Top 5 Outdoor Pocket Knives & Why?

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When enjoying the outdoors having a good pocket knife is essential, and in this video I want to share what to look for in a pocket knife for the outdoors, and my favorite 5 blade I can recommend.

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Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


Pete Maloney says:

EKA Swede 10 beats them all for price/quality and use for food prep, wood etc.

magic says:

I can suggest the Svord peasant as a runner up.

TruckGuyHD92 says:

Freek is my edc blade. What is your code for bladehq. Can you do a food prep video

matty d says:

Those universal thumbstuds are shit.

Michael Weglarz says:

you are a sponsor hunter those knifes are shit

Steven Espinoza says:

My favorite outdoors/hiking folder is my old Cold Steel Voyager large clip point (AUS 8 version). Good, thick handle scales for maximum purchase, Triad lock and lightweight aluminum liners for dependability, and nice weight vs blade length ratio at a good price. The steel isn’t the best obviously, but gets extremely sharp and has decent toughness for a stainless the way they heat treat it.

Pappajohn372 says:

The Cold Steel Finn Wolf runs more like $65

Dano DeMano says:

Love my Finn Wolf & I bought it after I saw your review! Opinel #8 is a great knife too.

I'm Tank pvp says:

Are spyderco g10 a knife good for outdoors?

Chris Clark says:

Ok I can see it but maybe the title would be better as, “Top 4 budget outdoor pocket knives plus one nicer one” There are a lot that are far superior to these but if you need to go as cheap as you can these would be more than fine.

Amber Freeman says:

Is the CPM-S30V steel hard to sharpen back up?
I have recently started to buy only carbon steal knifes because the edge I can get it much better. I’ve owned one gerber in my life it was a pocket folder that I couldn’t ever get sharp no matter what I did.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Aaron, Nice choices. I almost got that Gerber Gator Pro, but instead I got the Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter in the Carpenter Steel, Awesome, yeah, it’s nice and lite and strong. But I do have the Gerber Gator with the clip point in the 420 HC, and the Gerber Gator with the drop point in the CM 154, it holds a much better edge retention than the 420 HC. But my C. S. Ultimate Hunter is my Fav’s outdoor folders in that Carpenter Steel. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

Rodger P says:

I like your list, but I’d swap out the Cold Steel choice of the Finn Wolf for the Ultimate Hunter.  Although you’re gaining 1.5 ounces, you get a lot better steel, a much sturdier overall knife, and it fits your hand a lot better.  My CTS-XHP one is great, and I’ll bet the S35VN one is even better.  It’s one of my favorite folding knives, and certainly one of my first choices for super tough needs.

Doug Johnson says:

The Victorinox 1 handed Trekker is another great choice.

Lo Value says:

After carrying a Benchmade 556 154CM for 5 years, I would have gone with Benchmade if I had to pick one to carry. My mini-grip has been outstanding in every way except maybe keeping that super sharp edge but S30Vn will fix that for you. When using a ferro-rod I use the thumb-gripp part on the knife unfolded to avoid cutting myself or messing up the tinder with the blade. Happy camping!

Damon Galipeau says:


Elias Cervantez says:

I like everything about my Finn wolf except the super thick tip it’s terrible at slicing

mister smith says:

Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter for me⚔️

Timothy Gustafson says:

What’s your thoughts on Svord knives?

Philip George says:

I can’t stand the Finn Wolf.

brian hill says:

To get extra grip on thin or smooth handle grandad but glue on handle then a sprinkle of sand eg non slip ???

Thomas Denton says:

Love the channel Aaron, although I often disagree with your choices/views I get where you’re coming from. After years of collecting knives and hiking across the US my staple trail folders been refined down to these –

Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter in CTS-XHP
All the same reasons you like the Gerber Gator, but in my opinion it does better in all areas.

Benchmade Bugout – For the lighter jobs. I use the Bugout as my ‘on hand’ pocket knife riding in my pants on the trail and it does 99% of jobs beautifully. It keeps the edge on the CS from taking on any unnecessary wear so that should the SHTF the CS is ready to come out of the pack and take over for bushcraft/survival tasks and is at it’s optimum. The Bugout is so light that you get that benefit at almost a zero weight gain.

I also carry a lightweight skeletonised and wrapped custom fixed blade in Elmax (made by JimmyPie in the UK) as a backup should everything go wrong.

Those three knives together come in about the same weight as one typical bushcraft fixed blade and the capability, convenience and redundancy is off the scale.

My test for a good trail knife – It must be light, have a strong lock, run a good steel that is field serviceable and you must be able to take it down for repairs/maintenance using a pocket size torx tool option.

It’s funny how peoples view of what’s important varies, often it can be down to things as abstract as the environment you’re in. I added the takedown criteria after hiking in areas with fine dirt/dust for the first time.

Prior to the Ultimate Hunter I was running the Finn Wolf so agree with you on that one. In fact I think I bought that off the back of your video. 🙂

Isaac Jones says:

I just bought an opinel knife

Joshua Abadano says:

For the Opinels, what’s better? Stainless or Carbon?


I had a really good grey one and it was really really strong but I was cutting wood to make a fire and it fell in a creek and got stuck under a rock

Eric Mollen says:

Is the grey opinel with the lanyard hole a No. 07?

Nemo Krada says:

Title is Top 5 Pocket Knives, not “Pocket Knives are better than Fixed Blades”. Calm down.

Matt Arendale says:

Great video Aaron gonna check out that Gerber gator !

ツA 1 says:

an outdoor knife with screws… fucking stupid

Stephen Stanley says:

I need a fin wolf with a 3 inch blade.

Allen Russell says:

I carry an elite tactical M-1022BK

The Shaving Channel says:

What are your thoughts on the gerber gator fixed blade?

simon says:

Superb as always. Still number 1 on the tube. Keep it up

Александр Холодный says:

Викторинокс лучше всех.

Steve Weckel says:

Benchmade and Gerber. They will protect you and keep you alive.

abner galdos says:

I still cant get over the Gerber brand.
Great video

Sidney Mathious says:

I have a classic Buck 110 knife and the problem I have with it is the knife not being able to be sharpen easily. I have a Japanese knife in the same category and it is easy to sharpen. The best folding knife I have is one which was issued to me when I was in the Air Force and it was used to rig cargo parachutes and had two blades on it. I treated that knife with tender loving care and have a sheath which was made in the shop and it has held up real well. My Gerber multi-tools have blades the size of those you showed or a little smaller and I love them.

Ryan Agar says:

Whatever knife you get, get an opinel, they’re sweet to have lying around for the price.

Duke Makedo says:

I think a large-ish “outdoor pocket knife” needs some forefinger protection: have a a guard or a deep finger groove in the handle. Your hands might be wet, cold, icy…might be wearing gloves. And you might be pushing hard on the blade, thus the need for a better grip.

James Reck says:

I’ve receintly started carrying the Milwaukee Fastback and it’s a great pocket lock blade knife for under $20, got it at Home Depot. Like it so much I ordered the Milwaukee 4 inch fixed to try out and see how tough it is, (also only $20 BTW).

PeterC585 says:

The Benchmade Adamas is AWESOME at Bush craft knife that’s over looked for for this task.

metal knight says:

What are the ones with the blue handles called?

Charlie Knibbs says:

I’d recommend a STANLEY guickslide sport. Awesome little locking knife, thick handle and 2 blades

Neal Valero says:

Buck Canoe….yep. 2 blades if one gets dull, strong construction, small enough for the pocket, big enough for the hand. $30 at Walmart no credit card needed, no interest paid. It’s made in China, but so is the computer or phone you are reading this on.

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