SOG Twitch II [2] | Assisted Folding Knife | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the SOG Twitch II [2] assisted folding knife. With an overall length of 6.2″ and a closed length of 3.55″, the SOG Twitch II is the perfect size for an EDC knife. While the Twitch II will obviously not handle heavy duty, or even medium sized tasks, it is more than apt for light everyday work. The assisted opening allows the knife to open easily and consistently with each flip of the blade. Whether you are hiking or camping, or just rolling around town, the SOG Twitch is invisible in your pocket.

SOG Twitch II –

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Pursuing Outdoors says:

Nice review Krik! I like how light weight it is. Definetly a good EDC option. -Woody

Gary says:

This knife lasts. I have mine from 2007 or 2008 don’t remember exactly. It’s great for everyday carry

Nova Hiker says:

I agree. I usually don’t like the look of Sog knives…but this one I like. $30 to $45 price range seems more reasonable.

Operator0190 says:

What I understand not liking SOG folders but SOG fixed blades are awesome

Lonestar1 says:

I seened it at sporting goods store at around $40,looks nice,mite pick it up after all.

maritimespook says:

nice blade,great review!!

Black Owl Outdoors says:

I was hardly putting any pressure on the twig. I was just scoring the bark. But as we all know, if you play with knives enough, you will eventually get cut. Thanks for the heads up though. I definitely do some absented mind things from time to time, -Krik

N English says:

Bought this for 9 dollars on clearance, worst knife in my collection. First and last SOG I’ll ever buy.

NPTuttle says:

Just got one today

Nitroracer001 says:

Not sure why yours doesn’t open all the way and is slow. I have had one of these for 4/5 years now and is lightning fast opening. Maybe you need to adjust the tension on your pivot.This was my favorite EDC for a while when I first got it. Razor sharp but kinda small for utility purposes.

Matt Survive says:

I got a brand new one and it too doesn’t open 100% either.

Rodlie Ortiz says:

Thanks for the review. What’s your favorite knife of a similar size? Is it still the Rat 2? I’m looking for a simple EDC knife.

Only1Jtrain says:

U can pick this knife up at any lowes home improvement store gor $49. Not a sog fan myself so I’d go with the rat myself

doug nc says:

It’s a great gentleman’s knife Kirk. I enjoy using it in my business casual EDC rotation. Good review though, Enjoyed watching.

tf fh says:

I have a rat2 and rat1 too and I’ve been looking at the twitch2 in rosewood. I think the rat 2 is borderline perfect size and how small it is to that turned me off of it. Thanks for the save!

Theron Williams says:

Why don’t you like sog knives

Christine Chin says:

I have this knife and it has sentimental value because it was a gift, but since I bought my new Kershaw Skyline I doubt i’ll be EDCing this knife beyond occasions such as funerals, weddings, just events and places where it might be “weird” to have a knife, according to non-knife folk; the rosewood edition looks classy enough that it’d be acceptable.

RJN says:

$35.99 @ as of 1.7.14. Get it!

nick Davis says:

wtf did you call me a turtle

Shaun Ryan says:

At what point do i become a turtle? cause i wanna be one. hahaha

Joe Flowers says:

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the way he cut that. If you cringed at that, then you must cringe every time someone uses a shovel. Look up “learning about sharp things” here on YT and you’ll see a 2 year old who knows how to use a knife. Cringe about that.

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