Are Walmart Knives Sharp?

WALMART KNIFE REVIEW: Testing a $4 Ozark Trail Hunting Knife from Walmart. Is it Sharp? Is it a good knife?
The World’s Best Knife Sharpener, demonstrated by Brad Buckner! Fire Starer, Knife Sharpener, Bottle Opener… What else do you need? Get One at

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You Gotta Get One of These: “A Survival Tool That Works”


Nathen Evans says:

You make it look easy.

The Lemon Channel says:

In Russia, knife sharpens you

Lowkey says:

I have this knife

downtownlife says:

“Got it, now we go do it!” that walmart employee probably was like ohhhhh shiiiiiiiit, I’m taking a lunch break.

xwinger says:

What will you rate this product

Kipknock10 says:

Kid: My mummy won’t let me get a balisong
Me, a technical kid: Lol I just ordered a benchmark

Parker Dude says:

Nice video!!! That’s epic that you make a YouTube channel out of knives. Keep it up! 🙂

Niikotii says:

walmart: the breeding place of the kapitalist pigs

ThegamerXD1234 I upload gaming stuff! says:

Do you have to be 18 or older to buy a knife?

Platinum Pepe says:

Such a dad got them white Nikes on

that guy says:

sir! we get why it might be called a poker chip. also “cardboard is always tough”? struggling to open a tiny cardboard box is something you edit out.

Grant Kondourajian says:

WOAH, a walmart with someone actually at a sporting goods desk. I’ve never been so lucky without wait 20 minutes for someone to come.

steve gila says:

Ha you may get away with telling your girl friend those are 7 inch hands, the rest of us know better

Darkestasylum 32 says:

You only grabbed one… and it was the cheapest one.

Nitrous says:

Same knife i have haha

burntsilverado says:

Met you at PE Gun show in Greeley, bought one of your sharpeners. I really enjoy it. Thanks for the demo and great product.


I found this video at a balisong video… Why though………

matthew mooney says:

Asheville Walmart correct?

iRaliex says:

That worker definitely thought you were gonna kill someone lol

Jaiden Culler says:

Can i get one

Rakin Newaz says:

I just got the sharpen spark and made my katana stupidly sharp I cut a leaf in water in half

Cooper Gatine says:

You can buy a buck 110 at walmart…

Maldonado Wilmer says:

Like if u saw it

TheDarkWolf// CarsonTDW says:

OMG I go to the exact same walmart

Socialist Hater says:

Amazing what you have in US here in UK that knife would probably be £15-20 minimum
I’ve got a few kershaw knifes and see the reviews on here with people saying it cost $20 here it costs more like £30-35 a rip off really!
Amazing sharpening if I could even get to how the knife was originally I’d be happy lol

Farts for lunch Buttface says:

Cool vid

Jomallo 27 says:

RIP I live in the UK

Noah Baumeister says:

That was closer to 240 touches a minute.. but ok

Doctor E says:

You can still get SOG and Gerber knifes that are sharp for around fifty, it’s no Benchmade, but it’s still sharp

Miel van Velzen says:

Used one of these on a roadtrip through the usa and it actualy held up just fine.

Hardrock says:

Impressive results with something you can carry on your key ring. It demonstrates that you don’t have to have large sums of money spent in sharpening equipment to keep a fine edge on your knife. The only thing here is, with such great results from such an inexpensive knife, why would anyone want to part with big bucks to finance the purchase of an expensive blade? The ownership of an expensive blade, starts to look like it’s just for the sake of a status symbol, especially if the cheapie can equal the performance, for the average persons demand, of an expensive knife. Gotta get me one of those poker chips.

Stone Bernardo's gun and vlog channel says:

I have the exact same knife bruh

Peighton Doty says:

I have that knife

TuxedeoProductions says:

How old do have to be to buy one

ZoroarkWarrior says:

5:45 “being DJENTLE”

JuggSnipezzz says:

boy i got that knife when it first came out at brass pro it was like 30 dollars and now its 3 dollars at walmart

Cylan Darll says:

Those are in the open by my house they have the machetes in the open

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