Ultimate Folding Knife for Defense? Colonel Blades

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L B says:

That finger loop will hurt you, more than it will help you. Stab a pig carcass with it… sweet design, but it will cost you, however God forbid in that situation it doesn’t matter as long as it gets you out of it. Love your channel sir!!

Rob says:

Legend has it, if you leave it in a well stocked kitchen, it will cook you up some wicked fried chicken too.


Hmmmm, it’s a legal karambit. Cuz it folds. Me thinks cool says I.

David Barron says:

So I spent a long time in the Philippines and some of the locals taught me how to fight with a karambit, would the colonel folder index the same? Or is it a completely different animal?

Lou Jones says:

Looks cool, (((BUT))) one big thing, if this knife is anything like the Spyderco Introvert, it’ll pinch the shit out of your hand. I owned the Introvert and sold it within a week after getting pinched 3X (Check it out when u get a chance, looks almost exactly the same). Great looking knife, but poor engineering. Not sure about your knife Twang! Please let me know if this one pinches your hand when deploying the blade or stowing it away. Hope the daughter is behaving for you 🙂
Take care

Bob Wampler says:

That is very cool. Do you have a link?

BdogFinal14 says:

I say this, Colonel Blades has great marketing, but the production blades are mediocre at best. Used for its intended purpose, the fixed blade will twist in your hand, with the finger guard banging the index finger with each blow. The sheath is also substandard.

Schultz Martial ARTS says:

TWANGnBANG, my dude… I enjoy your videos. But this! Do you carry your firearm with an empty chamber, you know, for self defense? A folding knife for self defense is just as ridiculous.

Jbocajs says:

Wow great timing… I was checking out this blade on bladehq yesterday…

Ghost Shadow says:

got a knife at Lowes, Lenox LXHT10386 cost $17 keeps a super sharp edge stays razor sharp even after cutting steak (many restaurants have dull steak knives), cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, hit bone and didn’t chip or dull the blade. the blade is a heavy drop point serrated on the rear third of the blade.

TheScorpion658 says:

@twangandbang what pants are those?

caster cyrus says:

Do u have a link with this awesome knife?

larrywave says:

Video about stabbing with it ?

Archie Bunker says:

Already ordered one of the folders. It’s on its way. Can’t wait to get it and start carrying it. Thanks for the info and review.

Siward Beorn says:


Zulu 5 Oscar says:

My wife commandeered my Colonel LoViz! I really like the philosophy of the Colonel knife line. If you know how to box, you are better equipped to fight with a knife. I like that.

Captain Rick says:

Awesome review as always!!! Thanks for sharing!

Bob H. says:

Great video. I have both the folder and the fixed blade, love them both.

A American Patriot says:

Kabar has the tdi knives that are similar.

David Stunning says:

man this thing is advertised everywhere lol. now i dont want to buy.

Aa Mc says:

Great video! Any experience with NoVz handle vs Fullbird?

TacticalBunnyCA says:

Dude are you honestly trying to tell me that that little knife would be better than a cold steel Espada XL?
I used the Espada as an extreme example and I definitely get the concept of the colonel and think it’s probably very valid but the best nice of any other fighting knife for self-defense?
Give me a break.

Enzo Linares Ferreira says:

Have you seen the demo ranch and lunkers tv knive company?

KNGtv 50 says:

Nice.. come check my knife collection let me know what you think


That price is rough, but quality costs!

hillb13 says:

They really need a sheath for it. Carry in deployed position but legally it’s still a folder. Conceals the same as the fixed designs yet legal for those places fixed blades aren’t.

ORIGINALDOGMAN John Castro says:

dumbest knife ever seriously just get the crkt provoke

neighbor . - J - says:

@Twang n’ Bang…

Based on what you stated are the salient features you appreciate about this knife, I strongly recomend you take a look at Krudo Knives “Snag” family of blades.

I carry a Snag Controller and Snag Half Serrated on my hips every day, for well over five years now. Much more intuitive grasp from pocket, with punching ring, pain-compliance thumb pressure stud and flipper point available without even deploying blade, which, should you have to escalate to sub-lethal or lethal, takes only a micro-second.

Aggressive jimping relief everywhere you want it, smooth where you do not. Odd geometry by design. Not a thrusting tool, much more a grapple and control/slashing punch set of tools.

Expensive, but very well built. Extremely rugged, but not a camping knife. The sole purpose is for escalation of force defensive combat. These are serious fighting knives for serious people…

Pictures do not do it justice, you have to hold it to see the genius of the design geometry. Looks like a backwards karambit, but is much more versatile in many ways. You can punch from the draw, unopened. But once deployed, dangerously impactful. Little mini Velociraptor claws, really, that tear as much as cut. Very nasty stuff.

I carry the non-sharpened Controller on my support side, and should conflict arise, it would be deployed first, because you now have Options to inflict massive pain, and Options of extreme limb control and locks, plus Having The Option of not going to prison for a murder charge. However, if absolutely neccessary, the strong side has the very deadly live blade option.

Look into these, as a pair. (This is not some mall ninja wannabe airsoft crap.) Study these as a working team, they compliment each other by design. They ABSOLUTELY take regular practice to deploy safely, and yes, you will get cut at first… But slow down, train on the mechanics correctly, and they become lightning fast and intuitive. Once you understand the geometry and use, circular hook and slash attacks are simple, powerful, and effective. Not to mention just straight up punching/boxing attacks. Very few knives in my lifetime of collecting and studying blade geometry produce the amount of force delivered by these tiny two inch blades. A very secure extension of the hand, honestly.

Yes, I carry a “regular” straight blade knife for normal daily use, naturally. But since your video is about a folding combative karambit variation, I figured my feedback is relevant. Look, if it’s a question of dying, or having the option of stopping an attack on you or someone else, choose wisely if you decide to act.

But if you do act, a ballpoint pen is better than empty hands, and a regular blade is better than a pen, and purpose built combat/pain-compliance hook blades are better even still.

(Beyond that you are getting into K-bar/TOPS territory, or of course, some type of a firearm.) But let’s say fixed blades are not an option? If all you have is a gun, you have already chosen your only option is lethal force. And guns have vastly missunderstood liabilities for the avearge CPL holder. I’m all for CPL’s, just as much as I am for training repeatedly on ANY deadly force tool/skill set. Why would you not?

So why not carry, like the many professionals, something light, small, and convenient, that gives you a less than lethal option? That is much better to be able to defend in a courtroom.

Your video review was great, as is most of your content. These little Krudo claws are, in my opinion, just a further development of your exact concept here. Precisely and specifically the Snag Controller, if they still sell it.

Worth looking into, is all. Thanks, and keep ’em coming. ;- )

Mick Jolly says:

The Colonel is actually a great tool. However, should the unit be unlocked with a finger through the loop it would act like a cigar cutter under impact. Be sure that it is positively locked open before impacted anything. Also, they do have the companion trainer.

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