Sanjia Leech folding knife review

The impatient may skip directly to 2:30.

Sanjia Leech, model no. K8009.


Overall length (folded): 13 cm (5.1”)
Overall length (opened): 17 cm (6 3/4”)
Blade length (edge): 8.2 cm (3 1/5”)
Weight: 93 g (3.3 oz)
Blade material: Unknown stainless steel (probably soft 420 or 440)

Price range: 6.50-11$

– Interesting, innovative design (potential collector’s item)
– Fun to play around with
– Cheap

– Poor budget steel with almost no edge retention
– Not the most practical opening mechanism
– Still quite long and somewhat bulky when folded

UPDATE: It appears that this is actually a cheap knockoff based on a knife by ScorpioDesign. If you want a high-quality version of it, check them out here:


gtwolfe1212 says:


John Wolf says:

Dear Skall,
I have to inform you that this Knife is an asian knockoff of the “Scorpio Desgin Shapeshifter”, a patented design by German knife designer Gunther Löbach.
I know its not your fault that knives get plagiarised in China, I just wanted to let you know that there is an original, high-quality version, even with damascus steel, and this is basically a patent right infringement.(See: for the original)
Since i am a knifemaker myself, knockoffs of innovative knife designs (or knockoffs in general) upset me a bit.

Btw, you seem to have a German accent (in a positive way, quite accurate pronunciation you know) , are you originally from Germany?
Kind regards

Owen Joseph King says:

What length is the blade ? 
Because it does NOT lock open “IF” the blade is under 3 inches it would be legal for the UK Market !

angrydragonslayer says:

If i could get a rework with a lock for when the blade is out and better steel i’d probably buy that for 35-45 bucks

Robb KingInTheNorth Stark says:

I’m sure you could shank a rapist or robber pretty easy with it…

omniXenderman says:

the handle pinches the fuck out of my hand though…..

paul babuik says:

Is this legal in canada ?

Blades and Boom says:

Hi there Skullagram! Love your videos! I know this is an old video, but I recently discovered that this knife is actually a copy of a custom knife design that you can find here Thanks for making great videos!

blazegunshark says:

I don’t understand why you had to make the second video to show people the mechanism. If people don’t have the mental fortitude to stick it out and watch the entire video, (Which isn’t a bad thing, its a very nice video) then they should be excluded from owning a knife in the first place. If they are that impatient and impulsive they can’t be trusted with one.   

S. C. says:

Your holding the knife wrong. Hold by the… Top screw. Flick out as a gravity knife . let open/ deploy in your palm. Closes easily in reverse. Concealed deployment.

I collect auto knives. This is helping my study of my prototype.

Contact me if you can help.

Hobo Joe says:

great review~! and i love the intellect of you and your more dedicated subscriber’s comments~! keep up the class and good work~! 😀 I’d love to see you get your hands on the “Shapeshifter” ~!


Too small

John McGhee says:

Amazing knife for the price. I got this one for $2.95 for S&H the other day.

Aoingus Malachi says:

I like the design

daniel siaotong says:

I lie the design though  

yan zhang says:

Get to it, get to the fucking point and shut your mouth.

Myerr says:

You know,  at first i hated this guy. Then he kept popping up on my recommended and now im subbed.

joseph grant says:

well at least the design

masterkeep says:

Looks like a fun design to try to replicate with better quality materials/workmanship. Maybe find a way for it to lock up while open. Hmmm…

Homer Simpson II says:

It is a $10 knife, what did you expect??

sloth sloth says:

the poor execution is wasting the amazing design and idea of this knife. great idea, low cost production, typical chinese product, but i think u can get it for 2 usd in china so its definitely worth it, if they make the blade with any cpm or d2 and the handle with aluminum, i would buy it for 200-300

Cold Steel says:


joseph grant says:

pretty good knife in my opinion

Intrigued Individuals says:

Here’s a cool inexpensive knife I thought I’d share.

Rory Adam says:

not im pressed for not keeping its edge?…what’d you expect for $6.50

Daftruck Twaalf says:

cool knife

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