Arthos Knives $65 Hunting, EDC, Bushcrafter Review

This knife reminds me of my trusty Buck Alpha Hunter, a knife which I have used for over 20 years in the field. Very comfortable handles which you can get in seven different styles and excellent quality with an affordable price.

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Paul win says:

Pretty bad design in my opinion, ….. the grind is very shallow it wouldn’t slice as well as other grinds.

the mi woodsman says:

Pretty nice for the money for sure !

Todd K says:

nice knife, however I have a really hard time parting from my Strongarm and my Condor Moonshiner. I’ll wait and see what other designs they come up with, if they come up with a 6-8″ blade that’s similar to that, I’ll buy it for sure!

Ross Clay says:

Hey there!
Thank you for this!
This a really good knife and for the price for that kind of tool is excellent!
I shall give this some serious thought about this product!
Thanks again and a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Frank Webster says:

looks like a good knife. Shaves wood good.. Very sharp.Good stuff..

George rosado says:

excellent video review thanks for sharing

From Point A To Point Z says:

Dude, that thing is nice looking.

Bill Stihl says:

Cool knife, good find and nice review! People always gotta say “ESEE or Mora or yada yada yada , it’s a review not an infomercial folks! I knew you were outdoorsy but you surprised me with the comments about hunting, (countless deer) and the old Buck Avid (my first very own hunting knife is Buck 619, Walmart circa 1989). I’ve watched a lot of your vids and it must have slipped past me you were an avid hunter as well, that’s great I hope your kids get into it, they’ll have a lot of cool gear to go afield with! Haha! Good stuff Ben!

Rhi McKeon says:

Glad you’re feeling a bit better mate, hope you’re 100% soon.

K193 says:

how old are you?

Aaron Nelson says:

For that price amazing quality! Great knife!! And my friend you have a great channel!! All the goodies!! TFS!!

Bobby Riley says:

you have very nice fingers in soft hands how often do you get manicures LOL because we all know you do baby pose

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

What a great looking blade! Nice find. I really like that and at that price it’s hard to beat.

Eldridge Young says:

Is it America d2 or China d2

A J Taylor says:

Good looking knife.

Rebel Soul says:

You guys should check out the timber rat radaler western outlaw

A J Taylor says:

Good looking knife.

T Peach says:

Is there a cheaper sheath option?

JD Murry says:

Nice knife but for less than $90 you can get an ESEE 4 with the unbeatable ESEE warranty. And made 100% in the USA.

czredhead says:

Looks like a good knife and very affordable. Is there any indication of any different blade styles? I’d like to see a bushcraft version with a five or five and one half inch blade.

James Case says:


Swamp Ape bushcraft says:

I really love the design of this knife and especially the handle material. what kind of sheath comes with the knife? and do they plan on making the same model without the jimping? If they do I would like to wait for that model.

NewsWorthyTech says:

Reminds me of the design used in the Field Master knife, that MCQBushCraft promoted. It must be a proven design as I’ve seen similar styles on others as well. The price and quality of this one sets it apart is very appealing in my opinion. You mentioned it once, but did you ever feel hollow grind put you at any sort of disadvantage compared to other knives with a flat grind or will get in the way when it comes to skinning game?

joseph melchor says:

looks perfect, I’d like to see a 5 inch version with a recurve.

Bob Wampler says:

It’s a good looking knife, and the perfect size. Very nice.

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Ben!

badger airsoft says:

we’re do you live I would love to live their

Airik1111 says:

Holy crap how did I miss this knife Ben? I love that handle shape…..the Buck is comfortable but that looks even better. I’ve been getting interested in smaller fix blades easy to conceal yet strong and capable, the sheath is killer looking. Great review.

Otis Cobblepot says:

Different subject, I just purchased the Thrunite TN42 flashlight, can I use the Panasonic NCR 18650B protected button top batteries in it?

Jeremy Crowe says:

Nice to hear about a Indiana desighner. I live in Indiana and I don’t know if many. Good stuff. Thanks for the info.

DreBluntz says:

shoulda been flat grounded..

Randy Yeager says:

thank goodness….thought we lost ya….6 days wait for a new vid is a long time…lol 😉

Brotherhood Outdoors says:

I made a couple videos on this Knife as well! Love it!

Eldridge Young says:

Yea I think I’ll stick to my Esee’s

Chad Morgan says:

Looks like a very comfortable knife. I like the shape and style of the knife , not a fan of the grind style but that’s just personal preference. For the price it looks like a great D2 bushcraft style knife. Good video Ben, Cheers till the next one!

Arthos Knives says:

For those who have been waiting Earth Camo is back in stock!
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ben terwellen says:

nice looking knife, however i dont buy knives with jimping……..good review…..

Michael Froelich says:

great vid just bought one with sheath. green an black g10 satin finish. thanks again for review

Eldridge Young says:

Do they do a scani

Everyday Survival says:

Dang i really like that. Something i am definitely going to get in the future

Arthos Knives says:

We’re glad you enjoyed the knife!

Jack FarmBoy says:

D2 in a 4 inch fixed blade for 65 bucks?
Sounds great.


sweet blade great review

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