Tactical Folding Knife Options

**Best suited to the task at hand**
My video explaining what I think ‘tactical’ means and I show some examples of knives in my collection deemed as ‘tactical’.
List of knives in video: Gerber Bear Grylls folding sheath knife, Benchmade Griptillian, Pohl Force Alpha 3, CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken, Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto, CRKT Mah Eraser, Ontario RAT 1, Spyderco Tenacious, Gerber Remix Tactical, Gerber DMF Tanto, Spyderco Military, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and Böker Plus XS. I have separate reviews on each.

Disclaimer: The views in this video are mine alone and do not reflect a third party or any of the companies featured.


coldarif says:

thank you,,, I love all Gerber,,,, like your chose all black

olmmedic says:

Always great points. I think any knife that fits ones preference for tactical is in fact tactical. I have taken alot of martial arts classes over the years and i can defend myself decently with my hands. For this reason i will at times prefer a small curved blade like the Spyderco Kiwi. To me its perfect for self defense if your an in close type of fighter. Or someone who prefers karambit style knives but doesn’t want the extra weight of a heavy knife. The choil also acts as a safety for your fingers and adds support so the blade doesant close. So yes, in my opinion , a slip joint can be tactical. I know your a fan of the kiwi, so you will understand.

Sam Campbell says:

Dude. Quality vid.

Which one of these knives is best for defending from a dog attack?

Zakd says:

hi I was wondering where all these knives can be purchased in uk, especially the pohl force alpha 3. great videos btw.

bryant peppler says:

i do classify my kershaw cryo as a “tactical” folder based on the idea i could use it for multiple situations. Though i believe the word tactical and its relation to knives is ridiculous.But, my personal view of tactical means it is a tool for multiple uses including self defense.

My normal carry is a kershaw cryo and my  self defense knife/tool that i carry is a Kabar TDI fully serrated.

fred d says:

what would you recommend for a practical tactical placable smackble hackable knife?

Jayson Shelton says:

I carry a GERBER D.M.F Manual with a Clip Point as my EDC Work Knife…. Followed by a Fixed Blade Karambit, with an IWB/OWB Kydex Sheath. Some days I carry a CAMILLUS C.U.D.A, and a CRKT ABC Fixed Blade.

James Yarbrough says:

Phol force is traaaaash

Keane Lutz says:

I carry a Swiss Army Hiker. But it doesn’t lock, which makes for unsafe situations.

Mike Parlin says:

Sup3rSaiy3n I know this video is old, but I really enjoyed it. One thing coming from an Alaskan is that tactical knives (for me) require a positive, often ‘agressive’ looking handle that offers secure retention from slipping up on the blade or losing it if and when it gets wet. My approach to this is possible finger grooves if you have a slick handle, grippy textures handle material like coarsr G10, or my favorite, a finger guard. The tip of the blade has to be either thick and sturdy like a tanto or thin and pointy like that CRKT model on top or most Spydercos. The overall design usually ends up scaring your average Californian so that’s how I test out if a blade is tactical enough. Personally, I carry a Paramilitary 2 with a zip tie mod and an aftermarket karambit ring attached. It is by car the best utility knife I’ve ever used, and with the mods, it out-cuts and out-stabs my Emerson, Cold Steel, and ZT tactical models.

Jakub Fátor says:

And what about Gerber Edict? It’s very good too. Only handle is ugly. 😀

The One says:

To me a TACTICAL folding knife means this:

(Because if all it takes is for you to wip it out and people run it’s done it’s job)

Nicholas Aarons says:

Hey Dude Good Video & Nice Knives. I Cary multiple Knives on me Locking & Non Locking and have a valid reason for both because I do Rope Work & Rigging & Wood Work among other things…! But I EDC (Mick Strider SMF, S, CC, Spear Point, Coyote G10, Stone Washed Ti, S110V) & (Buck, 301 Stockman, USA Version, 420HC) or switch out between (Spyderco, Paramilitary 2, Black DLC, S30V) & (Spyderco, UKPK, Ti, S30V) and other Versions of it. But I have a nice collection of different kinds of Knives & Makes and switch them in and out all the time depending on what I’m going to be doing with them because they are all Tools and each job requires the right tool but as we all know “Sheepeople” will never understand that they are a Tool and just think that they are killing machines but of corse they are not when in the right hands. LOL. Keep up the great work. Nick.

Упсарин Ц says:

One question. Aren’t all these liner locks gonna cut you when you try to stab and they fold on your fingers. Specifically asking for spyderco tenacious and ontario rat 1. In your opinion are the locking systems strong enough to defend with these knives? Thank You!

Kevin Wong says:

The debate never ends, but I always quote:
It is not what you have, but how you use it.
Enough said, isn’t it?

Geno Burgess says:

Tactical id say is a single purpose knife not a multi purpose one. Oh comnents i carry to much lol leatherman wave, gerber torch 2 ,spyderco endura 4, victorinox rescue tool and my old swiss army lol

BennyCFD says:

So…What exactly is a “Tactical” knife as opposed to a regular ole everyday folder of the same size and function that you would use for everyday use. Do you pay more for a knife if it’s a “Tactical” knife. I notice there are lots of YouTube videos on “Tactical” stuff.

The Average Mlg says:

How many times did he say tactical

Geno Burgess says:

If you call that BG knife a tactical knife im going to laugh at you lol you loose all credabilitie the moment you use the two letters BG

jrs_ 2000 says:

Take a shot every time he says tactical lol


tactical means gear that military would use

Ralph Robles says:

Sorry didn’t catch the brand name of your favorite knife. Really liked it. The last one. What is it called?

Rocky Love says:

To me a tactical folding knife should meet all the requirements like day to day use and should be usable in emergency situations. suld be quick and productive. means a single knife which solves multiple purposes efficiently

a good tactical knife should have these quality to be TACTICAL
1. Quick and easy to deploy
2. Mixed Blade (serated and plain) edge
3. Can be used by both hands
3. cointain a glass breaker
4. a good grip
5. Durable

Joseph says:

Tactical implies tactics aka combat. However knives are tools first and foremost regardless. I differentiate tactical and rescue blades since they often counter each other. Rescue style blades should limit the risk of injuring the person being extricated, hence no or little tip, serrations are more suited for rescue than they are edc, etc. Least for me, very different. Like the list. Speed was why I felt the Recon 1 was eh. Will try the Lawman though.

Brandon Kruz says:

What’s that one little square blade u show at the beginning of the video

Ed N says:

basicly it means its painted black

srg914 says:

Good topic. For me, a tactical folder needs to have a good piercing point and good length of blade, 3.5 inches and up. I just ordered a zt452cf. 4.1 inch blade. It’s tactical imo. But when it comes down to it, if you’re using a knife, no matter it’s size or shape, to defend yourself, it’s become tactical. I carry a smith and wesson tactical pen. It could be very effective in fending off a bad guy. A good, stiff jab with it to the right area would be a bad day for the attacker. I conceal carry a gun so my knife or pen would be a secondary weapon if for whatever reason I couldn’t get access to my firearm. My first choice for self defense is OC spray. Better to use something non-lethal and get out of the area if possible. Avoids a lot of legal repercussions.

Matt Ashe says:

Like your review and how you deem what is or can be tactical knife etc. The term tactical is a marketing ploy to sell knives to the untrained. With training a bic pen is a tactical weapon. Just my opinion.

Mason Thornburgh says:

I only carry one knife. It’s a cold steel hold out with a four inch blade.

TANKmotor Lol says:

Gerber remix tactical

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