An American Classic! Buck 110 Hunter Knife Review

This time on my knife show, it’s an American classic, the Buck 110 Lockback folding Hunter knife! This knife has probably been given as a gift more than any other knife in history. It’s almost a right of passage for a boy becoming a man. The blade steel is 420HC stainless, they come very sharp and carry Bucks legendary forever warranty.

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Orlando Pockets says:

currently only 29 on amazon but that price probably wont last long

Carthago Delenda Est says:

The tip on mine got bend I have no idea how

cobaltace62 says:

A good, well built folding hunter. Reminds me of my old Case Shark tooth. I like the feel and balance of the Case better, but I like the blade shape of the Buck 110 better. The Case Shark tooth is no longer made, but the Buck can be found everywhere for around $40. A great value

John Trout says:

Wow, on Amazon I found it for around $30.

IAmKilakilay says:

Don’t they sell these in Walmart?

thepofmeister says:

Yeah boy! Very nice! Great vid!

mr2bmw says:

Just got a buck 110 Chairman Series with the 40th stamped on the blade!!

Jake J says:



They have them on amazon for 28 dollars plus 5 Dollars shipping

Topspeed350 says:

A Classic. Heavy and Hearty.

Michigan Edge says:

Great review, and great knife! This is the one knife that I will have forever!

Jordan Lewis says:

i got this knife for 67 dollars from the company

Photo314159 says:

I would say no. It’s got pretty strong blade retention, I think you’d be fine.

telekineticmonkey says:

Question to all owners of this fine blade; I live in upstate New York State, and blade laws are very vague here. Can this blade be flipped open with centrifugal force? Because here, unfortunately, any blade that can be flipped open, even If it wasn’t designed to be, is classified as a gravity knife… I really need to know before I make this purchase. An answer would be GREATLY appreciated!

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

I have carried this knife since the age of 12, I love it.

Photo314159 says:

Lol. I felt patriotic making the video too.

Grant Peterson says:

This is a Great review!
I just ordered mine.

William Seifert says:

Mine is the 50 year anniversary one and it has rosewood on the handle.

Zach Rowell says:

nice i have the buck classic 3 mint condition!

Josh Hankey says:

I have the same knife… its great, really sharp and good quality.

David Kelley says:

They sell this on amazon for $30.99 with free shipping.

Photo314159 says:

Yeah, it’s a great gift.

irnmdn99 says:

I bought mine at wal-mart,but it came with a nylon sheath……

Christian Turner says:

I was going to get this knife for myself, is it very cheap?

Photo314159 says:

Hm really? Well I do love the movie Sideways, lol. I am NOT DRINKIN’ ANY MERLOT!!

alexandria armeni says:

i ordered mine two days ago im so excited to get it along with my new fly fishing pole cant wait to get it i ordered it from

thebudkellyfiles says:

Thanks for the great review, I will be checking out your other knife reviews soon. I share your affection for this knife. I have had several over the years and never felt anything but confidence carrying them. You are right, they are like a foldable small Bowie. I just bought the Chairman series 110 with cherrywood scales and nickel steel bolsters. Very nice. To me, the Buck 110 is THE folding knife.

New York Greaser says:

On Amazon I got mine for $37 shipping and all

Photo314159 says:

Yep and at my local store I just got an ad for them at $27.99 with a limit of 2 per person. You can find deals on them, but it’s not always about the price. In America I feel society is obsessed with the best deal with nothing else being considered, like the cute girl behind the gun counter being able to earn a living for instance instead of a large corporation building more robots to replace people. Just something to think about.

Mario says:

Just bought one at Walmart for 30 bucks. Really nice knife.

Kyle Tidrick says:

I got this knife and within a few hours I sliced the top of my finger

Timothy Ryan Fisher says:

I decided to start a knife collection and this was the first knife I purchased. I got my first one at twelve, carried for many years then lost it going off to college. I carry this every day.

nick says:

Ny uncle gave this to me when I was 14 just doing research

Acid Gamer870 says:

I got one exactly like that got mine for free

John Long says:

Lol just got this for my 16th birthday. Pretty neat

michael rio says:

ahh the 110, since 1962

cmmolthr says:

People who know me know I’m obsessed with Buck knives, and have been since I was about 10 years old, I actually went hog-wild several years ago on ebay and bid on several, winning all my bids!! I carry as my EDC a Buck 110FG (FG meaning Finger Grooved)

Blunt Edge Chisel says:

cutting ropes, opening boxes, *talking to self: Killing bears, you know, the usual stuff

HeGonnaStayInTheBigHouse? says:

I got a carton of cigarettes when I graduated. My old man grabbed me and he said ‘ Hey! Smoke up Johnny.’

Brett N says:

Great review!

Avery drake says:

I got one of these when I was 10 as a gift from my grandfather

cyclist01222 says:

I was standing at attention while watching this review!

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