Spyderco Polestar and Tenacious Pocket Knife Comparison Review

The classic question has been answered- which Budget Spyderco knife is the best the Tenacious or new Polestar? This review compares the differences between the two and discusses similarities. If at the end of this review you still have reservations, or decide to buy neither- or both. Welcome to pocket knives!
The Tenacious can be bought here: https://amzn.to/2H3IGrC
The Polestar can be bought here: https://amzn.to/2qcVimC


Eric B says:

What a stupid name for a knife… Pole Star. Maybe Spyderco should have gotten the Swedes to make it for them then the name would have been a little more fitting. Personally, I will forever refer to that knife as the Porn Star. I’ve been drinking too.

NathanRyan 5533 says:

What boots were you wearing when cutting the baby box up.? Thanks for the video.

Jim Tangren says:

Is it me or do I detect a hint of sarcasm in your voice?

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

No baton testing…come on man this is obviously made to be used in an urban survival situation, never know people may have to fell a tree or something so they can make a fishing rod for the line in their survival grenade.

John Stewart says:

Good review, gargle with whiskey, honey, & lemon to help your voice.

smilodon bushcraft and outdoor says:

Every time you speak the sound goes all whacky

eduardo rivera says:

Nice shoes or boots or whatever

Scott G says:

I agree that people worry too much about the blade steel. Though 8Cr13MoV is adequate, there is too much variation in the heat treatement to draw a general conclusion, except that the Chinese makers employed by Spyderco seem to do it well. That said, even the lowly Spyderco Tenacious has been cloned by Chinese makers willing to make them even cheaper and with lesser materials. So, be careful, even if you are seeking the Chinese produced Spyderco budget line.

N English says:

if they made the tenacious with a higher quality steel, it’d be my favorite. Wait, no, it’s my favorite, but I wish it was made with better steel. Yea that.

smilodon bushcraft and outdoor says:

Pls fix the audio

Tony Canniffe says:

How much $ to spend on a polestar? A question I’ve considered before…

- - says:

“Scratchy-voice Rambler” has a nice ring to it, especially with a thick cajun accent. “Dere he goes again dah’, Dat Scratchy-Voice Rambla!”

SzymoniX005 says:

I was going to buy Polestar today, but I said I should wait till the AKB will do review of it. AKB, do u mastered the mind Control to the perfection ?

Christopher H says:

What’s up with the audio? Sounds weird.

Ner Montiero says:

Is the black blade on the tenasious just a black paint?

Yuri Thorpe says:

Something changed about your channel, I think it’s the audio. It sounds much flatter now, for reference I am comparing this video to the “How to Properly Treat Your Cheap or Expensive Pocket Knife” video. Just letting you know, keep up the good work!

Adam Smith says:

Jesus he’s raping those poor knives, half expected him to lick them, taste test

Eric Boss says:

I don’t know if you know this, but you have a lot of different Spyderco knives. People who work at Spyderco saw that comparison shot and went, “Dang, that’s a lot of Spyderco’s.” But thanks for putting your addictions to work for my entertainment. 🙂 I appreciate you.

KebabRemovalist says:

IIRC, the Polestar got its handle shape from the Byrd Raven 2 & used the blade profile & shape from the Tenacious. I do prefer the choil that the Byrd Raven 2 has. It also uses CTS BD1 steel.

doug bulldog says:

my daughter is an 11 year old tween

Blake Grendel says:

Separate video required on how to baton that like button

Something Wicked This Way Comes says:

Thumbs up for slicing that tar baby

Will Appleton says:

Ok! I buttoned the like baton!

Chayavat Mokarakorn says:

I would absolutely love a Tenacious with better steel and scale material but I really don’t like that pointy back end. That’s almost a deal breaker. Think I’ll stick with my Endura’s and PM2’s.

Charles Collier says:

“The Polestar….someone over at Spyderco has a crush on a stripper.” Only 30 seconds in and I’m already done for. Seriously man, you need to give stand up a shot.

Brian Ball says:

Have you tried or reviewed the spyderco resilience? Its massive but figured if anyone would like it you would

Outpost 76 says:

Your voice made it sound like you weren’t into this review at all.

MrZlooze says:

It is gratifying to know that there are knives that offer the excitement, visual appeal and sexiness of a 1968 Doddge Dart sedan (standard shift).

Chef_Nick 302 says:

Not a huge fan of the handle scales tbh i wish they stuck with either a bland black g10 or did the 360° frn grippy scales

TheRevDr says:

I didn’t remember the song at first. But then I imagined you singing it with a shit-ton of autotune.

SailfishSoundSystem says:

Still can’t beat an Endura or a Delica.

Noah Waite says:

I’m in love with a stripper
She rocking, she rollin
She workin that pole 😀

acidtablockshifty says:

she rocking she rolling…. her edge is just folding

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