Top 10 Favorite EDC Knives — Best Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry | EDC Knife Review

EDC pocket knives are plentiful but the BEST everyday carry knives are few and far between! In this video review I show you the best EDC knives on the market! Click “SHOW MORE for more details!

Kershaw Leek:

Zero Tolerance 0561 EDC Knife:

Recon I Tanto Point EDC Knife:

Boker Plus Subcom EDC Pocket Knife:

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 EDC Folding Knife:

Benchmade Griptilian Pocket Knife:

Spyderco ParaMilitary2 Camo G-10 Black Blade PlainEdge EDC Knife:

Benchmade 940 Osborne Design Everyday Carry Knife:

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Silver Alox Cadet EDC Knife:

Victorinox Signature Lite Pocket Knife:

— Runner Ups:
Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife:

Ontario RAT 1:

Kershaw CQC-7K EDC Knife:

Spyderco Manix 2 EDC Knife:

Spyderco Domino EDC Knife:

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الشفرات الماسية says:

Boker bz is also great I have it in my pocket and I forgot that it’s there light weight and great size

Richard Saunders says:

have you seen the cold steel assisted. awesome!

Διρhα says:

The Benchmade 940 looks awesome besides from that ugly purple stripe on the back. Why did they do that…

john doe says:

That signature light knife sounds like shit not hating but he says “Will help you with night vision” That little ass light won’t do anything except look pretty.

Turime Eiji YouTuber says:

Ring knife you have ?

Nick Hickey says:

the Kershaw leek knife does not have a slanted blade on amazon where do I find one exactly like yours?

Chompio Dicaprio says:

I carry a pocket knife to school, mainly for protection cause my neighbourhood is MESSED UP

Yogi Lilly says:

while I would like a Sage, for the price can get 3 to 4 good EDC knifes that I know I would use…..

Thus my top 4 usage, generally always have two knifes….
1) SAK Harvester, I just prefer the pruner (hawkbill) blade for daily cutting chores, Alox scale for grip.
2) SAK Field Master, scissors and wood saw added to a Tinker (old favorite that I easily recommend as a first knife)
3) Dragonfly 2, smaller blade (2.25) inches that offers so much control for EDC, in orange for visibility.
4) Rat 2, 3 inch blade that feels secure in hand with finger choil and jimpiing thumb ramp. A great utility knife, while I do not own a Rat 1 for those with bigger hands or desire something that may also serve in a tactical situation the Rat 1 should be considered.

BIKEzoom says:

kershaw leek,Italian stiletto

D Myrick says:

recon 1 is sooo ugly

Chris Rau says:


swarthydesert 65 says:

Good vid after watching this video it made me want to get a pocket knive

Dano DeMano says:

Skateboard tape makes great thumb grip on knives that don’t have decent jimping. I do the same as you with my Dragonfly, but mine is the VG-10 w/ G-10 scales. I have too many favorites to name, some of them are like yours and some different. I too have many of those “where did I put that” knives that are nice but not used as much. I don’t believe in safe queens! My least used but highly favored though is my dress up gent’s 940-1 CF (because my Reg. 940 is kind of beat up)! Thanks for the video.

Corvo Attano says:

03:17 this knife looks like a (abstract) belt buckle in my opinion, am I the only one?

Sam Hoffer says:

Guys plz help me pick fm I can’t decide should I get the 940-2 or the mini grip-1

Professor Weaboo says:

Jesus how many mini knives does one man need XD I would love just one spyderco folding knife

Grit Sharpenson says:

Thank you so much for your time

Ivan Couisine says:

I have a 75$ gift card to Amazon.. if I could get one knife what should I get?

Scorpion Sunday says:

I carry the Benchmade Adamas Automatic exclusively

turbotimthree says:

I thought it was axis lock not access lock.

John J0hn says:

What’s EDC?

hi my name is says:

why does this guy carry 35 different knifes

Wyatt Broom says:

10 most every day carry knives, nice grammar dude!

ratrod diesels says:

i like the vic w/550 fob

king bear-slug says:

This guy sound like someone is chasing him down. With his quick sharp breaths, fast talking, weak shaky voice, and use of the word um every five seconds. (i’m serious count to five and i guarantee he says um)

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