UNBOXING: The worlds best pocket knife Sebenza 25


Bryan Tinlin says:

While the knife is awesome I’d worry too much about losing it.

Johnny Onthespot says:

Its beautiful, but I couldn’t possibly carry it…

Dragan Pastrovic says:

Yep the jimping is so sophisticated ffs

Matt says:

Has this guy ever opened a knife

Glen Morrow says:

for your next video can you show what you use a $450 knife for that is more dangerous and mission critical than opening a package? not in my budget no matter how much Chris Reeves (Superman?) kissed it. I will subscribe so you can get a few advertising pennies to pay Chris.

GreenBeret42097 says:

lol way far from the best knife and it’s that much money ha. I rather buy a glock or a few better knives IMO

tr3nta says:

I got the same opening and closing action on my 20$ CRKT squid, and i dont struggle when trying to open.

Jason says:

How can you call a knife the world’s best during the unboxing?

Max Caddy says:

i would gladly spend this money for a knife..id be then scared to use it for anything except opening letters ;))

M Mon says:

Best pocket knife in the world, check the video cold steel code 4 vs sebensa

Seth Adam says:

While I appreciate the finer things in life, your wetting your pants over a pocket knife, even if it was made from platinum & diamonds at the end of the day, it will only get so sharp & its still just a pocket knife. I can shoot ducks with a Mossberg, but the Benelli will make my buddies jealous.

xXJtagWarfareXx says:

Dem box openin’ skills

james Campbell says:

Great knife…… but! The tolerance you pay for this knife simple are over kill and not needed. If you want to spend a $100 extra for bragging rights then by all means do so. For $100 less you can get the same quality without the bragging rights of a!/1000th of a inch.= center line. Just so you know. The human eye can not see the difference. I will use the extra $100 to buy another knife.

S Kate says:

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Shaolin Shawn says:

A frame lock can’t be the worlds best pocket knife you must have been paid to say that.

Shoc Trooper says:

“Worlds most overrated letter opener”

taheelur1 says:

A lot of people bitch if they find out how much I paid for my Sebenza. I wonder why they get so upset about me spending my money on things I want. What should I have spent it on instead? Driving over the speed limit in front of cops? Running red lights? Not using my turn signal? Parking illegally and paying some guy to transport my car to a tow lot and store it until I’m able to get it back? Eating out every day because I’m too lazy to cook? A new phone because I either can’t keep track of my shit or I’m too clumsy to keep it from not breaking? Personally, I would rather spend my money on a Sebenza.

Chris Wells says:


Kyle Farmer says:


Brian Wilson says:

Allah Lockbar!

Michael Colet says:

Cold Steel knives are the best knives in the world… Anytime anywhere! 🙂

The Worrell Family says:

that breathing though…

Justin G says:

Duh I said legit. I’m coil.

Shaolin Shawn says:

It’s worth $60.00

Dragan Pastrovic says:


bill says:

To each his own. Buck 277 ats 34 or 154cm in my opinion beats that knife any day for 1/4 the costs.

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