1038 Rambo Part 1 Hunting Knife Reviewed by CrossbowsandKnives


Blade 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Length 8.15″
Case Not Included
Handle Stainless Steel With Nylon Cord
Style Hunting Knife

Rambo Part 1 Hunting Knife with 8.15″ Stainless Steel Magazine and has Stainless Steel With Nylon Cord Handle.


GrasDeRost says:

Preparemind101 has reviewed that knife. Please take a look on the first (and last) batoning-test at 09:02!

Jack Pritchard says:

Could you please do a review on the Ru i19127 tactical folding knife

Jack Pritchard says:

I would really appreciate it if you could do a review on the Rui 19127

Paul'ie 4X says:

When I first saw the movie, I fell in luv with the knife, but when I went to buy it, I found out that it was made out of 420 stainless steel, that was a big disappointment, but some claimed they chopped, and de-limbed tree’s, Gil must of tempered them good, but I didn’t get one because I didn’t think 420 was a good enough steel for what I do in the bush, instead, I got the Buck Buckmaster #184, military issue, the steel isn’t too much better, it is made out of 425 MOD. Stainless, but it’s a very tough knife, you could definitely cut your way out of a helicopter, the saw on the back is not to cut wood, as much as to cut aluminium, and plexiglass, anyhow, your knife look’s great, I really enjoyed the video, and memories of some of my other hollow handle knives, which I always liked, especially to hold tread and needle to stich my arm, like Rambo did, yeah right < |~_^|>, he he he, but I do have some good ones, besides my Buckmaster, I have a Russian Professional Survival knife, made at the Izshmas Plant where they make the AK-47’s, it’s the NV1-01, 6″ recurve blade, excellent knife, then I have the Bokor Aparro, another great one in 440C, and finally my Randall model #18, primo, I do have a Frost Cutlery First Blood, made in Japan out of surgical stainless, but on that one, I could see the bolt holding the blade, I don’t know if I could trust it as I do the other ones, and believe me, I can trust them, I do have a U.S.A. Tomahawk Cutlery Brand survival knife, it’s 9 1/2″ 440C stainless also, but that one was used for boar hunting, very ediquite for that, it’s the XL1161, but again U.S.A. made, much better than the Chinese made ones, especially the newer ones before the quit making them, again, Thanx for taking me down memory lane, I do like your knife, because I like hollow handle knives that work, but my serious survival knives, are full tang.

deadshot 217 says:

So I am a idiot well then your a douchebag

mistermiah21 says:

Looks like cheap made in China crap. No discussion or review on quality of cutting ability, blade hardness, demonstration, etc. Overall it’s tatt. Buyer beware.

Joseph spyder says:

Could u do review on a rui boot knife please :l

airsoft manic says:

also on the website it says no case dose that mean no sheath

Attila Nemeth says:

Made in China.

Prepared Survivalist says:

It looked like the compass was offset from center, not to mention way smaller than the one mine came with. The metal is also different, way shinier. Appears to be a knock off.

Mattias Söderström says:

you have a review of a fake rambo knife. if you are going to talk about a rambo knife why are you talking about a chines copy noob

tomas ronan says:

Rubbish, do not buy

Salavecis2 says:

copy. fake knife.

Ivan Barišić says:

How to get a case whit it

Clinton Jones says:

Garbage. Get some real fucking knives like a Golem by Extrema

Joseph spyder says:

Could u do more reviews on rui knives please really like your vids 😮

Dozeyish says:

just a suggestion if you claim to be posting a review. we need to see the knife doing something, , if you say razor Sharp please prove that statement cut some hairs, paper. wood anything.

Base11 says:

Hand ginder made??

Lone Wolf says:

I think this idoit is going to strap on his Rambo first blood knife and go for a hike we idiots here in the USA can legally do that you know.

Etienne Bernier says:


Nuclear Redfield says:

Looks like a fake cheap copy!

prdanpr 82 says:

all those ramboo knife are junk no matter how much you pay for ramboo was fake all around it makes a nice wall piece that’s about it

Churdle Fudbuckette says:

cheap shit copy.



night4 offbeat wonder I a bich wolf says:

that’s not the first blood knife..

Germanknivevideos hd says:

man cool knive showing rambo knives are the best knives

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