TwoSun Tanto Titanium Handle Ball Bearings D2 Folding Knife TS-20
TwoSun Tanto
Overall Length: 205 mm
Closed: 118 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Blade length: 85 mm
Weight: 113g
Blade: D2
Handle: Titanium alloy
Spindle: KVT steel ball bearings


intra morph says:

for $45 you can’t complain right? I just purchased one of these…
Thanks for the review

AdventureCamping says:

Dude! That knife is sick! I gotta check one out. Thanks for sharing!

Chris Clements says:

Is the one on Ali express the same? Seems to be. They are a bitch to find on eBay and the bid is usually 50 more.

Henry Swanson says:

Sweet blade!!

Jason Stein says:

I got the same knife for 14 bucks but it’s worth more its quality made.


Sweet blade!!

brianminkc says:

nice blade

GunCollector007 says:

Have to get one now! Thanks


that D2 is tool steel hammer steel

Tyler Durden says:

I am looking to buy a TWOSUN TC4……

Aaron Cross says:

I like it.

gunnwild1 says:

That’s a good looking blade

dseed norway says:

oh I like the tanto blade on it. With d2 steel it Sounds like bang for the buck 🙂

arvid gunardi says:

People who bash on chinese products are hypocrite, lets remember Tim Britton and Kizer. Just for the sake of discrimination, people automatically believed everything Tim Britton’s accusation towards kizer, when infact we all know now, its Tim who is ripping Kizer.

Dean O says:

I like it!

amit avital says:

this company are made copies or original design?

Canadian Cutting Edge says:

I like that. I ordered a TwoSun recently and it is crap. I can’t help but think that its not a real TwoSun. Is there any branding at all on the knife other than on the blade?
By the way. A knife is only a clone if it has the branding on it of the knife it is impersonating. Clone has a very narrow definition and requires the second item to be just like the first. Otherwise, like the Ganzo knives they are just making a knife after the style of other knives – they always chance a number of things about their knives, even though the shape is often quite close.
People won’t knock American knives that look very much like other American knives either. For some reason, just as you said, people just pick on China. Its silly.

Gunny Sharp says:

This is just odd to me! I just bought one of those blades and haven’t even had it delivered yet. I was just wanting to get back to the site I had first found it on. I typed TwoSun-Tanto in Google search. A few things came up along with this utube video. BTW appreciate the vid! So I looked up who put on this video and your JW. Now I’m getting an odd feeling, here’s this gentleman who pretty much just got the exact knife and his comments are very close to things I’d say about the Chinese knives. Then, like I said, saw your JW. I’m JW. Coincidence, I’m not a firm believer in. So it did kind of freak me knowing this after watching you vid and recalling what you said. It’s very strange to me. Anyway, nice vid and appreciate the info. O for those who dog Chinese knives, if you check out history. It’s the Chinese who taught the Japanese to make swords. They just took it further in the hardening department perfecting it as far as I’m concerned. The cheap junk the Chinese use to put out was because they couldn’t get materials for tourists. Their good stuff, how ever small amounts they had, it went to them. Now that every country in the world has knives and other things made in China and supply the metal to do so. They can and do make some very nice stuff. So let people talk. As long as they do, knives will stay reasonably cheap and we can get some very fine blades for very good prices!

deputysheriff100 says:

Very nice and D2 is a good steel. Love the titanium.

wolfreaper88 says:

which site did you order yours from?

Heil says:

Oohhhhh Samurai

Jason Davis says:

love the knife, but it has a tendency to “stick” and can be difficult to flip open . . . maybe I just got a bad apple. Definitely would still recommend though.

mikedifeo says:

I like. it. Great buy. I think I ma going to get one. Price is right. I really like D2.


that’s a nice looking blade man
enjoy (^_-)

BladeObsession says:

Youre right I’ve never seen one but its cool.

nicestknives says:

That’s a serious piece 🙂

brianminkc says:

I bid on a Two Suns and won today. It is a gorgeous blade. Prettiest Two Suns I have seen so far…. I had to give $57.88 for it… however its really comparable to a $125 knife. I really like D2 so that is not an issue for me. It wears like iron and gets very sharp. Mine is a more Hinderer style with sculpted titanium scales with multi-colored anodizing.

Thomas Aasen says:

Got one like this, but with a different blade shape. I love it, but lately it has got a “scraping” sound when closing. It comes when almost closed. Think it is the detent ball. When closed, the lockbar goes all the way in to the blade. Think I need to open it up. Was wondering if you have experienced this?

Will Miller says:

I don’t see how they use Titanium and D2 at that price point. I want one, but wouldn’t be surprised if the materials were not what they claim. Cool blade design.

Reverend Jack says:

Thats sexy, as tiddiz. 😉

Spirit Blade says:

Badass blade

Gene Carr says:

I am a retired 30 year machinist here to ask one thing. What kind of D2? I make D2 knife blades and the company I buy my D2 from does not make D2 in China. D2 is a high speed machine tool steel with main use of stamping other softer steels. To make into blade worth material involves meticulous tempering. I have tested a couple of China d2 blades. They were very sharp right out of the bo…plastic wrapper. Chopping at some hard wood for about an hour and mini chips started to develop. Put in a vice and both test knives snapped in half
I do not work for Bohler, the source of my D2. A visit of their site will show the difference in just using D2 tool steel to stamp out a blade and correctly tempered, almost ready for a blade D2.
NOw about that titanium… Without looking, I am sure that it is magnetic. China titanium ALLOY is what you are getting. Titanium alloyed with the right steel is great. Alloyed with recycled steel looks nice when new but soon corrodes. Also, any contact points wear quick. For instance, a bearing housing will wear out fast. I see a comment about a scraping sound. A well made knife will not develop that kind of problem soon.
When China production methods meet International standards, they will be Chinese cars in the US.
I am not just picking on China. Lots of things look and work great when new.
That is how cheap Chevy cars get those awards in ” initial quality” . What a crock of crap. Lots of US Chevys cannot pass stricter standards of Japan. To be sold, many have to be repainted and upgraded with a list longer that I need to make the point.
To my original point, many, or most China manufacturers just cannot resist making low content material goods.
If I was to buy a China knife that used bearings, I would replace with US made bearings. I would also test hard do that if I need in an emergency like using to lever something heavy from my leg, I don want it to snap leaving me to the meth creatures…

Tom Hadler says:

Have you got a tattoo for a wedding ring?! Ha. I was tempted to do that

bruce karalash says:

Beauty man!

dfcvda says:

my twosun knives are awesome

ParasidicGeneration says:

very cool blade

troman5000 says:

Slick knife!!! Good vid!!!

Mark Gray says:

That is th same kinda pocket clip that’s on the Spyderco Southard Flipper…I have a theory about the clones and how they get some of them exact as the originals…not all of em but I have a handful and have seen videos of them…what if these popular companies are actually having some of their product outsourced from China (would it really surprize you?) and at the end of the day, the company makes extras with their own materials…seing how the machines are already set up for whatever model they have been making for the original company that placed the order.l..I have a Spyderco Lionspy, that if I didn’t pay for the carbon fiber scale, anyone would put money on that it was made in Italy…anyway, lets hear what you think about it.

A.J. Rusinek says:

people don’t knock taiwanese,japanese and italian knives because unlike china they have good ethical working conditions

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