Review: Spyderco Vallotton folding knife

*** Specifications ***

Length closed: 12.5 cm (5 in)
Overall length: 22 cm (9 in)
Blade length: 9.3 cm (3.6 in)
Blade thickness: 4 mm (5/32 in)
Weight: 174 g (6 oz)

Blade material: CPM S30V stainless steel
Handle material: Polished G10
Lock: Liner
Price: 175 – 205 USD

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ High quality materials
+ Excellent fit & finish
+ Shaving sharp out of the box
+ Very sturdy blade and handle construction

– Unnecessarily thick and heavy for a linerlock folder
– Overly smooth, slippery handle
– Not the most practical design for any specific category (EDC, self-defense, camping, etc)

*** Verdict ***

This was an odd knife for me to review because on the one hand I like it and appreciate the material and build quality but on the other hand the handle detracts from its usefulness as a tool.

As a collector’s knife it’s easy to recommend. It performs very well for light cutting tasks and would be more than strong and durable enough to handle tough tasks, but I don’t think the handle is safe for that.

So it’s a great knife quality-wise but could use some modification.

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Blackbearded says:

Can you review the Benchmade 860?

JakeTheRipper 73 says:

are those handle scales polished micarta?

jacob hintz says:

You should try the Spyderco yojimbo.

Neil The Knife Guy says:

Would you consider selling this knife. I’m in Ontario and seriously interested. Let me know brother!

Niggerous Weeb says:

Damn, that knife looks beautiful!

StarWarsFreak2111 says:

Skall, what is your opinion on Kershaw knives?

Mike Whalen says:

Definitely needs some deep texture on the scales before I would consider carrying it for a fighting knife.

NRG Nerf Rashid Gaming says:

If Albion made knives…

RicebowlJohnson says:

You got it for $174 because it was “well worn” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rob Butz says:

warriors and wonders is like crack for me. I used to have a Hungarian style spyderco that was the same price as this one but it fell out of my pocket somewhere. also had a spyderco that had the hook on the top for opening on your pants pocket as you take it out also fell out of my pocket. since got rid of those jeans.

Gasvari says:

I would love to see you review the Spyderco Matriarch 2!

Kevin Griffith says:

Hell, the thickness is perfect for me. I have large hands so this knife would fit me well.

Dano DeMano says:

Beautiful knife! I have the Spyderco Bushcraft UK fixed blade with the polished G-10 and it has a great grip. Maybe it’s because the shape is different and more ergonomic than this one. Thanks for the review! 
I agree it’s really a collectors safe queen. I buy Spyderco’s, Benchmade’s and many other brands to use not for show.

JakeTheRipper 73 says:

I got a Benchmade with S90V blade steel. Interested in checking it out?

Daroff says:

Eh… it’s okay I suppose. When it comes to folding knives, I’ll never go with anything but a Cold Steel knife with the Tri-Lock locking mechanism. You simply can’t beat Cold Steel for folders.

Just Someguy says:

Just got it today. It’s so well made. The action is super smooth, the balance is perfect and it cuts like a fucking boss. I find the grip to be pretty comfortable, and it fits in my pocket just fine.

nosfctech says:

I agree with Skall! The only thing i don’t like in this knife is that liner lock(it just misses the whole point of the thick blade and also gets in the way of the “sub hilt” and makes it less useful) ! It should have been lockback! If they change it i’ll buy one! Keep up the job Skall!

VicariousReality7 says:

Form over function as usual with spyderco

Alibey Bal says:

7:18 my blade can cut through armor and can still slice a tomato.

Mad Stork says:

It has a “too thick blade” and is “overbuilt” for a reason. It makes the knife a work of art FIRST, a cutting utensil = second. This is one of my top knives out of over my 250. As you stated it is as good as it gets for production type knives. Its fit-n-finish = flawless. I disagree it should have clip holes on the bolster sides. It takes away from the beauty. Pretty bolster, but ugly holes, my only negative about the thing. Not all knives need to be practical. Like a pink cadillac, we’ll just park her out back and stare. I do agree that, I too took the clip off. So if you took yours off also…why have FOUR possible positions? It just adds ugly holes, where 99% of people arent going to carry it tip-DOWN anyway. and 75% SHOULD take the clip OFF like us. Nice review in general though.

White Kita says:

I want it I want it!!!!

Mark Evo1974 says:

I own one its a gentle men’s knife also a good conversation starter.

Vlad Mafteiu Scai says: 2:57 .Could you do a review of the Elven Sword & Shield maybe?

Dean W says:

a fixed place kramabit

bfgguns says:

Spyderco knives are generally rated as hipster knives for me. Fancy materials but faced with some serious work they fail and break.

Xavier Illa says:

If I had to guess, in my opinion it’s a self defense knife, and the slippery handscales are a design error. I’m no expert on knifes (in fact i know between nothing and jack shit), almost all i know was learnt in Skall’s videos, but given how thick it is for a folding knife and the point shape/grind/geometry, it sounds like the most logical assumption.

Pump Action Pencils says:

It’s so thick and strong, except for the tiny linear lock.

Shannon Lodge says:

As said, it is a “gentleman’s folder.” What do gentlemen use folders for anyway?
Like a gentleman’s wallet or fountain pen. It is aesthetics more than functionality.

marcel vandaar says:

would you ever consider reviewing something like a Mora knive a or a cheaper buck, reason I ask is two fold
A as a potential starter I’m gonna go for.. wel starter knives.
B because something like a Mora Companion Heavy Duty or a BuckLite MAX Large are realy the only starterblades you can get over here in this part of europe other than the always present cold steel.

Dale C says:

It’s a collectible/fondling knife. Would be too chunky/large as an edc.

Polyfusia says:

Dig the look of this one. I want the Matriarch 2 though. Pure gnarlyness.

india kilo says:

i love this knife. ive merged the edge with the convex grind near the tip and polished it.

ianchen9449 says:

dude you should totally review cold steel espada xl

VicariousReality7 says:

Are you kidding me

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