15″ Traditional Bowie Hunting Knife With Classic Styling Review surviveruk

This is a review of my quite new 15 inch knife Bowie Rambo style hunting knife.
I realise I say 15.5 inch, sorry for that I was wrong.

You can get this knife from:

This is a truly phenomenal looking high quality full tang 15″ Bowie hunting knife with hand guard.

The upper part of the blade is serrated to ensure that all those cutting, sawing and ripping tasks are made easy. It has an impact resistant rubber handle for both wet and dry conditions. Comes with a thick padded black nylon corded sheath which has a belt loop for easy transportation.

Made from high quality 440 stainless steel with a massive 10″ blade. The blade is super high quality with a thickness of about 4mm.


PRO MIX says:

Ive just bought the same knife just without the ring thing onit, the quality of these blades is pritty amazing for the price. Also these blades are good for all around tasks and evening sawing materials. Its is also a could thing to have in your house for defence and the pleasure of owning. nice vid another like 🙂

Alex Hunt says:

Fair comment, if your talking about the plastic part on the end then yes I don’t see why not, im not sure how it will look but if it snaps off easy anyway then it cant harm the frame in any way I think, but that’s just my opinion.
Thanks for the comment!

Danny Westin says:

So, just wondering, im thinking of getting this exact model, would it be worth it in the long run? Or should i pay 3 times more and buy a Dundee bowie?

dale dickens says:

nice review one more sub here, i was thinking about buying one myself do you think it would still look ok if i removed that plastic bit its just one of my things i dont really like having plastic on my knives

rodster6 says:

I just ordered one of those for £8.99, looking forward to getting it.

Brad Tannahill says:

No effence but the quality of this knife isn’t all that good the stupid plastic part at the base of the handle and it isn’t really that sharp to be honest

Alex Hunt says:

good good, let me know what you think of it. Happy Buying.

Roberto Mora says:

Piece of trash

Judith Friel says:

It’s not a bowie

dale dickens says:

cheers for the reply keep up with the videos there awesome

GREGORonetwo says:

Thanks! think i might buy this now, i just presumed it came with a blunt blade as do alot of knives on that site!

GREGORonetwo says:

does the blade come sharp, if so how sharp is it?

Alex Hunt says:

It does come quite sharp actually which was surprising, I did sharpen it up a little bit more with some fine wet stone (cant remember what grit) and now seems perfect for what I need it for. I’ve shopped through wood cardboard sharpened sticks, put it to a good test and the edge stays great on mine too, all in all for the price I think its a great knife.
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I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

VxFatalityxV says:

whoa it went over double the price in a year! i ordered a “15 crocodile dundee knife from knifewarhouse and i was searching 15 inch knives so i could see how long mine would be when it comes cause it hasnt came yet. nice review. subbed, liked 😀

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