Review: Resolza Folding Knife by Extrema Ratio – Impressive Quality!

My first impression video of this folder:

The promotion (free custom laser engraving and diamond sharpener) is only available through this link:

*** Specifications ***

Length (closed): 14.5 cm / 5.75”
Overall length: 26.5 cm / 10.25”
Blade length: 12 cm / 4.75”
Weight: 94 g / 3.3 oz

Blade material: N690 stainless steel, hardness: 58 HRC
Finish: Stone washed
Grind: Flat
Handle material: Anodized aluminum
Lock: Liner

Price: 191 EUR

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Quality materials, flawless fit & finish
+ Comfortable handle
+ Very sharp out of the box, good edge geometry
+ Slender, elegant design

– Fairly long and no clip, can be awkward to carry
– High price


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Yamifira chosen juan says:

the knife looks interesting sadly it’d be illegal in the netherlands as we can carry zweihänders and siege crossbows but not a knife longer than your hand

Will Nolan says:

No unscrewable pommel, trash.

Hugo Adrian Wilkins says:

ex.ratio.salakarim’ sweet !

Longtomjr says:

Wait… If you carry a knife in your backpack it is illegal in Canada?

TK-12522248 says:

When i heard sardinian i was really happy about it and also a bit surprised, the “historical section” of youtube was one of the last places where i expected to hear something about my island (despite the rich and interesting history that Sardinia and sardinian people have)
This is the common sardinian hunter/country man of the 19th century
In his belt you can see another common sardinian weapon which is called “Leppa”, it is like a really short sabre, it almost reminds me of a Yatagan.

bigfoot makes weapons says:

You should talk about Duall wieding guns

Jose Gonzalez says:

The price is a little too stiff for a pocket knife but oh well if they can find the fool willing to pay for it it’s fair game.

Ninjamanhammer says:

“The good kind of friction”

TheUncleSpoons says:

When will you be doing a review of the Cheburkov Scout? It’s been five months and I’m dying to know your thoughts!

Oskar Rich says:

could you reviwe a celtic sword?

Vector Corbin says:

thats such a nice looking knife but the only thing that puts me off it is its not a lock back knife

Koyomi Araragi says:

Overtightening a screw on a $200 knife because of Canadian laws. That makes me wince a little bit.

Luke Akechi says:

But is it..A weapon TO surpass METALGEAR????

rasnac says:

Skall, you mentioned the diamond sharpener. Are those any good? I got one, but never got around using it.

GuitarsRockForever says:

So another screw of devil to make it either legal or the most evil knife in the world.

Big Mike says:

Not sure why anyone would pay that much for this knife.

Joshua Macedo says:

Would the paragon warlock and feanex be legal in Canada correct me if I’m wrong on the company name

Guilherme Ferreira says:

Nice, but overpriced.

andrexfucksomewhere says:

Skalla, can you give an opinion on the GoT scene where arya parries/deflects/blocks an average sword with her short rapier(arya spars with brianne)? Is that possible?

lazy asfuch says:

A flipper would be nice but an ugly or odd finger guard would detract from the looks
Also, a flipper would limit the size of a backspacer that you could add to increase strength

Sardinian Warrior says:

Skall, where did you find that the name is from the 17th century?

Lunumbrus says:

For nearly $300CAD, it damn well better be good. :/ Tell me why I shouldn’t just get a comparable Spyderco. 😛

Edit: Aluminum handle slabs, no opening accommodations, no detent, no pocket clip…Would have expected a hell of a lot more in terms of design, paying what these cost. Wow. What the hell are they even charging for, this is an $60-120 knife at best.

simonferrer says:

Looking at the period design of this knife, it strikes me more as a legal work-around to old weapons laws than an everyday utility knife. The point does not need that much taper for common cutting tasks, it doesn’t have enough belly to be a convenient skinner or carving knife, nor is it thin enough to easily filet fish or thick enough to pry without snapping. It’s definitely a fighting knife, efficient for stabbing or slicing, and with a folding design probably intended to meet some obscure 17th century French or Italian ordinance against commoners carrying straight blades or edged weapons of a certain length. Although a bit long for a folder by today’s standards, this blade can be concealed easily in Mediterranean clothing of the period: tucked into a boot, carried in a waistcoat or outer coat pocket, tucked into a belt or sash, or worn under the shirt in a neck sheath.

Xiras1985 says:

N690 Steel (or 1.4528) is one of the best stainless steels. Mangan, tungsten, vanadium, cobalt, high carbon content. Not suprised by the quality. Thumbs up!

Jason Cain says:

Skall don’t pry with your knives!!!!!

Septlaxer Gaming says:

My only apprehension on buying would be the lack of a guard but for slicing and everyday cutting this should be fine.

TechnicalOtaku says:

the blade is nice but i personally think the handle looks pretty cheap and unimpressive.

Wōtan says:

Extrema Ratio is pretty much the king of overpriced production knives. Sure they’re high quality, but they pretty much charge double what they’re actually worth anyway.

Something Dreadful says:

I’ve never understood the logic and prohibiting ‘concealed carry’, how is it actually enforced?

tonyelbows says:

looks like a Laguiole knife

KIGA KnightInGoldenArmor says:

My only problem with folding knives are I’m very paranoid about anything that can cause the blade to fold back in while I’m gripping it even if it’s super secure but that’s mainly a paranoia problem I have in general. I’d still totally go for a knife like this.
On an unrelated note, I’m very curious about your thoughts on the High Frequency Blade from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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