Tac Force YC-636DC Folding Knife (Review)

Tac Force YC-636DC Spring Assisted Folding Knife
Got it off Amazon for $8.00 (no shipping or tax)


Adam Delgado says:

The “Safety” loop is Not a Safety Loop. The model is a replica of a Bayonet. That “Loop” goes thru the muzzle of a rifle and secures it from wobbling around.

cobrajmr says:

Hahaha, safety loop . . .you’re a dumbass.

Darius Woods says:

It’s like a folding bayonet

Ayman Guanja says:

I got this knife within 3 days and i didn’t even order this fucker i ordered the TF-686GY

Payton Boswell says:

A potato flu around my room

joserrism says:

Lol u got ripped off sucka. Save up and buy a real knife looser.

nonickerson says:

I just bought this knife

Carlos Klunk says:

Is this legal in texas

eric cartman says:

For every dickhead saying that it is a bayonet and not a safety loop, I am almost certain that this knife would snap in half if you used it as a bayonet ,and also what kind of fucking rifle barrel would that tiny ass circle fit? For all that the useless little piece of metal is worth, it might as well be a safety loop.

Rallyman4352 says:

I have the black version of this same knife

Ian C says:

That loop is actually a lanyard hole.

Says it on the description on amazon. 

Octavius Cannon says:

How to.close.it

Denwa51 says:

3 Words. “Made In China”

Lord Commander Smith says:

Here in the UK this knife is marketed by Anglo Arms and it’s identical apart from it’s not spring assisted as they’re illigal here.

No name says:

U said 363 when the title said 636

Hextin says:

Its not a safety loop dumb ass thats a bayonet. proves you know jack shit about knives.

Penetration says:

Some advice, stay away from tac force if you want an affordable and good quality knife try some knives from kershaw like the shuffle, or the Kuro both $20 and under knives and also the “lever” is called a flipper. The more you know right I hope you continue your interests in knives and become an addict like me (:

falcondriver100 says:

The window breaker and seat belt cutters DO NOT work for shit. Don’t rely on them! USELESS. Its a very cheap knife. But for the price, not bad. I keep a couple as last resort knives in a bug out bag,.

balfemotor says:

I have this exact knife but it’s branded as an Anglo Arms knife and isn’t spring assisted. Do not buy it, it’s the chinsiest feeling knive I’ve ever owned, and the ‘safety loop’ is for attaching it to a stick to create a spear, that’s also why there is a cut out on the blade.
Also I wouldn’t bet on it being 440, if it is it’s the worst heat treat I’ve ever seen

Steven DiPietro says:


Kai Yang says:

Nice. Really cool

zippyoutdoors says:

I have had this knife for almost a year and only the pocket clip and glass breaker broke so far. Pretty impressive for a cheap knife

Brayden Stevens says:

Lol 10 dollar knife “its a really good knife”

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