Review: Y-Start LK5010 Titanium Handle Folding Knife
With this coupon you can get it for $44.99 (20% off): LK50CM

*** Specifications ***

Length closed: 12 cm / 4.72”
Overall length: 20.7 cm / 8.15”
Blade length: 9 cm / 3.5”
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm / 0.137”
Weight: 104 g / 3.65 oz

Blade material: 440C stainless steel
Handle material: TC4 titanium alloy
Lock: Frame

More about 440C:

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Very good fit & finish
+ Comfortable handle
+ Smooth action

– Construction could be stronger (blade loosened up a little when the knife was dropped)
– *UPDATE* When I made the video I was too tired to notice how poorly centered the blade is now after the impact on the floor. It now scrapes at the inside of the frame, which is not good.

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wigon says:

Overall, it looks like a very good knife They just need to get rid of that bizarre pivot screw that adjusts the blade.

varicodin says:

sick knife!

PenguiN says:

It looks like a Böker Kwaiken just that the Kwaiken costs about 150€

joaquin Velazquez says:

Someday I’m going to send you a Brazilian Explorer folding knife

Zxylo 5 says:

Any not expensive switchblades you would recommend?

Kyle Campbell says:

Hey Skall, how do i go about sending you a knife for review and destruction? I have a CRKT M16-14SFG that i bought about 5 years ago and I abuse it daily. I mean, i REALLY abuse it. Like prying open wooden shipping crates and using the handle as a small hammer. Im thinking about replacing it with a brand new one and sending the old one to you so i can see how much it really takes to break.

BladeObsession says:

Custom looking knife for Walmart price. Win Win!!!

Aion Lion says:

I was wondering that

Thomas Hongshagen says:

I bought a cheapo pocketknife recently. The edge is really rough, but somehow it came sharp enough to shave my arms.

Chris Schoenthaler says:

Huh. I think this is the first time I’ve personally seen two different versions of the same video on the same day. Really glad that Skall pays such attention to the comments.

Mythguard Whatever else I'll try to do. says:

If you want to try and fix the centering try disassembling the knife and wedge the blade to the other side when putting it back together.

Dawn says:

You called it J-Start at one point

The Unusual Stranger says:

Skall , you really are a perfectionist .

Skallagrim says:

If you’re wondering why this was re-uploaded => 2:52

Alefiend says:

+Skallagrim This is a repost of the question I asked in the original upload. Apologies if this is annoying.

This knife is very tempting, but I’m not a fan of the blade itself. I looked at other knives in this series—the LK5011 and LK5012—and found them more to my liking. Do you know anything different about them, or shall I assume they match your knife in all regards except the blade?

Alex Volo says:

I found a much cheaper knife with better quality than the knife that is shown Smith and Wesson swbg10s. So if any one likes this type of knife check out the swbg10s

Fróði Finnsson says:

That’s a nice knife though, interesting asthetic despite the blade being off center, might be just in that particular knife, let’s hope so.

Turixrios26 says:

Your camera quality is amazing man, goes to show how far this channel has come.

SomethingCleverTV says:

Props to you for the reupload! Not many people would care enough to actually add a scene to an already finished and uploaded video.

Boggsy Francis says:

It looks like the blade from the Lucas Burnley designed Boker Kwaiken mixed with handles from the Lucas Burnley designed Kihon. Added a finger groove, though.

Ironcladkilljoy says:

Steel is steel but 440c you just don’t know how well it is done therefore personally I don’t want to pay for it

Kaiser Crimson says:

Nice to see a re-upload that is not because of demonetization for once

George Welch says:

Heard that other historical weaponry and weaponry review channels were getting dinged. Any worries on your end?

That other sane custodian says:

Let me guess… demonitized?

Byron Outlaw says:

They REALLY cribbed off the Kwaiken for this design, but it looks like a cool knife.

David Burchfield says:

Ok I have to chime in here and take issue with the comment “from what I have read it has the greatest strength, hardness, and wear resistance of all stainless alloys when correctly heat treated.” So first off 440C is a high end steel and has very good strength, hardness, and wear resistance for a stainless steel. So if you read through the article you linked from Jay Fisher (great and very knowledgeable knifemaker) You will see he lists stainless steels with greater strength ( ATS-34, CPMS35VN, and CPM 154CM to name a few), and more wear resistant ones (CPMS30V, CPMS90V and CTS-XHP, pretty much an vanadium alloys stainless steels), not exactly sure on the hardness, most stainless alloys sit pretty close to each other on the rockwell scale (between 56 and 61 depending on how they are finished).

My point is that while it is very good, there are other steels the are better in many ways (none will have exactly the same balance of traits, and heat treat matters a lot). But by most metrics steels like s35vn, Elmax, and M390 would generally beat or equal it in all categories (except perhaps corrosion resistance depending on finish and type of corrosion).

Again 440C is a great steel, just kind of triggered by comments like this and HAD to say something.

Nobody At All says:

Skallagrim is gonna be Jack Noir for Halloween I swear to God.

Benjamin Baron says:

Down side: very demotivational name: why start? Why do anything? We’re all gonna die anyway!

John Napier says:

Any way you can do something like the Miller brothers blades

Elias Ronne says:

Can you do a video reviewing “spinning” or “twirling”. I remember seeing a video and mentioned that in some scenarios it is acceptable but I can’t think of one of these scenarios. Thanks for the amazing video.

Javier Vargas says:

Okay, cool.
You should get a Fairbairn-Sykes combat knife for a review, which seems right up your alley.
I recently bought one, and I wanted to know your thoughts on it, being a historically significant blade.

Blind Fool says:

Have you tried to tighten it to fix the centering and blade play?

1b@sicperson says:

code expired

Dread, the Mad Smith says:

Let’s watch it AGAAAAIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!

Liam Hollands says:

But can you end people rightly with it?

Xekratos says:

Damn I had a good joke about how this knife was bad at poker.

TheIncredibleGurren says:

So i have a KA-BAR 3073 ( U.S border patrol special) warthog folder 3 series. And i was at a pumpkin patch and I used it to cut a stem but I cut though to much and I ended up hitting the blade on a small stone the knife wasn’t damaged but a small small part of the blade is dented and is no longer sharp. How can I fix this?

Ian De Giovani says:

Those shiny eyes 😮

iceturtle 1025 says:

It’s blade boy

wigon says:

When are you going to start acting on the next season of VIKINGS????? Seriously they need to have you at least do a cameo appearance.

Joe Morrell says:

Great…now Isis knows the blade won’t stay centered

It’s basically your fault when they behead someone now. Real nice.

Aurourus says:

I keep making eye contact with you, it’s really weird and i’m worried.

Emperor Palpitoad says:

So the handle,is titanium, but not the blade?

Historical Review says:

P O M M E L ?

Cam Eron says:

To be fair it will only wear to the point where it no longer does

TheNewYouth says:

I suggest everyone go to vidme to support skalls channel

OverallVariable says:

Hey Skall, modern pocket knife steels don’t necessarily need a high carbon content to stay sharp. S30V has a carbon content of 1.4% and was developed with Chris Reeves, the guy that made the sebenza. 440c isn’t a high end knife steel, at least in my opinion, because it tends to be more prone to rust and doesn’t hold an edge very well, all things being equal. That is unless Buck is the one producing the blade because they tend to get the heat treatment right more often than not.

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