Review: Enlan EL-17 – A Folding Knife for 1911 Fans?

*** Specifications ***

Length: 12 cm / 4.72 in
Overall length (opened): 20.5 cm / 8 in
Blade length: 9 cm / 3.5 in
Weight: 163 g / 5.75 oz

Blade material: 8Cr13MoV stainless steel
Handle material: G10 (looks more like micarta)
Lock: Frame

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Good construction, feels very solid
+ Smooth pivot, strong lockup
+ Very affordable, especially for the quality

– Somewhat rough handle
– Fairly heavy for the size

*** Where to get it ***
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Jayromulus says:

“Pry open treasure chests” Skall what have you been up to lately?

TheLonePeasant says:

I prefer my 1911’s to have wood grips.

Kearan says:

An American Tanto has this edge, a real one does not.

Jamie Speirs99 says:

Can I buy knives off of heinnie Haynes that aren’t uk friendly I don’t want police at my door wondering why I’m buying illegal American knives

Dillon Essigman says:

I remember your high carbon cleaning video, just wondering if you had any tips for surface rust on Damascus blades. Bought one from Devil’s Edge on KoA, and was doubting the quality so I figured the least destructive way to see what it was made of was to leave it with a couple fingerprints for a little bit to see if any rust developed. Now I’ve got bits of rust on the peaks of a couple spots.

Mike Wazofski says:

Glad I stayed after credits. I will now always expect an after credit scene.

TacticalTaxi says:

Those 1911 grips (or at least the design) are made by VZ, model Operator 2. Had em on my Sig Blackwater, I swear by em. Accept for IWB carry… They scratch you up good.

PistolManiac100 says:

I love 1911s Skall thanks for your review. Only in 45 acp though.

None says:

Not sure if you have this term where you are from.

A throw away.

A knife that isn’t completely worthless in that you can sharpen it well enough to murder someone.

But not good enough to give a shit about as you throw it away as part of eliminating evidence.

kevin says:

hey Skal what’s that tat on the right arm?

Mr Freddo Renton says:

If you don’t like the heat, Canada is a good place to move to.

Alt-Bringer says:

… was waiting for a revelation, did not recieve any, more introspection required

NostalgiaHunterV says:

Did the buyer for Skall’s folder collection ever pay him back?

aaron smith says:

lol that end

Tankizard says:

Decent, solid knife. I prefer to take the belt clip off on knives like this one. I recently bought a Camillus brand folding pocket knife for $10 U.S. and took the belt clip off. I find it to be comfortable to grip, it has a decent edge that I have sharpened to the point of being able to take arm hairs off, and there is a taper toward the point, so not a tanto blade. And by the way, Skallagrim, when are you going to do an actual review of a medieval mace of any sort?? I’ve been looking forward to one such review for a few years now

Tigershark88 or T Rex 1000 says:

Where are the pommels?

Jonathan Darkwood says:

This thing better be good because I bought it yesterday while drunk because of you, heh. Shame that it comes from Sweden…

Eddesb says:

Explain to the plebeians out there why polearms are amazing

Noon Devil says:

3:07 the Mounties are coming for you

Mike Perez says:

Personally I’m a metal and wood guy when it comes to the 1911 but this looks really nice. But you my good sr. Look a touch sleepy.

Josh P says:

Japanese tanto edge instead of the American tanto is what your referring to.

Necroglobule says:

It’s a good knife. Goodbye, Mr. Burton.


Would the great door shield from dark souls 3 be an effective shield?

Ramondorez says:

Reviewing a discontinued item might cause renewed demand for that item, bringing it back on the market.

StarCat says:

Review the Windlass Bolo 😀

Capitán Rastrero says:

First time insee your arms

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive says:

Love the 1911 so I *have to* love this knife 🙂

Raphael Lo says:

Simple and effective design.

Matt Fick says:

That outro was pretty funny, always great to see how much effort you put into making your videos unique.
Something I would really be interested in is your take on Swiss Army Knives, and the Cold Steel Okapi / Kudu. The SAK just because they’re so iconic, and the Okapi / Kudu because the style is infamous in my country

Wes Wolever says:

Confirmed ….Skall’s first name is Ferris!

Guy Ender says:

7:35 me?! stop watching me!

DeDraconis says:

So I know you periodically do top list type things to answer this, but right now what’s your favorite fixed blade pocket knife?

martialme84 says:

*Make skall test this “cut proof t-shirt”!*
Some real destructive testing and evaluation if it´s worth buying, please!

Akuma Rajio says:

“It’s a very stiff one, like a bit unreasonably stiff” – Skallagrim 2018

Andrew Foster says:

@Skallagrim Have you ever commented on Glaives. Like the fantasy ones, I’d love to see a video showing your frustration of how these fantasy weapons are called Glaives.

Temp says:

I hope they compensated you for reviewing this because alot of people bought this because of you me included btw.

Joshua Bell says:

You should look at the weapons of league of legends

Matt Ashe says:

It’s a liner lock not a frame lock.

Sneaky says:

Is this true my history teacher told us the swords in Viking times didn’t need to be sharp because it was more about using the sword as a metal mallet than a sharp slicing tool

Nusstorias says:

I am still waiting for that revelation

wood1155 says:

I’ve never been a knife fan but this looks cool at least I do like that kind of metallic colour. 22 bucks ? Meh I spend that on meal in a half way decent burger joint. However I’d really hate that grip texture.

Jesse Sisolack says:

There are actually a lot of knives that do not just look like 1911 grip scales. There are a lot of knives that ARE 1911 grip scales. I forget the first company to make a production model of that though.

Greg Tinga says:

Completely agree with you on the Heat Skall, I live in Vancouver, and it was 35 yesterday, way to hot.

Raphael Lo says:

there are many variations fo 1911 pistoles.

wood1155 says:

PS I hate the heat too my fans are running full blown and that means my hydro bill will be also running full blown next month.

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