddie says:

Just got mine today, factory fresh. it’s AWESOME! my new pocket knife for sure!

Josh Valdez says:

That is bad ass. Very inovative. A new opening and closing system. I love it and can’t wait to see some different designs of that knife.

J4R3D28 says:

Cool but ugly. Like the idea.

MEDIC 70 says:

I”m not impressed.
As a Medic, Firefighter, outdoorsman, former general contractor and Expedited freight specialist (trucking industry) I’ve see and used allot of knives a few awesome, some good some total garbage. I looked at one and found it to be very clumsy, and cheaply made the handle is two pieces that floats all over the place, smooth metal handle makes it difficult to hold especially with wet/oily hands or while wearing gloves, double edged blade and no positive blade lock it can easily fold up, I value my fingers and way to noisy. I rate on a scale of 1-10 at best a 3….. I would not want this knife in an emergency situation. It would make an interesting gadget due to the mechanical but that’s about it.
Remember, In an emergency you loose anywhere from 10 to 30% your hand coordination. I can open a thumb screw silently in a fraction of the time.
My pocket knife is a 3 inch K-bar folder, single edge blade with a thumb screw nylon handle with a light to med knurl so I can keep a grip. sharpened with a 2 angle angle grind it will cut through most materials except metal. Not to mention I can carry it on my person and not have an issue with a LEO.

1stfloorguy says:

I want one but deep carryand a longer blade please. let’s make it more practical for combat I need to shut down his hydrolics real deep guys.

Skierxman says:

Looks cool but a bit too gimmicky and ‘legally dangerous’ to carry in public. Honestly, I would be too paranoid to carry it in public. No grey areas with this one. It’s one of those knives you would have trouble convincing an LEO or court that you carry it as a tool and not a weapon. The blade is completely concealed, it doesn’t resemble a normal knife design and the blade is double-edged with a stabbing tip. Pretty much an open and shut case of carrying a concealed weapon if you ever got caught with this on you while out in public in any state. Not to mention actually deploying it in public likely would result in freaked-out people making multiple calls to DHS.

The handle also sticks out way too far when using the clip. Traffic Officer: “License and registration, please. What’s that sticking out of your pocket, son?” Me: “Oh, that’s just my small Opinel”

BionicWheel4962 says:

Is this legal in Canada?

Blade Momma says:

That is magical. I love it.

charmelezard says:

Can anyone tell me why these knives are so expensive?



Sir Deus Midi says:

Is it legal in Canada?

xie yew says:

I wish this was legal in canada

Irbis 10 says:

Этому ножу бы асист

GunCollector007 says:

Interesting but illegal where I live

Hippietrogdor says:

are they legal in canada

Jose Delgado says:

So this is a gravity knife? Or do you guys sell it to all states because it’s NOT a gravity knife?

Chris Clark says:

I hate they put that pocket clip on there. A knife as beefy as this one requires a pocket clip that exudes stoutness like the knife does. It’s even a proprietary screw layout so you can’t just buy a aftermarket clip on. If they fix that in the future I am in for sure. Really cool design. Very outside the box, and we need more of that in the folder community.

President Obama says:

This nigga got 3 of them there like 200-300 dollar knives like shit

Mark Radostev says:


Seth Adam says:

I want to like this knife only it borderlines on being a little to gimmicky.

A E S T H E T I C says:


CM20001 says:

Gravity fed? Dagger? And it’s concealable!?!? This is pretty much pseudo liberal repellent!

j-Rod says:

I was very close to literal tears when I looked up the price for this after watching several reviews. Maybe someday.

Albert Tran says:

Is this legal in all states?

Ecyor 42 says:

i want one so bad but the price daaamn lol

FrrateK says:


Wraith35 says:

Just an observation but it might be a good idea to use a lighter background when showing the “in the pocket” segment of the video. As the black background tends to wash out detail.

John Hreniuc says:

Inflated price, it shouldnt cost that much

SteezyMcBreezy says:


Parker Golden-Jarrell says:

I really want a paragon warlock but on the website there all out of stock. I’ve been trying to get one for forever. Any thoughts

Jeremian Lastly says:

This knife is just *too fucking cool* … I’ve been thinking of different ways to get a double edged blade into a folding knife that isn’t an _OTF_ primarily because _OTF’s_ tend to have inefficient blade to handle ratios. But I really fucking dig this. With some refinement to the design and it’s execution, this thing could be a massive winner.

Marc G says:

is that the coolest knife ever?

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