Top 10 Folding Knives Under $50(2017)

In this video I cover what I think are the 10 best knives for under $50 as of 10/29/2017. Below are links to the knives in the videos where you can purchase them. Thanks for watching!

LA Police Gear TBFK S35vn-
Ontario Rat 1 D2-
Real Steel E571-–Realsteel-Knives-E571-Frame-Lock–34109
Ruike P801SF-
Kershaw Skyline-
Tekcut Zero-
Byrd Raven 2-
Tangram Santa Fe-
Steel Will Cutjack D2-
Ganzo Firebird FB7601-U


TT Woodworks says:

Thanks for this review. After watching, I purchased the Tangram Santa Fe and the Byrd Raven. The Tangram knife is great. It will be added to my edc. The Byrd Raven, however, I’m disappointed in. The detent ball catching on the blade is driving me crazy. Thanks again. Great reviews!

Michael Rossi says:

Did u fart? 3:13

House of Wisdom says:

Excellent Review Bro!

Damen0530 says:

Do $150 next….

natemorris925 says:

would you recommend between the tangram santa fe or the ruike p801 or would you say they’re the same quality?

srg914 says:

Just ordered the LAPG s35vn knife with satin blade. I’ve seen reviews of it before and seems to be a consensus that it is indeed s35vn. Awesome deal even with a tip down clip.

infamouscoma886 says:

Really not one crkt? You could fill this list 10x over with crkt!

Al 76 says:

The cheaper version of the cut Jack is on washers not bearings the upgraded version that you have in the video has bearing but the cheaper version is still very sweet you’re not wrong I actually prefer it over bearings

Burr. ;3;/ says:

on the real steel, the lock for the framelock is called beta+ lock.
nice video, great choices.

Captin Drew says:

Nice Vid!

Galactic Gaming says:

If only I found this video before making a purchase

Orions Blax says:

Awesome! I don’t even knew about the Real Steel brand but just shared this videos on my Facebook EDC group and ordered one, thanks buddy!

Chevyx7 Stephen says:

Great video thanks for all the info alas now you have me wanting to buy ALL of those knives you reviewed.

Steve Kluver says:

A great list!
I have all of these, except for the LAPG, and the Spyderco knife.
I’d have to at least add in the Harnds Talisman CK9168 Knife, for $29.93 – $31.99 on eBay. That thing is unbelievable! eBay has a couple of U.S. stocking Sellers too, for fast delivery. botdcypher2009 is the best Seller choice there. IMO. I know that he is also stocking the FB7601 and FB7603 Firebird/Ganzo’s.

Gautam Badveti says:

Excellent selection !

Prepared 2 Thrive says:

Nice list

888zzz says:

Gotta love that sweatshop labor.

EK Films says:

Skyline :'(

Grant Aldrich says:

Great review, much appreciated.

Chad Hughes says:

Have you checked out about of the bestech budget knifes

LittleMac84 says:

Its amazing how much better the quality of the video looks as compared to the last op 10 under $50

Captain Sunday says:

Did this guy say the Skyliner has “nice flipping action?” Wtf! NO ONE THINKS THIS.

Captainpegs07 says:

FYI the Chinese are notorious for counterfeit steels and it’s a major issue in US manufacturing with foreign sourced material. Especially on ebay, you don’t know what you’re really buying.

bubu mic says:

I cant find these knives in my country :(((

M. Scott McAtee says:

Thanks for this review. Just bought that p801.

Chris Mays says:

Love that Ruike. The tech cut one is interesting too. Just my opinion but the Ganzo cheapens the list a bit.

David Vanderstelt says:

I’m just wondering when the Skyline will be removed from these top 10 videos, it just feels antiquated and outclassed by so many other designs.

Real Steel Knives says:

Great to see our E571 in the mix here!Great review.

jeffrey brothers says:

nice budget collection

Vue Her says:

The skyline and the rat folders’ been long time contenders.

MrGeerbear says:

EDCG- The Bestech budget line is around that price and very well done.

Tom Petty says:

Say how much the dang knife weighs! You said it would take too long, but you seem to have enough time to ramble about the type of steel for a minute. You could put some specs on screen if you’re worried about taking too much time to tell us verbally. This is meant to be constructive criticism btw, not just complaining to complain.

Phil Chap says:

Kershaw link 1776 any good?

William Maurer says:

great video, great info, thx

Mike Gregerick says:

Just bought the Ruike P801. I love it thanks for the tip. Great videos. Like your price groupings.

Andrew Greiner says:

if that lapg knife wasnt tip down id buy it right now…

Mike Gregerick says:

Just received the LAPD knife. What a mess out of the box. Just sharpened s35vn for the first time ever. Not easy but I am happy with results. Used Lansky diamond hones. Thank you again for the great suggestions and videos. Keep on reviewing. I will be watching.

Robert Ellis says:

Just simply a great review. I want just one pocket knife. Of these 10, what one would be say a good starting knife? Don’t want them all just a nice “quiet” carry. I’ve a couple very small blades an I’d like to upgrade to something bigger.

Memestar Gnomes says:

I wish you had included the Kershaw Leek or Shuffle.

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