Zero Tolerance 0562 Folding Knife Review, Hinderer Design

0450 Titanium:
0808 Rexford:
0562 Hinderer:
0801 Titanium:
0900 Les George:
0620CF Emerson Tanto:

Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Steel: Elmax
Locking Mechanism: Frame Lock
Handle Material: G10 Handle Scale, Titanium Lockbar
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Notes: Hinderer Slicer Grind. KVT Bearing System in Pivot.
Made In: USA
Price: $200

This is the long-awaited Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer collaboration. This knife gives people a chance to own a high quality production version of a Hinderer design. It features the Hinderer “Slicer Grind” that is found on his midtech and custom knives.

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JW's BulletsNBlades says:

Super nice

bearfoot130 says:

How about the collab knife between ZT and Emerson.  This knife is really cool, wondering what is up with the pivot? I hope ZT is not trying to “Microtech”-ify their hardware by making it look custom. Just let it be normal looking. 

mrrobinson1975 says:

Love to see you review the ZT 0620.

opichocal says:

Love my 0300. ZT makes some awesome stuff. I carry my 0160 more than any other blade. Waiters always comment when I use it at resturants

BudgetBugout says:

It’s a sweet know for sure! Hard to beat the bearing system and grind!

Clap Forboobies says:

Can you give us an update on the elmax steel?

Sharp Chronofighter says:

Great minds think alike… ;-))  I just got mine today!! Love it. But I’m definitely a ZT addict  lol…

Player Review says:

I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and am still really enjoying it.

shcmoly says:

On the top of my wishlist. How is the retention?

Gun Enthusiast says:

Nice blade.

KnifeGuy375 says:

I have the 0301 and am very happy with it 🙂 Enjoyed your Review, as always 🙂 Thanks!

yolodood says:

The knife all the way to the right on the table is perfect.

elbowroomtube says:

A recommendation like this is enough for me to buy this piece. Always enjoy all your reviews especially the high quality high value folders and fixed blades.

Ray Contego says:

Are you planning to get the ZT0620?

ACG Hartman says:

You should review the ZT 350 one of there most popular knives my personal edc.

mindsmirror says:

I love this and the new ZT/Emerson. Both are awesome designs and amazing values. 

FuwaForestFilms says:

The 0770 ist great!

KnifeTex says:

Nice blade. Been eyeballin’ one of those for a little while. 

elbowroomtube says:

Can you reveal two or three of your favorite knife reviewer’s on you tube?


I have the 566 with elmax and it has held up very well , haven’t had to sharpen it since new which was back in June.Its my edc knife but sometimes switch it up with the kershaw skyline.

MrEdium says:

My Goodness . That Knife Looks like a Dream …… then i saw the price & It Was A Nightmare !!!!  OVER $300 !?!?  I’m Staying with Cold Steel Spartan……..Anyway…. Thanks for the Review.

NetshadeX says:

For some reason, on this model more than other ZT’s, the black screws on the Ti side bother the hell out of me. Probably because there’no less than 6 of them. For a cleaner look those should have been satin to match the overtravel stop, blade stops and pivot. On the G10 side they should remain black. It would really clean up the look of the knife imo.

Amnon Zohar says:

check the chineese clones for 20usd great value. … and a sign for zt reputation if the chineese oter to copy.
after getting a 9894 clone i am syre getting a 0562 clone! hehe. cannot afford a 180-280usd knifes

Tony Tyler says:

Just got my 0801 blk today and had a guy offer to trade me so thought I check it out… it’s a really nice knife but think I’ll stick with 0801 blk….it’s my favorite model after the 0804

mr penis says:

have u sharpened the elmax? what are ur longer term views on it? I’ve had this knife 4 a couple months now my 1st elmax blade also… I’d stayed away from it b4 that but i really wanted this knife and so far so good the CF version is hard 2 find here

tommyd3jr says:

how’s your experience been with the elmax steel? just wondering bc I’m waiting on one now (in the mail that i won on a ebay auction)

ACG Hartman says:

Great review! I like the design but can’t choose between this one or ZT 620 emerson designed knife

Weizenale silver says:

must have .now can i scrape up $200 that’s the question

Hydra572HQ says:

The one complaint I’ve ever heard on ZT is that some of their early Elmax blades got ground way too hot, and couldn’t take a good edge. Sounds plausible, I’ve heard Elmax is hard to work with, but I’ve had two of their Elmax blades and they’ve both been awesome. One of my favorite steels to sharpen actually. Great review man, and really cool blade

arrow fox says:

Flips better than an actual hinderer

schizm101 says:

Spine whack tested yet???

jffrocks says:

I have two ZT knives and both of them are excellent!  They are the best knives in my collection, and ultimately have become my EDC knives.

Minus Previous says:

Just received my 0562 & has already been sent to ZT for warranty work. I got one w/the super DETENT. Any slight pressure on the lock bar & there is no way to flip it. But as noted, the fit & finish is great & all the other technical bits except for the detent.
EDIT: Sent it back to ZT & they sent me a new 0562 in 5 days

Bartosz S says:

I just order 550 gen 3, I have 0200 and 350 in blackstonewash which is my favorite for now.

rabbivj says:

i had to send mine back because the clip screw was too damn tight…im supposed to get it back next week.

GrinderMagee says:

It’d be great if they could make enough of them to put up for sale once every six months or so…..still can’t get one anywhere near reasonable price.

Stanley Adamitis says:

Zt 0620cf that is an awesome knife please check it out and see what you think. Thanks for the review it was awesome because of your review of the zt 0200 I picked one up might have to do the same with this model!!!

Bob Wampler says:

Excellent knife, nice review

Keith Yohai says:

Great vids, I’m a subscriber and a fan. I got the CF version and although I like the steel, the CF is wayyyyyy too thin. The screw heads portrude past the scale and it’s kinda too thin in the hand. So I get an after market scale, but a great knife.

Kevin Johnson says:

I bought this knife on a whim, though I own 8-9 ZT folders I have to say that the 0562 has quickly become my favorite EDC. By that, I mean carry and truly USE the knife. I absolutely LOVE how the 0562 feels in hand with the chamfered scales. 

i am a jabroney says:

Nice review man! Thanks for the video. I just ordered a 0562cf with the CTS-204p blade. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get this bad boy.

RevolverHands says:

Worth every penny of the $200 going price. The taper of the frame makes it very narrow at the pocket clip. Less noticable in the front pocket than some smaller knives. Makes it easier to grab keys and other items. Nice review.

MrBulletpoints says:

What’s not to like about that?…

MrLiamCooley says:

I got to play with one of those at the USN gathering. The only things I dont like are the clip, and it needs some jimping on the flipper tab. Besides that, its a winner. 

Michael Daury says:

Beautiful and buttery smooth I didn’t think much of ZT when they started out I thought it’s just another Kershaw man was I wrong good stuff awesome knife thankx for showing it off

1cipollone says:

I have the m390 version of this knife and I will say this OUTSTANDING !!!!

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