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knife shower 2006 says:

the rail clip knife is awesome but I like tan flipper or the blue

Ultra2k says:

That’s not a Scandi grind bro.

Ben Hernandez says:

your trash

Klee Grewe says:

there all good except for the tanone so fuck u ur a stupid assand never buy a spiderco

mini prepper says:

the second one has a frame lock not a liner lock

gabie dubin says:

i actually would buy these for the price , the wood clip one is really pretty

ericwtfn fonseca says:

the second knife is a frame lock

amel jane says:

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knife shower 2006 says:

I like the blue titanium

Kenny Le says:

do you have to be 18 and older to buy this?

knife shower 2006 says:

the third one was really nice

Basp2005 says:

Instead of six crappy knives, buy one decent knife instead.

Pasteisbetterthensauce. says:

Can a 14 year old buy a knife in MD?

crf450r bullet david says:

I bought the wood handled knife to practice my freehand sharpening. That’s a greAt reason to pick one of these up.

Brian Garcia says:

are you old enough to carry a knife?

It's YaBOI Damon says:

the one at 4:49 is my favourite

C P says:

The wood clip doesn’t have a Scandinavian grind a scandi grind is when the bevel goes form we’re the going starts all the way Down to the edge a scandi grind includes the bevle tha wood clip had a bevel separate from the grind

Niki Grigorov says:

that second knife you say his lock is shit is with frame lock not with liner lock, this is what happens when you give knifes to a kid who think he knows shit. And what did you did while you “carries” those cheap ass knives, made spears from sticks? lol

gamingironexterminator says:

4:30 i have that knife 😀

TheCrazyCuber says:

Do they have butterfly knifes?

Joel Stein says:


Randy Tyler says:

nice reviews! i have the blue micarta knife. mine opens easy. maybe a dab of oil? well done though!

em23 says:

2:19 for a while, that knife came with the ozark logo cut out of the knife instead of simply being printed on the knife. i have both versions. mostly as cheap collection pieces.

Colton Clymer says:

the best knife from Walmart is the Gerber strongarm for $45

Breeze782 says:

Can I have the first knife. Showed I want my first knife

MoeShinola1 says:

I like the rail knife over the tan flipper, since it’s not as big and conspicuous. It’s dark, dosen’t stand out so much, has a sleeker design and a really excellent blade IMO. I think I’ll buy another one of each, since the tan flipper is great for a tool bag or some other convenient place, just not in the pocket.. Also, the clip does tend to bend out, the flipper came out of my pocket several times onto the floor, just from me brushing my pocket with a sleeve or a bag or whatever. The clip on the rail knife did the same. Thanks for the vid.

Noble 5 says:

3:57 not a Scandinavian ground bevel

Miguel Pena says:

What is the name of the Knife u showcased at 6:14

Nessa Rivera says:

thx alot man my real channel is Eddie FTW and I’m saying thx bc i might be getting a knife tomorrow and this helped alot and question how much was the rail one the black one on the top middlr

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