Zero Tolerance 0452CF Flipper Folding Knife Review

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0900 Les George:
0620CF Emerson Tanto:

Blade Length: 4.1 inches
Steel: CPM-S35VN
Locking Mechanism: Frame Lock
Handle Material: Titanium/Carbon Fiber
Weight: 4.64 ounces
Notes: Dmitry Sinkevich design. KVT Ball-Bearing Pivot. Steel Lockbar Insert.
Made In: USA
Price: $220

Here we take a look at the ZT 0452CF, a knife I’ve considered a “must have” for myself, ever since I saw it previewed at Shot Show.

PS – Mine had a small dent/roll on the edge, out of the box. I have repaired it. I will post a separate video showing how it was before:


joserrism says:

A whale doing a back flip lol.. May i ask where u got that bad boy, been looking at that and the 0808. I got that steel addiction. LOL

JJ Dente says:

Thinking about picking this up as I love my 0450. Anything you would recommend over this generally speaking? Under $500 with a flipper?

Michael Daury says:

Very nice

srg914 says:

I got a zt 450 in the mail today, my first zt. I was less than impressed. Alot of money, $160 for such a small knife. I have a crkt ripple I paid $60 for which is basically the same knife except that the zt has better steel and titanium frame lock. But for $100 more I can’t justify keeping it as the ripple is so similar. I’m exchanging it, (+$60) for the zt 452cf. I started collecting about a year ago with the goal to acquire knives that are unique unto themselves. $220 is more than I would typically spend but I prefer larger knives and I think the 452 is a beautiful knife.

Pan tera says:

this and the link 1776 are the only 2 knives i really like, and this is the only one i don’t have yet.
just a bloody sweet knife

Mayor Fuglycool says:

Awesome ! Great review ! 🙂

Mayor Fuglycool

Clap Forboobies says:

When are you going to reveal the second zt that you wanted this year?

Stoney Lonsome says:

I hear a few ppl are having issues with the lock bar pushing all the way over until it touches the carbon fiber scale if they push on it a little- are you? That would piss me off to no end- the lock bar and tang geometry on knife this expensive should be solid.

Mark JG says:

Looks nice but at $208.00 ?  I found a Bestech Swordfish for $55.00 which has the same style blade and size . For $208.00 this Sinkevich design should be perfect with a lifetime warranty. I like it I just do not know if I want to spend that kind of money on a folder .


that’s pretty

jpap967 says:

just got mine for $180 shipped new. stoked!

Egmont says:

Like a Giraffe doing a back hand spring….I LIKE!

specopsbrat says:

This is one of those knives I wanted bad from the moment I first saw it. Found it at a local brick-and-mortar knife store for the same price Blade HQ wanted for it at the time which was about $260. I didn’t want to pay that much for it at the time but I should have snatched it up then because it eluded me for 2 years. Then I walked into a different local knife shop and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it in there on clearance, believe it or not ,for $200 even. Got in the car took it out of the box flipped it open and when I went to close it it bit the s*** out of me. I had blood all over me comma blood all over the driver seat of my car, and had to drive myself to the ER for 3 stitches. And that’s my 0452cf story. The only knife that bit the s*** out of me. We have history and I will never sell it.

Junglist Movement says:

Your channel is just heaven

matt25675 says:

What is the other knife you were being secretive about?

Sharpn'd Blades says:

could you do a size comparison vid? I see the specs  but can’t seem to picture it

arlo12345678910 says:

The knife is very sexy

Paul Coelho says:

Great review. I agree, this is a great knife. Mine came with uber tight detents and it’s still breaking in.

I am surprised by how objective – and positive – you could be in spite of the blade chip.

SnareMan says:

Did you have any problems with the detent? I tried 2 of them in a store today and the detent on both was so strong that neither I nor the sales guy could get them open. Finally had to use the edge of the counter. My finger is still sore from it. Felt great in my pocket though

Bob Jordan says:

Maybe no cop will ever see it on me.  Maybe they’ll measure it casually and figure it’s about a 4″ blade.  Who knows?  But I do wonder just how many additional knife fans would be potential buyers if the blade were 4″ rather than 4.1″?

NetshadeX says:

I don’t know man, I don’t like that stop pin directly into that CF. I’m sure it won’t matter with light use but in a self defense SHTF scenario, I’d like that sucker to have some Ti or steel support.

DC Rickerson says:

Very nice knife indeed !

Killabee-23 says:

Dude I got mine from Amazon and it’s a real ZT 0452cf and everything mine out of box was dull as shit. It was tearing paper instead of gliding through it which is ridiculous for a $220 knife do you agree and if so how should I proceed from here?

cwrowe says:

I like the 0450 a little better….both are great

João Paulo Carvalho says:

please, cut some water botle with her

Blazin'Blades says:

Great review!
wouldn’t you say this knife would benefit from the addition of a center standoff?
just so they could really stand behind their philosophy of “Built like a Tank”

casey says:

What are your feelings on the pivot stop pin being set in titanium on one side and the carbon fiber on the other? It is also set so closely to a thin area of carbon fiber. This knife replaced my 0560bw as my favorite knife, but i have doubts about its durability not having a steel liner. Thoughts?

Dr Carls Jr says:

Do you prefer the 0452 or the 0450?

Trevor says:

This knife is so good at so many things. It looks tastefully designed.

MetalsForBrunch says:

My zt 0452cf in m390 steel is coming tomorrow. This knife is the perfect large slim edc in 4inch category.

Decimator16 says:

As if this is not an edc blade, buying it for edc.

Jaden Bass says:

Awesome gentlemans folder.

RazorBladeAppleFilms says:

Grimso Norseman, Whale doing a backflip knife.

Stoney Lonsome says:

I love this knife- but I never carry blades over three inches, they just sit in my collection- so I decided to go with the more edc friendly 0450. I like large knives, I just don’t like carrying them. They dig into my thigh when I sit down, take up a ton of pocket space, and ppl freak out more over larger blades.That said, the 0450cf is a beautiful blade- I wish they had of used the same red standoffs they used on the 0450 on it but it’s still beautiful.

kirk nyman says:


RealBushMonkey says:

as an update, my 0450 came in flawless, maybe a hair off ceter but I can fix that. these new designs sure have some serious detent though, godda pull hard on those flippers. Now just waiting on the 808, fingers crossed

Sharon Smith says:

my husband said its the only folding knife that feals an profoms like a fixed blade fighting knife

Clap Forboobies says:

What’s the deal with the removal steel insert?

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