Testing The Cheapest Folding Knife From Harbor Freight

I picked up a knife today for $5 from Harbor Freight it was the cheapest folding knife that they had. I bought this knife just to test and do a review on it. The knife right out of the box would not lock and I had to modify it just to do the test. The knife was fairly sharp out of the box and I was surprised how well it held its edge. This is the cheapest knife from harbor freight and I will give it 2 stars mostly because of the lock bar.

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Sameone says:

With all these cheap tools and stuff. Please work your magic to make them great!!! Please bud, please. 🙂

Eatdatpussy 445 says:


CRAZYD4VE87 says:

I have one of those, to open it theres a little thing on the edge of the knife, flick up on that and flick your wrsit, you can get it open in less than 2 seconds once you get it adjusted.

Mark K says:

and if you “whip” any liner or frame locker. it will blow by bevel and lodge/lock up on the other end..do not whip folders.. like you see on other vids..

tmapes1989 says:

my lock worked fine. You got a defective one

176bammm says:

I have a similarly designed, old model S&W Bullseye ck5 . I’ve had it for 7, or so years. I believe the K mart chain still sells it for $13.00. Don’t know anything about the harbor freight knife. The s&w locks up solidly, and has zero play. Beefy, and heavy. I DON’T abuse it, I dont try to “bushcraft” with it. If I need to then ill get a chainsaw, or a ax. Just a occasional use knife out of a very large collection of pocket knives I have.

Sophrosyne says:

sick slip joint

Paula Laube says:

Hey Jake, I bought a similar knife at the dollar store, and it was a dollar! Maybe I will put it to your test.

Curtis Larson says:

I’ve been using these for years now. For what they are, they’re great. They used to be $2.99, so $4.99 seems pretty expensive to me. My best guess would be that about 1 in 3 of them have issues with the locks. I buy them 3 or 4 at a time and test them in the parking lot. They take a good edge and hold it reasonably well. The screws should be loctited or else they will back off over time. The really nice thing about a knife like this is that you can abuse the hell out of it without regret. Cut drywall or shingles, drive screws, dig, whatever…it’s a $5 knife. Just sharpen it on the belt sander when it gets dull and if you lose it somewhere, it’s a $5 knife.

Tox Ton says:

my mom works at harbor freight and my dad tried using their welding tools and it broke on his first try

Sharp Works says:

That’s good to know I was curious if the steel was decent in the blade. I didn’t expect the lock bar to be so bad, but at least it bent so that it locked itself up instead of slamming shut on you. One of mine did that to me. It’s a real scary moment when your blade gets imbedded in a finger. Thankfully it wasn’t bad enough to cause serious damage. But nice review on this knife it’s been one of those items I was wondering about but never felt the urge to buy it.

YuNg Dizzy says:

mine locks fine

Tactical Center says:

those are not ceramic washers, they look like cheap nylon washers.

176bammm says:

…Liner lock…A S&W copy….

Vincenzo Jahhili says:

My lock does the same thing its stock no mods ,,only used a Lanski 7 stone system…My girlfriend works for Harbor i used it at a Christmas dinner to cut my steak LOL ..and 8 people paid me 30$ each to sharpen a 5$ knife

The Scrapsmith says:

The weird thing is you can get a better knife for 2,99 at walmart

jmtnvalley says:

Except for losing the thumb tabs, mine works fine. I don’t worry about losing it or breaking it. It doesn’t hold an edge super well, but then I don’t spend a lot of time sharpening it. Mine locks just fine. I would have taken it back and replaced it.

Roosterdad50 says:

Great video. I EDC’d one of these knives for a few months and with general utility use it held up nicely. The only complaint I had with it was, you guessed it- the lockup. mine would lock but only if you opened it hard enough. after several months of use it stayed the same. Can’t beat that price though. I was surprised that the whole thing was stainless steel and not just the blade. : )

Wil Caillier says:

I like your videos thanks for the review

Mark K says:

add thin metal .wide washer to opposite end of every cheapo frame/ liner lock made..to prevent “blow by” .. have one that was given to me by who knows where. by who could care less. worthless.. but for that fact..

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