Spyderco Efficient Pocket Knife Review. A more compact Tenacious killer?

You’ve heard of the Spyderco Tenacious, so check out the newest budget Spyderco- the sub $40 Spyderco Efficient. It’s Spydeco’s newest budget folding knife. In this knife review I review the new for 2016/2017 spyderco efficient. It uses 8cr13MoV steel, a liner lock, G10, and has a blade length of right at 3 inches. If you like this Spyderco review, check out my other Spyderco reviews:

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Eddie King says:

Nice review bruh. Thumbs up.

DragX Gaming says:

efficient or the raven 2?

argokhan7777777 says:

Trump’s hands are way too bigly for this knife.

DragX Gaming says:

I just got the knife and it’s pretty stiff and hard to open. Will that go away?

Romeras600 says:

Hahha another 1

Dave Maez says:

Glad that it doesn’t have to be good beer. I can’t afford no Belgian Tripels — those are a crane kick to my wallet. Guess I’ll just keep drinking PBR and buying Chinese knives.

GH82nd says:

I have several Spyderco knives, i like this knife a lot, feels good in the hand and really like the weight of it, although it has now almost doubled in price from when this video came out. Keep up the good work best reviews going.

thewholeyearinn says:

I wonder why Spyderco doesn’t offer this knife with a serrated edge? Only the Tenacious has that option in the budget line, as far as I know.

AJ Jawidowicz says:

awesome as always

Greg J says:

I only drink shit beer. Thanks.
Odd choice of pants for this review. Too blue for my liking.

rando tooming says:

thank you for this (and all the other reviews)! Spyderco value folders are very useable. i had Cat (with BD1 steel, gave it to my brother) and still have Tenacious. considered to buy Persistence but after watching this review here i´ll definitely go for Efficient! why? it´s a new model and i like the looks of Efficient much better. and because i love Native 5 blade shape so much. and i also adore my Manix 2.

Jules Gardet says:

Big boys dicking around with knives … That’s a fun thing to do.

Dano DeMano says:

Thanks, I have the Native-5 and love it as well as quite a few other Spyderco’s. This might be a decent “beater blade” though!

MrZlooze says:

A superb review of a so-so knife! Good entertainment for the winter doldrums.

Nate Bowman says:

hey dude. my Caribbean is starting to break in a little. maybe i was too harsh on it strait outta box. the handle is fantastic for sure

davemz999 says:

Nice to see you hanging in there with the awesome reviews AKB.  I’ll have to go check out Instagram.

SailfishSoundSystem says:

Nice 2 Live Crew reference.

Aaron Tooley says:

Dude. love your videos.

jason scott says:

Gotta love Kevlar bushings. high tech!

why you aren’t well over 10,000 subs yet is beyond me. most relatable and fun knife reviews on YouTube.

macmurfy2jka says:

I’ve always been a fan of the tenacious lineup. I own the Resilience and love it. If only they had nicer steel options on the otherwise same knife package. Those would be real winners!

Jeff Alfresco says:

That was a nice and efficient, efficient knife review. Everyone seems to be uploading Shot Show 2017 vids at the moment, glad to see you’re keeping it real my friend and not bowing to all that commercialism. Atb

Eric Holladay says:

so, at 7:26 we learned that it is a pretty efficient log handle.

colin Lim says:

I know Spyderco Tenacious have very sharp edge and famous for some reason.
But is it a good EDC for self defense?
or does the blade good for stabbing compare to cold steel folder knife?

Anyway, good knife review!

SHAD0W_ AJ says:

A absolutely love your knife reviews!

The Shanester says:

Great review as always. Enjoyable to watch. I’m getting one of these.

Cole Constantinoff says:

Nice review

Howlin000 says:

Sweet review brah

Abe Romano says:

Entertaining as f**k! Nice review. (HAaa!)

The Shanester says:

Great review as always. Enjoyable to watch. I’m getting one of these.

Robert Hastings says:

I returned this knife because I didn’t like they’ve ergonomics and lack of thumb ramp. I’m now interested in the Native 5. If I didn’t like the Efficient’s ergos, will I not like the Native 5’s?

bogoljub djordjevic says:

slip easy,put finger in the hole…pornhub?

B O R D E R L I N E - A R T I S T I C says:

Ganzo sounds like a bad porno site

Bushcraft412 says:

finally got mine. fits my hand nicely, but I’m also a freak. tiny fingers, huge palms

Dezi Johnson says:

looks like a nice little knife, and priced just right for me! thanks for showing it off

maram Ovidiu says:

That was some expert knife abuse. Werry nice!

Bushcraft412 says:

I’m probably going to get this one. I like that style of handle. a few new Kershaw’s I’m eyeballing as well. dang 2017 new lineup

Doğu says:

It has to be good beer…

bRad 1967 says:

I might have to pick one up!


I’ll stick with my left-handed Ganzo!

Generic McName says:

“Put your thumb in the hole…. Juuuuust a bit…”
“It slides in and out easy”
-Advanced Knife Bro, 2017

Jerome Hawkins says:

super efficient use of your old Xmas tree stump! Good review!

Fred T says:

Great knife review. Love that your reviews feature a lot of hard use mixed with knife shots so you get an idea of what the knife looks like and how it handles being used.

Also, your ratio of play on words is at an all time high. Can’t beat it.

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