U.K Legal Carry Folding Knife Review

U.K Legal Carry Folding Knife Review, uk legal, no lock slipjoint knife, perfect for edc in the u.k.
LINK : https://goo.gl/4KkgZJ
Promithi version – https://amzn.to/2MTqxfE
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Jack Striker says:

Excellent Mike.

scott burnett says:

I think you should do a review on the krudo iota uk legal carry knife. Its more expensive but its my go too edc

Electro says:

Sweet blade!

LappBricks says:

Nice video as well as a nice knife for cheap.

zednotzee7 says:

It’s certainly excellent for the price, but I’d be a bit leery about using it in public. It looks a bit villainous tbh, and someone might call the plod on you. And what the Plod might make of that could end up being a bit iffy. Even if it is technically legal carry, it does look rather ” weaponish “. Of course, at one time, no-one would have batted an eye at it. But nowadays things are somewhat different.

Fire Wolf says:

Weapon collector are you doing a stream tonight

lyca0n says:

Are locking knives now banned now in the temporarily united communist kingdom of toriland ???, As if so glad I am never living there man

MrDatblink says:

I got the same knife as this from amazon. I just use it for opening boxes and parcels which its good at as the blade is quite thin and pointed at the tip. Not razer sharp but decent for the money.

XDM50 says:

Hi Mike,
I like that little knife. Very nice carry option.

Lil Blyat says:

Cool knife, today my muela scouts knife arrived, German legal, idk about UK though.


Folder or Fixed – Tanto point or Tanto hybrid is my first choice
Best looking UK Legal blade I have seen IMO

MrNuts1985 says:

Out of stock already lol really wanted one of them

Lucky says:

Hi I prefer to have with me Spyderco Squeak.Thanks bro 🙂

SisquieMdogo says:

Great review, Mike! Cheers!

ParasidicGeneration says:

I love the blade design

Tony Constantinople says:

I just got a sanrenmu cos of your last review m8, I used your code. I got the wharmcliffe version. What does the non portable version of this look like?

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Yeah great knife, pretty certain that’s the Promithi style one, just looks a darker grey.

Dereik Henschel says:


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