Testing a $9 Knife – Craftsman Ball Bearing Folding Knife – Unboxing & Review

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Average Joe says:

I read that Craftsman is no longer a USA made tool company. The “craftsman” who make them are paid one grain of rice per knife they produce, which is in North Korea. (They have a special trade agreement). Hillary Clinton was very proud of that deal.

Joaquin Larriba says:

Love the hoodie wjere did u get it

Michael Santagata says:

My best guess is that the blade steel is probably 8cr13mov at best, probably made by Gerber for Craftsman (craftsman doesn’t make their own stuff). Looks like a Gerber blade design.

Asphyxiate14 says:

Bro….the master blaster music, awesome

tyler durden says:

Great review. You get what you pay for. Would be nice to see you sharpen the blade and do a 1 minute mini review after that. Just a thought

Sam C says:

Cheap…But it would do in a pinch. ‘Nuff said.

Dustin Mervin says:

Craftsman USED to be a good name in tools

ShaneDips says:

Can I have a shoutout


Liked 73

Focus gaming says:


Frank Hinkle says:

Maybe you should rate it against other cheap Home Depot/Lowes work knives. you said you had one cheap Coast knife you’d recommend to the young airmen who needed a cheap knife.

Lilsavagebutnoob says:

That knife is deffinitely worth it for 9.99

Hackmercury533 says:

What fallout is your favorite doc. Mine is New Vegas

Matt Orser says:

At least it has a lifetime guarantee..
Thanks again for the great videos doc.God bless you and your family.

Av E says:

Test a snap on knife

cat shultz says:

Aww your stump has been faithful

ShaneDips says:

Nice vid

Thomas Sager says:

Im probably not the only one who noticed but during the spec texts stainless was spelled incorrectly. I officially have no life

Peter Boyle says:


Kipper White says:

Wife looked over my shoulder & saw red knife so hadda rewind 2 start 4 her ! She has a thing 4 red knives Lady says Yes Pls&TY likes the big craftsman logo. 4got 2 add also carbon steel is Great my go 2 Surirval blade is a 20+ yr ole Mora GI knife & carbon steel of course

Paul Wegner says:

It’s a decent knife

cat shultz says:

Ever had a chance to see the TRS I believe “free knife”? It oddly has held up. It’s a knife that you pay the 9.95 s & h…if I come across an offer would you like for me to send the offer? I’ve been rather brutal on it,…little magnetic light,tiny Ferro,etc. The lock isn’t bad..id be glad to forward it to you via email if you want to order as an idea for a cheaper edc for peeps or at least first aid kit?

Jaco Pieterse says:

Awesome man!!! I think i might look for one!! Still going for that kershaw should it go on a giveaway!!

Kipper White says:

Like it alot!- spring assist wudda been my #1 other good also

scott sansom says:

Love ur videos! Would also like also like to see sharping systems and tutorials.

Neo hoy says:

420 hc stand for 420 horrible chinesium

Black Echo says:

You should check out the dewalt knife I buy it for a work knife just wanted your thoughts.

The Matador says:

I’m looking for a long-term use, actuall quality knife. Any reccomendations for where to look?

Isaiah Brian says:

What knife at 2:54? On the stump

DieYuppieScum91 says:

For the same price as a gas station Z-Hunter knife, this is not bad at all.

SLAM_ Security says:

Home Depot’s got some knives that I’ve been thinking about trying out

Good Ol Boy #76 says:

Hell yea nice knife and don’t Craftsman have a life time warranty on their tools. So if you brake the knife you send it in and get a new one.

ShaneDips says:


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