SOG Vulcan Folding Knife Review. How to Baton with an Arc Lock!!!!

Looking for a big folding knife with a strong AF lock? Check out the VG10 bladed SOG Vulcan. The SOG Vulcan has a 3.5 inch blade, with smooth deployment and a nice sized cutting edge. It is one of the nicer and more poplar SOG knives. So if you need a good outdoor capable EDC knife, check it out. Also, I baton with the knife to test how well the arc lock holds.

This knife was provided by review from They will soon start carrying knives but in the meantime check out all their awesome flashlights, and use my exclusive discount code “AKB”


Bryan McHugh says:

this was possibly the best review I have seen you do. I never thought I would be a SOG believer but the Vulcan I have found to be so solid it is better than a Grip..Now about that Trident/Flash garbage..

Newb Tactical says:

good review bro

Terry Franks says:

great blade.bought one when they first came out.still going strong.

Duarte Marques says:

SOG uses VG10 ??? I thought it was only 440C. The knife looks pretty usable in the woods, but not the kind of knife I would carry arround. Great review, keep it up!

r0e0x says:

I have the tanto version of this knife. It is san mai vg10 which is different from vg10. There are a few things that I don’t like about it but the blade steel is one of the best that I own. It is also one of the sharpest knives from the factory I have ever received. great vid.

Charles Collier says:

I confess to being a SOG hater, but when I first saw the Vulcan I was torn, because it has a lot of cool going for it. Thanks for the review!

Erik says:

Great review, thank you, ipm getting one of this next week and ím excited abut it, its one of my favorite folding knives! i loved to see its pretty good and holds up to abuse

Bailey Sollenberger says:

sexy boots dude

Chinese knives says:

Do you see that arc lock stronger than the Ganzo’s axis locks?


maram Ovidiu says:

it is also interestig to see a flipper on an axis lock ewen dough it dose not realy work

Matt Szymanski says:

Can’t flip it open with ease, Teflon washers, and dull out of the box? Take my 100 + dollars

Spectre says:

you should check out the new ganzo G7563 (benchmade 940 clone) and ganzos new automatic the G7852AL

Dubglock23 says:

sick vid bro!!!

Robinson Review says:

Sog knives remind me of cheap toys, overpriced and over hyped.

but I am pleasantly surprised how this performed. Nice review!

alex miller says:

ordered a tanto version. payed a 110, but fuck it. Haven’t bought a new knife in years and this one caught my eye. still trying to find what I like and don’t like. might give spyderco’s a try, or benchmade. Want something US made. sog is an exception. Japanese usually make quality stuff.

Wally Held says:

I wanted one of these pretty badly for a knife!

Steve Vitali says:

I have the SOG Vulcan Mini – Simply a smaller version. I love it. However – I can not keep the thing sharp, so really I am not in love with it.

Player Review says:

I actually enjoy the recurve blade shape. I know a lot of fixed sharpening system guys don’t love those, but I sure do.

PoopiePants Mcgee says:

This video was exactly that “comfortable feeling” I had or atleast she brainwashed me too feel The first time I banged my friends mom

Sean Liu says:

$100 for VG10, recurve, flashy GRN handle. Yep it’s a SOG alright.

Ronnie Sand says:

Dear advanced knife bro……….what up with demz fox knives dawg…….just kidding im white and was wondering if this brand has ever had the chance to be thrown around your backyard. If not i would like to see it in use but if not i would understand

maram Ovidiu says:

nice simulation work, amazing lock, but the knife is not exactly prity

Fire bug says:

teflon vashers for 190 euro knife, yea thats the price in my town, i can get a fucking ceramic ball bearings and titanium handle from china in 60-130 euro blade… to bad those chinese can’t learn how to make full flat grind right without making it 1-2 mm thick at the edge…

PoopiePants Mcgee says:


SailfishSoundSystem says:

The first nice folder I had as a kid was a SOG Stingray. I loved that knife. I wish SOG would have great designs like that again. Their chief designer, Spencer Frazer, used to do top secret DOD research and development for stealth and other black projects for Northrup, so I know the dude can make cool shit. Come on SOG!

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