Top 10 Folding Knives for Self Defense

Grab a cold one, get comfortable, because you’re going to be here a while. Another Top 10 video, this time looking at folding knives for self defense. If I could go back I’d add the Spyderco Karahawk 2 since I didn’t have that knife when filming this video. I tried to shorten the video the best I could, but there was a lot to talk about. A lot of time and effort was put into this video, so I appreciate the shares and likes. Thanks for watching.

Knives featured in this video
Zero Tolerance 0630
Kershaw CQC4kXL
Cold Steel Talwar
Cold Steel Talon 2
Cold Steel Tiger Claw
Spyderco Matriarch
Spyderco Waved Delica
Fox Karambit
Cold Steel AK47


Dubglock23 says:

great choices man….

Gunworld74 says:

Just interested in your title….knives. stick to the script.

CandyNinja says:

Cool thanxs now i know what to buy keep going ur good ytber

The chosen 1 says:

Nutnfancy with this video length lol

Priority Survival says:

ZT 0452

Thomas Honea says:

I can tell that not too many of you knife nuts have been in a real knife fight . theirs nothing good about it . its bloody , painful , and scary. Most personal traing goes right out the window . I truly hope non of you ever have to experience that situation.

Gavin Reddig says:

Like the new intro

danieldomenico says:

I love my dart. Fox makes awesome knives.

Daniel Stoner says:

Those hook nosed blades are horses**t gimmicks – worthless as teats on a boar hog for self defense (or much of anything else). Can’t stab and super fragile. Your video is thus a joke in my estimation… I just cannot believe that you admit that it can’t stab and still considered it above the top 1000 let alone top 10. Stabbing is how you reach the vitals and stop an attack. Stabbing is nearly everything. Epic fail – sorry, because the rest of the video is good.

Seth says:

This video convinced me to go for AK47 over Recon 1 in clip point. Really detailed, great job!

Larry says:

Emerson cqc7. The original and still the best

fourgos says:

I know several cops who carry CRKT Hissatsu folders.
I am limited to 2.5 inches in the workplace and carry a Spyderco Delica Kahr.

Darc 1027 says:

Seriously sick blades man I liked the scoring that you gave for each of them. Thank you so much for demoing the out of the pocket opening mechanisms for each blade I thought that was really cool. I am a huge cold steel fan so the ak47 knife was my favorite. What would you recommend as far as spyderco goes for edc I don’t own any spydercos yet but I really want to get into them. Thanks again for all of your great videos and cheers

AngryIrish87 says:

Cold steel are Taiwanese shit

Purge says:

Love my Fox 479. BTW, the Karambit is originally from Indonesia used in their martial arts of Pentjak Silat or Pencak Silat. But like you said is now also used in the Filipino martial arts as well as the Malaysian martial arts. Good video and some very nice blades.

Eric Olsen says:

Great video I can’t carry where I live, but will carry all those knives great choices. I love the cqc4xl. Can’t beat it for the price

brian easton says:

I love my 0630.

rabbitslayer42 says:

Give a hyper child a red marker and tell em they’ll get $5 for every mark they make on you before you can get their arm under control, they get to pick when they will attack…That seems like a better way to train for RL attack scenarios imo 🙂

matt locke says:

What about the Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto for a defensive folder?

91classicrock says:

what do you think about emerson knives? the ones from his company


I like my Emmerson combat system fighter knife signature series.

Chris says:

Love the Matriarch 2.

Rebecca Honeycutt says:

Try the Kershaw speed save

Travis Mcghee says:

Why would you need to have it on your left? I understand you want your conceal carry on your right but your knife is usually carried it n your front pocket and your CC on your belt or waste band etc. So why the need to have it on your left? Just curious about your reasoning.

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