Schrade SCHA3CB “MAGIC” spring-assisted tanto folding knife

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Franky Alvarez says:

And because I love you videos I will try to put all the knife specs in the description for you.

09cdou says:

At least you know one thing you’ll never be able to cut yourself while on camera because of it

Casey Collier says:

I’ve got a Schrade, but the blade’s made out of AUS-8 steel. I’m not necessarily certain if that is better, but I really don’t care since I sharpen my “work horse” blades every month or two.

Always on time says:

look like something from Star Trek deep space nine.

live stream online says:

it is cool but i still prefer my balisong.

Meesa Bombad Warrior says:

I went to seeing u making colorful Lego set MOC’s to seeing u talking about how well a knife is

Cars & vlogs says:

I wil give you 35 euro’s And i’ll pay shipping to you can contact me on yt

Mark Yefremenkov says:

Hi jang are you the same dude from the URC good review man

Super Sour Core says:

a e s t h e t i c

PandaBoySub says:

I buy

BrickFrames says:

Should i buy it?

Franky Alvarez says:

I remember watching you when you did rd videos. I wanted to comment on them so bad to tell you how much I loved your videos I bought my first rd because of one of your videos. I’m glad to see you back. I never thought you would like knives to. Anyway if you have any questions about any knife let me know. P.S. your rd vids are sweet.

Matt Ashe says:

The last thing you want is to draw attention to the fact you have a Schrade

JdmKustoms Official says:

U Should Try And Recreate Some Of Ur Knives In Lego Form XD

thestug93 says:

How thick is the spine of that knife? It looks oddly thin in comparison to the handle thickness.

It’s kind of weird that knives that you think you’ll love you end up not loving so much after some use. My SOG Flashback was that way. I liked the knife, but AUS-8 steel did not hold an edge for very long. The first thing I look at when buying a knife now is the steel just to see if it’s even worth my time/money.

Wei Jin says:

what steel is good to retain the edge?

danielman 2002 says:

How many knives do you have?

knives save lives says:

The jang, The common problem with knives is that they all are sharpened on belt sanders and the like and what happens is that heat builds up in the edge and the edge and some of the material beneath it is detempered and is weak. After several aggressive sharpenings you will have removed that damaged steel and should see an increase in edge holding ability. This is a very common problem. I have 420hc that I get some of the best edge retention from. In fact I did testing where I found 420hc to outperform 8 other steels a few of which are highly regarded. I have videos of it up under “edge retention test” if you like watching a lot of cardboard cutting.

Hannes Brickman says:

Super COOOL knife!!!
I want one !!

Franky Alvarez says:

The SCHA3CB knife is a stylish folder with Schrade’s MAGIC spring assisted opening technology. A push of the thumb tab or flipper will quickly deploy the blade. This knife has a chameleon colored aluminum handle with rubber grip insert. Steel liner lock frame and tip-down carry pocket clip. The SCHA3CB features a side safety, which keeps the blade locked closed when not in use. Black finished 4034 stainless steel tanto blade with a plain edge.

Traxxas Adventures says:

Do u have another channel to do with Rv cars

Harry Marsh says:

If u don’t want it I will have it!!!

Aikano9 says:

That’s one sexy knife if I have to say so myself

Shawn Love says:

Thanks for the info of the blade material. Was thinking about purchasing one but now will not. Also, for my taste, the blade is a little short.

Daws says:

legojang whats your favorite?

HiddenEclipse says:

send it out to me!! i’ve been looking for one with out serration but cant find one. Im always looking for a new knife

Evan Roberts says:


LiveFreeOrRIP says:

This is great!!! I love RC. I LOOOVE blades and firearms. I love Jangs videos!!! I guess if hes done with RC hes doing other things I really LOVE. Blades are Super great to collect use carry and enjoy. Some of my blades I dont carry or cut open boxes with they are just safe queens or just fun to handle and play with but I dont cut with them. And I get its a knife use it… No I have low cost great knifes to beat up but my blades that are over 100 I dont beat on.

BatMan says:

looks like a spaceship

RahulDoes says:

Could you add “The good AND the bad” -or something that signals that it won’t be just another sale-ey video- in the title? I am sure that it shall attract a lot more viewers.
I *wanted* to love this after a really delicate S&W Border Guard but reading the story of Taylor Cutlery made me change my decision to a Buck 110 and a Blur S30V.

Gabriel Ang says:

were can you buy knifes like this?

Weem and Joom says:

How big is the knife

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